I Promise Not to Tamper With Product Prior to Purchase

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As a consumer who is on a fixed income I watch prices carefully and shop around for the best value for my buck.  I don’t mind, I really don’t.  But when I find what I want to buy, is it asking too much to be able to open the product?  I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

Have you looked at the packaging lately?  One of my little digital cameras uses batteries I can only obtain through Radio Shack (excuuuuse me The Shack).  Not long ago I went to that store and ordered two batteries to be shipped to my home from the manufacturer.  Now these batteries are about maybe an inch in size…maybe.  They’re small.

The industrial strength plastic in which they were wrapped, however, was the size of Stephen King’s latest novel. This is the type of plastic that even a razor blade has difficulty slicing through. They couldn’t stop at one layer; no, you manage to get through the first section only to find the teeny little battery is further encased in MORE PLASTIC!

And that’s not counting all the blood involved as I invariably slice through one of my digits as I attempt to get this ^%&$ package opened.  Do you know how many scissors I have thoroughly ruined?  And don’t tell me about those little gadgets they sell that open this plastic – I have two of them and they don’t work any better — it’s nothing but a razor blade with a flippin’ handle and I still end up a bloody mess.  Gah….

For my birthday, Devoted Spouse gave me a CD I wanted.  Yippee skippy  – the other day I decided to open it and load it onto my laptop so I could download it to my mp3 player.  Crap on toast,  do you know how dangerous it is to simply open a CD these days?  Me and the old butcher knife slowly crept up to the CD and with it firmly in my grasp, I butchered the crap outta the cellophane plastic, scratching the CD case in the process.  Okay that wasn’t that bad.  But then there’s that pesky little strip of tape across the top to keep the REAL thieves from stealing the CD (not to mention the little bumpy piece of plastic on the back cover).  First I followed the instruction — you know the one that in teeny tiny letters on the back says, “PULL” ?   Yeah, that worked for about 1/100 of a millimeter worth of tape.  So I got my handy dandy Ginzu knife and ever so gently slid it under the tape and tried to pry off the tape that way.

Forty minutes, a dulled knife, a CD jewel case that came apart, and about 4 bandaids later, I had that %^&^ tape off my new CD.

The powers that be have convinced the American public that these plastic monstrosities are for public safety – to cut down on theft.  Heck even a thief can’t get into this crap without major bloodletting.

I’m going to Amazon.com and ordering a flak jacket, teflon butcher gloves, and protective eyewear so I’m prepared for my next encounter.


7 thoughts on “I Promise Not to Tamper With Product Prior to Purchase

  1. On the CD wrapper – I KNOW! I got 3 for x-mas and my husband just took them from me when he realized how annoyed I was that I couldn’t open them. And he did it. It was ridiculous.
    Hate them!

  2. Master Electrician and Bridget buy quite a few X-box, PS2 games now to open them does not require brain surgery just pull the tape much like a CD but thinner and shorter like you would see around a pack of gum and voila the cellophane comes off and there is 2 circular pieces of tape on the side and it’s open or some I have seen have a little pull tab which some times breaks half way through pulling it and if you have long finger nails you can “rip” it the rest of the way open with out severe damage.
    Pls send them to my house: it DOES require skills of brain surgeon because a)the little tape like you see on a pack of gum DOESN’T PULL OFF and a) once you GET THRU that you have to get the sticky tape holding the CD to rip apart and the PULL on that one is impossible to get ahold of. Ack Ack

  3. I bought that As Seen On TV gadget that they sell for opening packages and it really does work for me, now that I have figured out how to use it properly. Before that it was get out the box cutter and then pray a lot. It really hurts when you get cut by one of them. Funny how you don’t feel any pain for about a minute and then you see all the blood and then yeow, crap that hurts like heck.

    That was the same thing that happened when I almost cut my little toe off. There I was standing in this pool of blood and not even realizing my toe was just hanging on with a little skin. They said I was in shock, I look down, see the puddle and then the pain started. Three years later and the pain has not stopped yet. But at least my toe is still there.

    Maybe we need to send a request to the people in packaging to make some kind of easy open package for those of us who are hindered in the process of package opening. The grandkids seem to be able to open them so easily and it would seem to me that they are the group that they make these packages so hard to break into at the stores. Most adults do not steal things from stores, well except for a few actresses.

    I think I need to buy stock in a bandage company. I seem to use them more now then I ever did as a child. My skin must not be as thick.

    God bless.
    I have now learned to give these packages to Devoted Spouse and let him deal with it. He has, however, ruined several pair of my scissors in the process. But I’m tired of bleeding all over the place.

  4. I was just on my Mrsupole’s Crap website and reading the comments of my 5 faithful readers and then I see one that I am not sure if it is from you know that nameless group that we do not mention. It says it is from Infection.org and so I went there to see if it was a legit request and I just don’t see how they could possibly associate my posts with them.

    So I was just wondering if you have heard of anyone else getting the same request. Those unnamed groups are so tricky. If I was not always on the look out then I would be in trouble.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks and God bless.
    Nope, sorry…never heard of them and have had no comments from them. Do what I do routinely with comments – if they even look suspicious delete immediately. If it comes from someone you don’t know and suspect it is a spammer or just some marketer making a comment so he gets a hit on his own site, again, delete it immediately. I figure if I accidentally delete a comment from a real person, they will understand that I didn’t recognize them and they will come back again. Just keep hitting delete sweetie; works for me. I know who my 10 faithful readers are…and while everyone is welcomed here, I reserve the right to delete any comments I find objectionable, or source-leery. Problem solved. Next? 🙂

  5. My son generally does that for me at the holidays. He knows that sharp objects and his mother are not a good mix. The family does tend to buy things that don’t require bloodletting.
    I’m close to the point of not buying anything that is packaged that way, but the problem is so many items are packaged that way. Grrrr. Note to manufacturers: Stop it!

  6. DH opens all the DVDs, CDs, and any other dangerous packages. I’m no fool. I bleed too easily.
    I have now, too, given over the responsibility for opening those packages to Devoted Spouse. I tried letting EmmaLou gnaw on it, but she preferred my Ohio State sock instead. sigh…

  7. I think whoever came up with those awful plastic, “clamshell” packaging things needs to be encased in one. Let’s see how fast THEY figure out how to open one without any blood being shed.
    my sentiments exactly.

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