A Picture is Worth a Thousand…You Know

15 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand…You Know

  1. You have your own street……..how cool is that!
    I haven’t stolen a street sign since I was a teenager and I got the whoopin of my life for it. But I am sooooo tempted to get someone to swipe this for me. heh heh

  2. No-one would notice if it went missing would they?
    Not so much that it went missing, but who might have possession… LOL it is too close to my neighborhood and too many friends know my blog name — I will have to settle for visiting it and giggling.

  3. You know you have “arrived” when you have a street named after your blog. How cool is that!

    ROFL – yeah we all know I was here first. giggling

  4. I sense a mission taking place under cover of darkness that involves heavy machinery, a pick-up truck, lots of liquor and the fierce determination to uproot and run with this street sign. Remember to cover your license plates with duct tape.
    Oh I am soooooo tempted. But they probably wouldn’t let me blog and tweet and FB from my jail cell! ROFL

  5. Can’t you accidentaly drive into it and claim the sign just dropped into the boot of your car?
    OMG I am sooooo gonna give that consideration. okay, no I won’t coz I’ll get caught — but what a great idea. LOL

  6. If I ever find a street named “Kvetch” I am SO taking possession of it.

    In Colorado Springs there are streets named “Disk Drive” and “Vapor Trail.” I always got a kick out of that.
    If I could find it, I would totally snag Ditz Avenue since that’s where I seem to spend most of my time these days…

  7. I need to find the intersection of Klutz and Ditz. 🙂
    Hah – I’ve been at that crossroads a time or three!

  8. Crone Road? How did you find that???
    Oh I know!!! You must have used your google map app on your new celly!!! LOL
    nope – knew about it prior to new celly just hadn’t gotten around to driving over there. lazybones.

  9. I remember when you stole that sign…. 🙂
    WHOA Finally my best friend from high school shows up and tells the world of my younger days shenanigans! Yeah, I remember too — I remember being in a helluva lot of trouble ROFL. Ah, youth…

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