Who Came Up With the Bright Idea of Zinc Lozenges Anyway?

the table next to my comfy chair is overflowing w/cold related stuff

I’m sitting here feeling absolutely miserable suffering (and not in silence either) with a cold.  Now this is my first official cold of the year.  But I’ve already had two sinus infections so I’m thinking enough is enough already.  If there is ever a call for mucus production, I’m your girl.

What’s strange is I have been almost obsessive compulsive about using hand sanitizer or washing my hands, not touching my face, holding my breath around anyone sneezing or coughing (yeah lemme tell you how difficult that can be) and still – here I am sick.

I’d like to find the person who gave this to me and at the very least hawk on their keyboard or something equally gross.  Just kidding.  No, actually, that’s not a bad idea.

Being sick is just so annoying – I have a class at church I will miss – and I have an other volunteer opportunity which I am going to have to put off until next week.  No sense making anyone else sick.

I have been carrying around with me a large container of Clorox wipes and each surface I touch in this house I immediately wipe down so Devoted Spouse doesn’t get sick.  About the only thing I haven’t wiped down is EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer – but she ate one of my zinc lozenges so I figure she’s covered.  (She didn’t like it anymore than I did.)

What’s a cold all about anyway?  Does the brain just get bored and decide to make extra phlegm for the heck of it and choke you at night while you’re trying to sleep as a sick brain joke?  It’s a shame Toyota is having problems with their gas pedals – if they were having problems with mucus there would be no recall thanks to my amazing built-up quantities.  I have so much I have to throw it out coz I haven’t heard of anyone being able to recycle it except I bet that weird guy in California…what’s his name – 0h yeah Ed Begley – he re-uses everything.  Ick.

Well enough about me and this cold.  It’s boring you I can tell.  I have nothing funny – except how I look and maybe my outfit today – one should never dress up when one is sick – it’s jammies and sweats and absolutely no face spackle.

I did go out for a few minutes – when my throat is sore nothing helps like lime or orange sherbet.  So I went to the store and stocked up.  That, chicken soup, tea, and jello will be the diet for the next few days.

And lest you think Golden Destroyer is not to be found, she is lying right at the foot of my comfy chair keeping me company, bless her little golden heart.

I'm right here if you need me, mom

So I’ll see if these stupid nasty zinc lozenges live up to their reputation, drink my tea and scarf down some sherbet.  I’ll be back on Monday hopefully, feeling much better.  Be thankful I cleared away the wadded up Kleenexes (Kleeneci?) that were on the table right before I took the picture.    Achoo.  Aw crap on toast…


8 thoughts on “Who Came Up With the Bright Idea of Zinc Lozenges Anyway?

  1. Ugh, dude, I’m sorry you’re sick. We all just had a good run of the pukes a little over a week ago. I’d much rather have that then have what you’ve got. 😦
    Feel better soon!!
    Frankly I don’t want either, thank you! What I hate the most is when one side of your nose just decides to stop working entirely – that’s where I am now – hate it when I can’t breathe. Gah… Thanks for well wishes. 🙂

  2. That sounds exactly like what I just got over. It sucks. And your table looks a lot like mine did. I would recommend adding Vicks Vapor Rub to your table. I used it under my nose, helps keep your nose from getting too raw also.
    I’m gonna pick some up at Target today – thx. Believe it or not those nasty zinc lozenges help, too. I feel much better and it’s only been about 2 days or so. I hate winter! MUAH!

  3. Sorry you’re sick. The only thing I crave when I’m down with a cold is hot and sour soup. Works better than chicken soup for me, the Chinese restaurant is only a block away, and they deliver.

    Feel better!
    I also drink hot and sour soup by the gallons when I have a cold – it gets the sinuses unclogged! Those Chinese are smart people. Unfortunately, mine don’t deliver. But Devoted Spouse does! 🙂

  4. Sorry you’re sick! The photo is a picture of total contentment.
    Just one of those winter things – everyone around me has a cold so it was inevitable I would catch it sooner or later. Hugs!

  5. Sorry you are sick sweetie but at least you have a great foot warmer. 🙂

    Eat you hot and sour soup and get better soon.
    Thanks baby – I’m pushing liquids and these gawdawful zinc things and actually this cold is not that bad so I’m hopeful most will be gone in next couple days. EmmaLou is the cutest thing when I don’t feel good – she just follows me around like a little shadow and if I lay down on the couch she puts her nose up to my nose and sniffs – like she can smell that I’m not well, then she gives me a gentle lick on the chin and climbs up on the other end of the couch and snuggles on my feet. I swear this dog was human in a past life. 🙂

  6. Sounds rough. I recommend grilled cheese sandwiches and ginger ale. They can cure anything.
    mmmmmm grilled cheese yummy yummy maybe Devoted Spouse will make that for my dinner tonite. I usually only drink gingerale when I get the flu coz it makes my tummy feel better — for colds I prefer hot tea w/lemon and honey. Or a nice fat shot of Jack Daniels will do in a pinch. heh heh

  7. It’s because your a Saint’s fan, bwahhaha j/k
    sorry your sick 😦
    Biteth me m’dear! ROFL – I like Vikings too you silly girl! 🙂 Thx achoo!

  8. I think I have a big bottle of zinc lozenges somewhere, but I always forget to take them. Heck I have bottles and bottles of things I forget to take and if I did not keep my prescription pills in the same little basket then I would forget to take them too. Yup, that CRS thingy really sucks.

    Get well soon. Drink lots and lots of herbal teas and eats lots of chicken soup. Hot kind or regular kind. Oh, I heard horseraddish cleans out the sinuses really good. My allergies keep my clogged up almost year round. I keep a box of Kleenex on both sides of me at all times. Seriously two boxes, one by each hand cause I never know which one will be free and will need to grab a tissue right away. Very sad indeed.

    Maggie is lying in her bed by my feet. When I go to my bed, I have to carry her bed into the bedroom and that dang puppy just does not get that the pee pads are for peeing, not my carpet. If I did not have boxes of Pergo sitting out in the garage waiting for me to someday replace the carpet with, then I would be freaking out and buying that little spot carpet cleaner thingy. I heard it works pretty good. You just set in on the spot, turn it on and it does everything. Just imagine, in about 10 years you might could have all of your carpet in your house cleaned and then start the process all over again. I might have to remember which daughter has my Hoover carpet cleaner, you know CRS problem again, and then ask to borrow it from them. And then people wonder why I do not like to loan things out. They come over, see all of my stuff and then figure that I do not need any of it, which I probably do not. Then they ask to borrow it, so I loan it to them and years later I just buy another one to replace the one I cannot remember who has and so it goes. Then they might say to me oh I still haven’t returned “whatever the fuck they borrowed”, sometimes they see I have replaced it and ask me if I really need it returned now. I always tell them that if they had returned it then I would not have had to go spend my money for something they frickin borrowed and did not have the decency to return. Then they get mad and I never get the thing back anyway. ‘F’ them or the thing is broke when they give it back and they ask me if I would like them to replace it, or they freaking say that it was in that condition when they got it from me. So for the past few years I just tell them “no” that I do not loan things out because I never get it back. They still ask and then I still say “NO” and it goes on and on. Well except if it is my daughters or the grandkids, they just take the damn things like it is theirs and they freaking know that they are so spoiled rotten that they would just get it out of me anyway. I give them anything and they know it. Damn brats, but I made them that way. Okay, hubby makes me give it to them whether I want to or not, so I just gave up and have givin in to the giving thing with them. That’s a crock of shit, I just love the crap out of them and they give me a big hug and tell me they love me, then I give it to them. Sad thing is that I would give a lot of things to people if I knew that they truly appreciated the effort that it took for me to spend hubby’s hard earned money to buy it.

    Last night at grandson’s karate class, I knew one of the teenagers could not eat gum during class so she had to refuse the piece I offered her. I felt bad and gave her the whole metal tin of gum. It’s that Altoid’s chewing gum in a tin so they are not individually wrapped and it was not like I could just give her a wrapped piece, so I gave them all to her. Something seriously wrong with me when our money situation is so tight, but what could I do. I’m a giving person. Look at all these long comments I give away to everyone and to think they are all free. Which is why I am always too tired to write things on my own site. Gonna go lay on my heating pad now.

    God bless.

    PS…I know, sorry for the book again. I am gonna start signing off as Mrsupole’s Ramblings.
    I love Mrsupole’s Ramblings but it’s been so long since I started reading ur comment I forgot what u said. CRS Going back to bed now. 🙂

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