What’s Not to Love?


8 thoughts on “What’s Not to Love?

  1. AWWWW makes me ALMOST want another dog…..almost
    I will let u borrow her…but just for a little while coz I would miss her too much, even though she’s a stinker! LOL

  2. What a sweetie. How can you blame that sweet face for any bad things?

    Oh right, I only have to look at my puppy to understand why.
    If memory serves people said something similar about Ted Bundy…ewwww. EmmaLou may be a rascal but I should not compare her to Ted Bundy – bad me! GoldenDestroyer is the 2nd love of my life! 🙂

  3. What a sweet girl!
    I know – of all things I have come down with a cold and she has been by my side while I sit here and sneeze and cough – plus you know what else I’m dealing with and well, she’s just taking such good care of me. Hugs!

  4. They can look so innocent but underneath it all we know they are plotting something–just look at mine. Gots ta love them!
    I know – they get “that” look and you melt, love all over them, and then find your favorite bookmark in pieces on the floor. “I didn’t do it!” LOL

  5. I know that the innocence is there in those eyes, but now that I see the puppy acting all innocent and tearing up everything she can find, I am beginning to wonder. Makes me think of that saying “The Devil made me do it!” and then we have to forgive them. And they do say that to forgive is divine. But I think that it takes a lot of love to forgive sometimes.

    And with her giving you so much love and care, how could you not love her back. Honestly just look at that face, you can see the love she is showing you. She is just too cute, way too cute.

    God bless.
    It was funny when I snapped this pic. I had been trying to get her to cooperate with me all evening and she didn’t want me taking her picture – she was a bit cranky. When she curled up on the couch I sat down on the floor in front of her and waited until she was in an acceptable “pose” – now I understand what real photographers must go through waiting for children or animals because you simply cannot say “sit quietly and let me take your picture.” I snapped away while she blinked, yawned, or turned away just as I hit the button over and over as if she was playing a game with me and then I finally got the pic I wanted. I swear to you she sighed when I got up as if to say, “Finally maybe now I can take a nap!” She’s such a hoot.

  6. I feel better now because my dog stole half a pound of fried chicken breasts and I was cursing all canines as a species. Then I felt bad for my outburst and gave him a treat.
    Why do we constantly reward bad behavior? I do the same thing when I yell at her because she just ate a nasty dirty Kleenex, then I start talking flippin baby talk and go get her a treat. I need to be in a home somewhere.

  7. Not a thing! Check in with me tomorrow for a happily ever after story about a mad, male golden.
    Oh boy – can’t wait!

  8. awe I just want to pet and brush her and feed her doggie treats , such a sweet face
    She just read this and dragged her doggie backpack out to come see you. I had to stop her coz there’s a big snowstorm heading our way – poor EmmaLou wants to take a road trip so bad. LOL

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