Marketers…Love ’em or Hate ’em

I remember reading Death of a Salesman in high school and it was a depressing story.  At that time salesmen still showed up on your doorstep hawking everything from Fuller Brushes to vacuum cleaners to the ubiquitous Encyclopedia collection and let’s not forget the Avon Lady.  Nowadays it’s mostly school kids selling candy or magazine subscriptions.  “But lady it’s for the school band,”  says the little perky blonde pixie as I grudgingly hand over  another 10 bucks… grrr.

Anyway I have had this love/hate relationship with salespeople for many years.  I don’t like someone trying to talk me into buying something I really don’t want but then I purchase it anyway out of misplaced guilt issues – begone  Girl Scouts and take your danged cookies with you!

I usually hang up on telemarketers.  Sometimes if I’m feeling especially playful and have nothing better to do I will engage them in a bizarre conversation, continually interrupt their script and generally tick them off so much they end up hanging up on me.  Then I giggle and think up strange questions to ask the next one who has the misfortune of dialing my number.

Having been on Twitter for some time now, it should have dawned on me that words I use might trigger a direct marketer.  Duh.  The other day I was tweeting that it was time for wine and who pops up?  A wine dude – he followed me; I followed him back because it seemed the nice thing to do at the time.  Lo and behold he sends me a Direct Message.  Now he was nice enough to thank me for following him, but just because someone follows you does not give you the right to DM them; you should establish some type of friendship/relationship first in front of the whole flippin world IMHO.  DMs from quasi-strangers can be unnerving.  Especially when you know the ulterior motive is probably to sell you something.

I tweeted with another friend about the pros and cons of a Kindle versus a Nook e-reader.  Suddenly out of nowhere this Nook tweeter butts into our conversation and takes over.  We couldn’t get the Nookbot to shut up and it was creeping us both out seriously.  We immediately blocked said Nookbot and continued our discussion.  Ick Factor 4.  Leave me alone.  I’m really not buying a Nook now.

Another Twitter example — several tweeps and I routinely goof around and when we get especially goofy someone gets slapped – as in Slap.  Well that led to a new drink for all of us to indulge in — we called it a Slaptini and here we are just tweeting and having some innocent fun when up pops some strange man who butts right in and demands to know what a Slaptini is. We ignored him and went on tweeting.  A few days later we were on the Slaptini thing and here he shows up again!  The nerve!   I didn’t recognize his avatar, checked him out, and sure enough he’s some type of Direct Marketer.  Block, block, block.  Not getting your marketing hands on our Slaptini you toad.

My friend Sueanne is a hilarious tweeter (and equally excellent blogger) and occasionally we get a little carried away. Slap. While on a rant about parental units from the June and Ward Cleaver days, I came up with a drink for us…the Cleaverini.  We had fun with it, but would you believe I got a tweet from some marketer of cutlery?  Just what kind of Cleaver did he think I was talking about?!  File that under scary.

I could discuss marketing some more, but the phone is ringing and there’s some guy at my front door…


9 thoughts on “Marketers…Love ’em or Hate ’em

  1. Ahem, I’m not a salesperson trying to sell you something.S Well that’s actually not true. I’d like to sell you on continuing with your blogs. I love them and they make me laugh. So, time to drink my sleeptini and head off to bed. Slap.
    You are so funny – that pretty much covers everything swee’pea! Never a Slap for you! @GoldenDestroyer wants to come live with you coz you send her so many belly scritches! Blogs will be around for awhile longer not to fear. 🙂

  2. Oh that gets on my nerves, I have a friend that I met via twitter who’s son has ADHD like my son, well the next day 5 ADHD “experts” and head doctors were following me, I blocked all of them. They were trying to tell me something that I already know
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one annoyed. And I have no problem whatsoever blocking followers. As a general rule ESPECIALLY if the follower is named Britney, immediately block. LOL

  3. UGH. I am not on twitter yet… and you just sold me on a big reason not to be. And all this marketing, it’s part of the capitalism rap… so I think we’ll just have to put up with it. But I say block them, block them with all your might!
    Twitter has its place – I’m as guilty as the marketers coz I always pimp my blog whenever I have a new post. But I try not to be obnoxious about it. I love Twitter – just like the bloggy world – I’ve met some wonderful folks and we’ve laughed till we…well, u know what happens when you laugh too hard. About once a week I check my followers and if anyone is offering to show me nude pics of themselves, they are the first to be blocked! LOL Most of the marketers I just ignore unless they butt in. BTW thx for dropping in!

  4. Someone was wondering why I always spell pa*n p*lls like this or other things. Only difference is they hit my e-mail and then I am wasting time blocking them. Do they not understand that if we wanted to buy something then we would look it up and search out their numbers or sites to find out about the item we want.

    How is the new phone working? Does the camera take good pics and I am glad that you bought the car charger since it seems all those apps use up so much battery power. But I have heard that all those different apps can end up costing a pretty penny. Some you have to pay for on a monthly basis. That sucks. Hubby told me to wait a few more years until all the bugs are out of all the droid phones before I get one. I guess I have to listen to him since he is the phone man.

    Does your phone have Video Share? I hope you share some of the things your phone does. In another year or so then I will get an android when the bugs are worked out. Or will see what is new by then.

    I am going to join in that thing of no phone while driving group. I need to concentrate on driving.

    Oh and keep that block up, there are so many sick people out there. Good luck with them.

    God bless.
    Don’t listen to hubby – get a droid phone – they are so cool. They have been out for awhile – it’s the Nexus that is new and I didnt buy that one. I got the hot rod Motorola Cliq ($$$) ouch – there goes the budget again. The droid apps are almost all free and just a ball to play with. Suddenly, I’m not reading and not getting the errands run coz I’m busy playing with my phone! Yes it has a good camera and my first pic was of guess who? Of course, the amazing EmmaLou! I need to figure out how to download it to my laptop so i can add it to her page. I’ve managed to post to my FB page and also to Twitter, I’ve set up my voicemail, and I downloaded some ringtones (but then I couldn’t find them so someone needs to explain to me where they go???) So, yes I’m learning each day – this phone is like a mini computer – I can leave myself sticky notes – the calendar feature is cool, I can read the news – email, so far the only thing it doesn’t do is cook and that’s probably only because I haven’t found the app. LOL Hope ur rain has stopped now – don’t want to lose you in a mudslide!

  5. I started out on Twitter but soon tired of it. I don’t really know how to use it to chat….considering your post, I don’t think I care either! Who does like telemarketers? I screw with them, too, if I’m in the right mood. Love to piss them off….
    Don’t get the wrong idea just coz there are marketers on Twitter – Tweeting w/friends is a lot of fun and I have met some wonderful friends there – yes it can be a waste of time, but then so can other things we do, too. The most fun is when EmmaLou tweets – she has her own Twitter account @GoldenDestroyer and I swear she is getting more followers than I am. She loves to inform the world of her antics and whenever she is bad I “flick” her. Harmless fun – obviously I don’t have enough to do. LOL

  6. I have a twitter account but I rarely post or interact with other twits (tweeters?)

    I hate door-to-door sales people, especially the ones that you just know aren’t legit. And they’re usually the most pushy. I’ve had some of these people demand that I put my dog in another room so that they could come into my house to demonstrate their product, even after I said I wasn’t interested. Others have opened my screen door in an attempt to weasel their way in.

    Same goes for religious solicitors.
    I once put a No Soliciting sign on my window by the front door. Did absolutely no good. I had a strange man trying to sell me magazines, then some Jehovah’s witnesses w/their religious tracts and even some Mormon missionaries showed up – I actually enjoy the religious people because it gives me a chance to see if they truly know what they’re talking about (and many of them don’t) Now I’m a Christian woman, and I believe in spreading the Gospel, but I don’t like pushy. I once had a Baptist pastor show up at my door and tell me I was pretty much going to go to hell because I had no current church affiliation but that I was more than welcomed at his. I politely turned him down (I did have a church affiliation, I just didn’t care to discuss my personal life with this strange man). Now, I peek through the curtains at who is at the front door (not caring whether they see me or not) and if I don’t know them (like the UPS guy, a neighbor’s kid, or the mailman) then I just ignore them. Problem solved. As for the phone – we only answer numbers we recognize. The Tweeters I usually DM back and request that they not do that again. All of this takes entirely too much out of me – LOL.

  7. That is one of the good things about living out in the country, houses are few and far between so we don’t tempt the door-to-door types at all. Very rarely does anyone knock on my door and when they do it is usually the mail carrier with something I have to sign for.
    I sooo want to live in the country. sigh…

  8. Well sweetie I think you just about summed it up. I see we think alike but with one difference. I delete the DM. I called that my delete box.LOL I do butt in from time 2 time on people conversations but not 2 sell you something. I will give helpful hints but that is just me. Still laughing about your post. Those marketier haven’t figured out that they are killing any chance to sell you their product. So keep up the good work
    Hello my precious – you can butt into any conversation of mine at any time 😉 The more friends the merrier – plus always allow polite strangers to join in the fun – that’s how you meet new friends!!! But if u don’t have an avatar, and u send me a message w/a link — Danger, Danger – spam, block, block! LOL Sending you lots of hugs!

  9. I really love your way of dealing with telephone salesmen, I wish I had the nerve to do that. I usually keep saying no thank you in an increasingly desperate voice.

    I am really out of touch with internet-small-talk I have never heard of DM’s, Nook’s, Kindles and IMHO’s. I probably need to get out more 🙂

    Believe it or not we still get door to door salesmen here although they are getting increasingly rare. I have a man who sells me dusters and polish and a lady who sells me those plastic kitchen time savers which usually break the first time you use them.

    I still keep buying them though.
    Sorry sweetie I keep forgetting you are Over There and may not understand my lingo. IMHO is an abbreviation for In My Humble Opinion. DM’s are Direct Messages and they are used on the social network site Twitter (of which I’m a huge fan and on way too often and yes EmmaLou is on Twitter too). Kindles are a type of device where you can download and read an electronic book and they are the property of a company called Amazon which is an online place I frequent all too often. Nook is the equivalent to a Kindle but it is the property of a Bookstore here known as Barnes & Noble. Clear as mud now?

    Get online and sign up for a Twitter account (it’s free) ( and even with the time difference we can tweet back and forth – I have several good friends in the UK.

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