Shaken Crone Syndrome

My name is Croney and I am suffering from a new disease – it’s so new I get to name it.  I’m calling it Shaken Crone Syndrome.

I woke up this morning early and feeling so danged perky. That should have been a warning signal.  My day was planned around the imminent arrival of Gretchen the Immaculate.  Devoted Spouse disappeared to his volunteer work and I scurried about getting ready so I would not be underfoot when the consummate house cleaner arrived.

Treating myself to breakfast, I sat at a table at that 5-star restaurant Le Bob Evans and played with my new smart phone.  Did I mention I finally got a smart phone (if you Tweet w/me just ignore the next part).  Well I did – I got a gorgeous Motorola Cliq with droid so I can do all those Google things I love  (no Eric not just because you showed me the star maps).  I spent weeks researching which phone to get – iPhone, Google, and I talked to various service providers.  I liked the guy at T-Mobile and I liked the google phone from Motorola – so that’s what I got.

Anyway…I ran into a major glitch with my phone while at Chez Evans and my day started to go south.  I worked on it so much I ran the battery down – how do you run down a battery in less than a day?  Gah…

After breakfast I did a little shopping and sat in a local coffee shop and drank even more coffee while still fiddling with my new phone.  Smart phone; dumb human.  Finally it was time to go home.

Having been gone several hours which should have been more than enough time for Gretchen the Immaculate to depart the premises, I arrived home to find that Gretchen the Immaculate had not been there.  Oh yeah…wrong day.

Wrong day??!!  I have at least 3 calendars – how could I get the day wrong?  Not only is my smart phone outsmarting me, I’m not even on the correct day.

That brings me back to my new illness and I’m blaming my entire day on this Shaken Crone Syndrome.  What causes this new illness?   I believe someone crept into my room late last night and shook the stuffin’ outta me and severely scrambled what few brains I have left.  Yup, Shaken Crone Syndrome.

There is no medical relief in sight for Shaken Crone Syndrome; however, I am trying red wine as an experimental treatment and so far the study is going…hic…well.  If you feel you suffer from this ailment and wish to join my…hic…study group…I’m sorry, what day is this again….pour, sip, sigh, repeat.


10 thoughts on “Shaken Crone Syndrome

  1. I am all shook up too so put me in the study. I am lucky to even know what month it is let alone what day of the week each day is.

    And if I do look at the date on my phone then whoohoo I did good on that day. Most of the time I could care less what time of day it is. Just as long as I remember when it is meal time I am okay. Besides my days and nights are ass backwards anyways. Sleep all day and stay up all night. See it is 3:55am here in Cali.

    Yippee, yahooey, praise the Lord that we have been having an El Nino month here. All those rain dances that I had been doing are working. Oh how I hope it helps somewhat with our drought and with the farmers in Central & Southern California’s water problems. I know this will just be a temporary fix until the Boxer Biaaatch and the Pelosi Monster open the waterways to let the water come to the rest of our state. Hopefully this will keep the cost of food down and help with that 40% unemployment they are suffering with in those areas. All of us in the country cannot afford to spend more for food.

    Okay, I am gonna stop being shook up since I also suffer from CRS I am a freaking mess too.

    I am gonna go look for a street named after…….anyone know where…..oh what was it again that I was doing…..wait congrats on your street….and when I come to visit someday then we will requisition that sign and you know requisitoning is totally legal cause they told me that when I was in the Army…..we did it all the time….I still do cause I just claim that I CRS…..

    God bless.

    PS…congrats on the Smart Phone thingy, make sure to get a car charger though for just in case you get lost when you take pictures of those barns.
    I’m glad you finally got rain, too. I like the idea of requisitioning the sign – if you go back to the sign post you’ll see a comment from a friend from high school reminding me of a time a thousand years ago when I actually DID steal a sign and I’ll be danged if I remember what the name of the street was! CRS again. Thanks for the idea of the car charger – hadn’t thought of that. Oh yeah here we go again…CRS.
    LOL Hugs!

  2. Shit, I should just write a post in answer to your post….another damn book written and I forgot to ask what day is study day for this study group that I was joining you in. And is white wine okay? I like white wine better than red wine.

    CRS sucks!!!!!

    God bless.
    You are so funny – I dont think there are enough drugs in the world to help the both of us!!! The good news is I have most of the phone set up and working even voicemail – yay me – I just royally screwed up my email password – duh – but thats why God made tech guys and I’m sure they can undo just about anything I’ve already done. As for the phone – I wish I had bought one of these a long time ago – they’re so much more fun!

  3. You should go to a comedy club, rofl you make me laugh so hard. I would pay money to see you on stage 🙂
    Dear Gawd find me a stage, quick, somebody is gonna pay me. Puhleeze don’t let there be a pole involved…. ROFL

  4. I agree, I’d pay to see you do stand up…or you could even sit down.

    Anywho, my one and only complaint about my iPhone is that the battery does not last long enough. Don’t plug it in one night, don’t use it in the morning.
    OMG the world is so NOT ready for me to do stand up or sit down. Trust me on this. Just keep reading my ramblings and we’ll call it even. As to the phone – it’s getting better I have turned the corner on being smarter than the phone now but just by a little bit. I’m not liking my battery either and I paid a hundred gazillion dollars for this Motorola Cliq and have had to charge it up two days in a row now. Grrr. I think that will get better when I know what I’m doing and get off GPS and WiFi which suck up battery life. It’s always something. 🙂

  5. Maybe THAT’S what I have!!! I’ve been having weird symptoms lately ( more in detail on my page ) and I thought it was a loose clot of FAT….but maybe I have SCS too ! 😉
    Holly if my syndrome works for you, be my guest and use it to your heart’s content. “loose clot of FAT” okay quit making me spit out my tasty beverage! ROFL

  6. You say it wasn’t the star map, but you know that it was one of coolest apps you have ever seen! 🙂

    I have to carry a charger with me because the smart phone uses batter power like crazy. It will rarely make it through a whole day.
    Ok, I LOVE that app but there are so many. I’m almost on app overload – I’ve been giggling at ringtones (can we talk Monty Python ringtones? rofl) and yes, the battery issue is irritating – today I went back and even bought the car charger. I have to charge this puppy daily. grrr. But it is SO worth the fun. Especially now that I’m getting the hang of it. How did I ever live without a smart phone? LOL

  7. Hey, you hide in shame from your cleaning lady too? She makes me feel dirty. Basically because I am.
    I not only hide in shame; I do a pre-cleaning. How sad is that?

  8. OMG, you guys all crack me up so freaking much. Cronie, I agree, you should do stand-up, w/o the pole.

    Re: the cleaning lady. I would prob do a pre-cleaning if I had a cleaning lady, hence just one of the reasons I don’t have a cleaning lady. The main reason is because I’m not working and can’t afford one and since I’m home anyway, hubby would EXPECT me to clean and not while my hours away on my computer. He is truly no fun sometimes.
    Well crap on a crutch I never said I could AFFORD her – I don’t have a job either. But I can’t take the meltdown she would have if I got rid of her. I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to let her go and I keep wimping out. Gah…the wrath of Gretchen the Immaculate. The woman keeps me cowering in the local Barnes & Noble cafe.

  9. Late to the party…er…class as usual. My dog ate my homework? I can’t remember where I put it? I’m a prime example of crs I claim it’s because I have so much on my mind that all the little things explode and disappear.

    Heck, I’d kill to have a cleaning person come in for one day just to get my place clean enough for me to keep up with it.

    I haven’t used my cell phone since July when I went to upperstate NY for my cousin’s wedding. But then I have this thing about cell phones.
    I’ll send Gretchen to you but keep your paws off my smart phone – it now has my life in it…where the heck did I put that thing?

  10. I have this disease but never knew the name of it. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I have an Iphone but it was free and I never look a gift horse in the mouth so I happily use it and my daughter fixes it if need be.

    I hope you are doing well. I have been very busy with the little one.
    hi sweetie good to see ya! I just never get enough time to go through my entire blogroll – so many lovely folks to visit – so forgive my absence! Glad ur keeping busy w/little one. This Shaken Crone Syndrome is driving me nutz. Between that and CRS I don’t stand a chance! 🙂

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