It’s a Winter Wonderland Here

Stalking rabbits in snow is fun!

I love snow on bushes and trees

Taking a breather

Wouldn't this make a good Christmas tree?

Love to run in snow

My very own snow man!


15 thoughts on “It’s a Winter Wonderland Here

  1. Awww, EmmaLou is like my 3… they all love the snow! Hope y’all are staying warm for the most part. My son gets to use his brand new $500 snowblower (again)… what are the chances of that?! Usually, a purchase like that almost guarantees a lack of snow. But alas, I forget, y’all live in Ohio, so nothing could deter the snow, NOTHING!

    We have a big storm in the forecast beginning tomorrow, anywhere from 6 – 12 inches. Gee, I can’t wait… although it will be better than the mud we’re living with right now. Poor horses are sinking past their hooves right now, and I get to go out and do a lil sinking myself as I feed them. Yippee… and I turfed our driveway yesterday trying to pull out the pick-up truck because I was too lazy to put it in 4-wheel drive, LMAO… good thing my hubby sees the humor in those kind of things. My dad would have had my head!
    Wow – I’m not that fond of mud – but then again I also hate snow and ice – go figure! EmmaLou absolutely adores the snow – Devoted Spouse wanted to take some pics of me and EmmaLou playing and all I wanted to do was get back inside – I’m lucky I took as many shots as I did – now for some hot chocolate! Be careful with that storm coming – we got off easy – they had predicted up to a foot and we got about 6 inches. Where the heck is Spring??? Hugs!

  2. Funny you should mention… as I was looking at your pics, I thought that we BOTH need to enlist our hubbies to get pics of US. Not always a bad thing to be behind the viewfinder I guess, LOL. No one ever gets to see pics of us though.

    I hope we can get a big portion of our back yard fenced this summer. Then my girls can run and play w/o leashes. I used to love to sit in my Ohio backyard on my patio and watch them play, they are such a riot! Ringo can be loose, no problem. Tori can be loose with Tom’s supervision. But Trixie, no way. Something would scare her and I’d probably never find that girl ever again!

    One of the reasons I bought this house was for the fenced in back yard for EmmaLou. Now I realize the house is waaaaay too big for us and wish I could sell it and downsize but the market still stinks. This house is barely worth just a tad over what we paid for it so I will have to put up with OH a little longer. Yuk. Pictures of us? You are gorgeous so pics of you are fine! Pics of me may indeed break the camera. ROFL

  3. Great pix, Cronie! Where do you want to move?
    I really want to live in South Carolina or anyplace that still has seasonal change, but not this tremendous amount of snow and ice. But I don’t want to go as far south as FL coz then it’s just too hot in summer. I’m not hard to please, huh? giggles

  4. Great pics and DS and EmmaLou look totally comfy in the snow.

    I’m ready for spring – I want to go fishing really bad.

    I would love to live somewhere else other than KS but I don’t know for sure where. I could handle CA again or maybe TX but it is hard to be away from the kids so maybe MO.

    Ain’t happening, I’ll be stuck in KS til the day I die and I so hate it but that’s the way it goes.
    Hi bb – I have been dreaming of fishing too. I miss sitting by the water and watching the fish look at my bait and laugh their little fish a$$es off. LOL DS doesnt want to move. I can probably swing buying a small condo in the south but EmmaLou would be miserable without a yard to run in so I’d have to either leave her in a kennel for a couple months while DS and I head south (that would kill me) or leave EmmaLou and DS here while I go south (that would kill me too) – so we stay and put up with it. 🙂

  5. At least your snowman won’t melt!

    Your winter wonderland looks like Oklahoma only without all the broken electrical poles. It’s still a mess there. ugh…
    We got off much easier than earlier predicted! Yay. My snowman is now doing the front walkway up to our door. He may not melt but he sure is getting tired! I’m gonna go get some grilled cheese sammies ready for him as a surprise – yippee skippy! MUAH!

  6. We got off easy here too, but south of us got hammered. Seems that this year our lovely valley fared much better with each storm than Philly and south.

    Lee Lofland moved from Boston to SC to get away from the huge amounts of snow and (hehehe) they had record snows this year. (Yes, I’ve been teasing him about it.)

    I can’t wait to go fishing! Hurry up Spring.
    I know – I have several friends in NC/SC and they’ve complained about how cold it has been and that there has been snow this year. Shoot – you can’t find anyplace that’s perfect. I just wanna go fishing and it’s too danged cold – I am not in the least bit interested in ice fishing – I would have to build a fire in the ice shack and that kind of presents a problem…

  7. That is A LOT of snow. Well, I *think* it is. What do I know? But it’s pretty all the same!
    It’s really not much – only about 7 inches. I’m just glad I no longer live in Virginia where parts of that state got around 30 inches! YUK! No thank you.

  8. Yes, goldens and snow, they just seen to go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    OMG that photo of EmmaLou on your banner looks EXACTLY like Jessie my golden of 14 years who has been gone since 1987 and who I still miss.
    When I saw opened your blog together that photo took my breath away!
    I snapped that today and it just captured her personality so much I had to ditch the pic of the sheep and put her up there. Since it reminds you of Jessie, it will stay there all that much longer sweetie! MUAH!

  9. Well, looks like we got it a bit worse than you did. 😦 I have lots of pics, will be posting them soon. Our poor little Boston Terrier almost gets lost in it… and the cats around here… LOL Can’t see them unless they’re bounding over the snow!!
    awww poor little Boston Terrier never stands a chance in much snow – at least EmmaLou is fairly tall but even she has to leap through it sometimes! Can’t wait to see picks!

  10. Girl,
    Your Man and your Dog are both way too cute!
    BTW, if you really don’t like the heat, then FLA is not the place for you. We own some land in north central Florida…but we are now reconsidering because it’s too dang hot in the summer months. The winters would be cool and comfy, but we’re thinking about the Carolinas…
    Maybe we will be neighbors!
    I can just see you and me sitting on the front porch and tweeting each other! LOL
    Hi baby we also own land in north central FL – and will prob end up selling it one of these days when the market gets back up coz it is too hot to live there. See? Sistahs – I truly think we will end up in the Carolinas somewhere – he wants to be close to the mountains and I want to be close to the water so we’ll find some kind of compromise and stay in OH – j/k/ LOL I would love to have you as a neighbor! 🙂

  11. Hate driving in it but love the way it looks. And I love how dogs love the snow.
    I pretty much feel the same way – it is lovely to look at and I love the way it hangs on the branches of the trees and the icicles hanging down – snow can be so artful. But I hate how the cold makes me feel and I truly detest going out in it particularly after the Ice Incident of 2009 – I still have this head thing going on where I’m scared to walk anywhere if there may be ice. Gotta get past that. EmmaLou adores the snow and will romp and play and jump to her heart’s content. She loves to bury her nose in it and snuffly around and then come up for air and shake her head and snow goes everywhere. I tried to get the video part of my new SmartPhone to work when I was taking still shots but I couldn’t figure it out – and it was too cold to stand there and mess around with it. One of these days I’ll get a video of her playing in it and post it. I know there will be more snow before we’re finally to Spring. drat. LOL

  12. Geez, it is really white out there. With it raining here the past few days, I think that maybe tomorrow I will go see if there is snow on the mountains. They are pretty when covered in snow and I can see it, but not have to deal with it. Shoveling snow does not sound like fun. We would have to buy one of those snow blower thingys.

    Stay warm, pics of EmmaLou are fantastic. And the snowman too.

    God bless.
    Ooooh now I’m worried – you must not be feeling good – this is the shortest comment I have ever received from you sweetie. I know you have had a lot of rain – I was tweeting w/a friend the other day and talking about the mudslides – I hope you aren’t in one of the places where that is happening. We have a snowblower – Devoted Spouse also shovels around the front walk where the snowblower can’t go and it is such a lot of hard work – I worry about him. But he’s a manly man. 🙂 I just have the opinion one shouldn’t work harder than one has to, ya know? Hugs and blessings.

  13. Hi Linda,

    I just was leaving a short one after blessing you with those two long books.

    But you know me I forgot to tell you something. There is a “Simple Things” challenge going on right now and anyone who leaves a comment or does a simple things post and links back to Enchanted Oak, Chris will donate $2.00 towards a fund in Haiti. We are trying to help her reach her goal and I have posted it all on my Website with the link.

    So if everyone here can please visit my site and then get the info and go to her site then we might can make her pay a lot of money. It is free on our part.

    Oh and I did my first attempt at Haiku, so opinions about it are also welcome. And could you please twitter about this challenge. We have until midnight tonight Pacific Standard Time to get to her site.

    Thank you all for helping.

    God bless.
    OK I just finished a quick blog post & added my list of simple things I cherish and I linked back to Chris – Forgive me for not asking permission first, but I used your Simple Things Picture – I’ll get a tweet on record about it, too soon. Hugs and blessings. Gotta go publish that post now!

  14. Beautiful, but I’m glad we don’t have it here! I love the snow when I can stay inside in my warm fuzzies by the fire, which I can almost NEVER do. Otherwise, I can do without it. A postcard picture does the trick nicely for me!
    I don’t like people who leave me comments about how they don’t have snow – that’s just being mean. Nah – Just Kidding!!! You can always look at my pics and be happy you don’t have to deal with it! You lucky girl! Hugs 🙂

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