A Case of the Winter Doldrums…or Gray is So Not My Color

Sigh…I have a terminal case of the winter doldrums.  The sky is gray and gray is not one of my favorite colors.  The outside of my house was gray and I had it repainted – well it’s 3/4 repainted, but that’s another story.

The picture above is taken from my back door and shows just how gray and icky it is.  No sunshine whatsoever.  Blah.   The wind is fierce.  I have the thermostat turned up to 70 and I’m wearing several layers.

I knew I was in trouble when I signed in to my FaceBook page and the first thing I saw was a note from my Pastor about his current vacation on the Outer Banks.   He’s excited about finding beach glass.  I found a dirty juice glass.  I’m not excited.

I leave FaceBook and go on Twitter to get a shot of fun and what do I get?  A link from my buddy Virgil with info about nice, sunny, warm Savannah.  Like the fool I am, I opened the link and my Doldrums suddenly got Doldrums of their own.

I read the article outloud to EmmaLou (I know, reading outloud to your dog is a definite sign you are in trouble)…and she perked up when I got to the part about Savannah having water fountains just for dogs.  She barked and ran to get her portable doggie food/water dishes so I could pack them in the car.  She’s doing the road trip dance.  Flick. (aimed at her forehead…)

My SmartPhone is telling me that the current weather in my area is light snow and it’s 22 degrees.  Had to download that app, didn’t I?  Stupid AccuWeather.   Oh great it just changed; now it’s cloudy.  Crap on toast I can look out the window and see that for myself (turns off SmartPhone).

At least I have chocolate in the house.  Otherwise I might be a goner…

Wake me when it’s Spring please.


7 thoughts on “A Case of the Winter Doldrums…or Gray is So Not My Color

  1. I’m ready for some warmer weather too. We had 3 inches of rain on Saturday. It’s been cold & windy. Nothing like sheer you are I’m sure but it’s cold for here. Snuggle up with the hubby & Emma Lou. Keep warm!
    Electric meter spinning like crazy from me constantly adjusting temp in house. I truly hate winter.

  2. Oh, it’s not that bad! January is almost over and February is a short month. Before you know it you’ll be bitching about the heat!!
    I reserve the right to say it IS that bad even though we haven’t had hardly any snow and just a little ice – I dread Feb as it is usually worse but then again you live WAY up north and you are obviously hardier than I. I never bitch about the heat…ok maybe a little. lol

  3. So so sad. I keep our thermostat set on 73 (or there abouts). I have started visiting the tanning beds for a little pick-me-up (and according to my friends, cancer) during grey spells. It does give me a good boost! Here’s to Spring.
    hello organizer diva. I use a heating pad in the morning as I sit in my comfy chair and chat on Twitter and do other useless nonsense. Brrr. LOL STAY AWAY FROM TANNING BEDS — do I have to come over there and smack you? Two words precious: skin cancer. Lecture over. 🙂

  4. The heating pad is vital. If I can’t find it I get the dogs to sit on either side of me to provide warmth. I need a break from winter in the worst way.
    Someone made it for me – it’s just this small piece of felt and it is filled with corn and you heat it in the microwave for a minute. I usually put it on my lower back and the warmth is amazing and lasts a good twenty minutes. Aaaaaahhhhhh. Funny thing is I really didn’t like this woman (we worked in same office) and one day she just walks up to me and hands this “heating pad” to me and says that she and her Mom make them to give to people. I felt like such a piece of sh*t for pre-judging her. Funny how life works, huh? Now I think of her every day as her gift warms my back. (it’s a God moment)

  5. Oh, how I can commiserate with you my friend. We are in sister states and what I get, I know is in your neighborhood and it has been nothing but cloudy, cloudy with snow, cloudy with rain…and the gray just seem to go on indefinately.

    All of this gray just adds to my already state of feeling that my life as I knew it is gone. I am so sick of the outside reflecting what I live with in the inside.

    I need Spring…I always need spring, but it seems to be so slow this year…

    I am just glad that you are not in the misery that you were in last year after you took you terrible fall on the ice.

    In that light, gray is much better than ice and pain…Here is to looking for the first signs of spring…come on Robins!!!!!
    Would you believe the other day there were about 10 Robins in my front bushes? It was so strange. Now they are gone again. I want Spring so bad – and I want (again) to move to Georgia or South Carolina – I slipped on the ice today but caught myself on my car door handle but it scared the crap out of me. I’m thinking of staying inside the rest of winter. Ugh. Depressing. You are in my prayers as I know it is so hard for you to keep going – but keep going you must my friend. One foot in front of the other and keep praying. Believe me when I tell you God weeps along with us in our pain. Love you.

  6. Gray is our state color right now. The weather is gray, the clouds are gray and it is just drab as hell.

    You know the commercial for travel that has the gnome watching a beach scene on television singing ” I need to get out of here”….well he and I are related.
    OOOH – careful being related to the gnome — he falls on his head a lot too! ROFL

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