Stress = Gimme the Big Fat Sharpie

I’m already stressed and it’s only the beginning of January.  There are a million things buzzing in my head all vying for first place on the master To-Do list.  Right now it’s more like a Ta-Da list; every few seconds that voice in my head goes, “Ta-Da”, another task I need to complete is brought to the front of my already filled-with-crap-brain.

What?  The dog is out of heartworm medicine?  Ta-Da.  Wait! I don’t have the right ingredients for my crockpot meal and Devoted Spouse took the car to the gun show..Ta-Da.  Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Christmas tree…Ta-Da.  Must exercise – oh crap – who put all that stuff on the treadmill…Ta-Da.  School starts soon – better preview some chapters and get a timeline done – Ta-Da.

I’m on a To-Do Ta-Da neural merry-go-round and I only got the seat on the bench, not the carousel horse.  Ack Ack.

I thought maybe a good idea to de-stress would be to pop in the yoga DVD and do some nice breathing and stretching.  I got a back spasm trying the first yoga position.  Where’s my percocet?  Ta-Da – you don’t have anymore…To-Do Ta-Da call doctor. Ta-Da, Ta-Da.

This year instead of just lining out tasks on my To-Do list with a regular pen, I’m getting out my Big Fat Sharpie so the task completed looks like it was a big deal.  Big fat black lines = major accomplishment.  Where’s my Big Fat Sharpie? Ta-Da. Gah…

That’s it, I’m tossing out the To-Do list.  Ta-Da…


12 thoughts on “Stress = Gimme the Big Fat Sharpie

  1. Hey girl,
    When does school start?
    Sounds like you’ve got a bad case of “Back to School Blues”.
    I know the feeling. I’m a teacher. Ha.
    BTW, the check-mark technique works for me, too. It makes me feel somewhat productive.
    School starts Jan 18, but I have alot of pre-work to do and a pre-test to take so in a few days I’ll be backing off the blogging and tweeting to concentrate on getting a head start. This is gonna be a trial for me – a make it or break it class that determines if I can press on. I’m a big list maker and I love to check things off or line things out and the fatter the line the better I feel about scratching off that particular task. I’m sitting in my comfy chair now with my journal next to me that has the master To Do list in it. Gah…so many things…so little time…organize, organize, organize, drink, no wait, organize…LOL

  2. It sounds like you may have a good song in the works there. To-Do-Do-Do, Ta-Da-Da-Da. Or did Sting already write that one?!

    Good luck with your neurological hamster wheel and all the best to you, DS and EmmaLou in 2010.

    Luke Sidewalker
    Thank you my friend – and may your 2010 be filled with oodles of spare change!

  3. No to-do lists around here. We are hunkering down more ways than one since it looks like take 2 on Jan/Feb of last year and Hubby will be without work again. At least they are giving bonuses this year and that will help a bit.

    Good thing I won the money because we will live off of it for 2 – 2.5 months. ACK!!
    See? There was a reason you won that money – God always provides for his children. I keep praying about tuition and $$ for books as I want to double up on classes this year and can’t really afford it, so I feel your pain sweetie.

  4. Oh goodness I never make a to do list, I get frustrated and throw the whole thing away. Then I got me one of those wipe off boards and hung it on the fridge half the time I never payed any attention to it. So I make my kids earn their keep if I need to remember something I just tell my 11yr old Bridget she is like a walking tape recorder LOL
    Please send Bridget to my house – I make my lists, then forget to look at them. Gah…

  5. OK, reading this just reminded me of all the things I need to do. THANKS A LOT!
    : )
    My reality begins at 6 a.m. pacific time tomorrow.
    Until then I’m trying to block it all out.
    As I type this it is about 3:30 am “tomorrow” your time so you have a few more hours of peace. I, on the other hand, need to get my butt in gear – I did get out of bed at 5:30 this a.m. instead of around 7. I have my week’s menus planned and grocery list all made out. I have one whole page in my journal of To-Do’s listed already. I put away a couple of Christmas items (a little at a time, who cares if some Christmas stuff is still out?) and I made the coffee this morning. So at 6:30 am that’s a good start and I’m satisfied that I’m off to a pretty good start.

  6. The only lists I have are character lists, plot point lists, grocery lists, and a what I need at the pet store list. Unfortunately, with the bitter cold, I still have to go to the grocery and pet stores tomorrow…

    No to do list or honey do list here since honey can’t do and if I did a to do list it would be more like a wish list.

    Oh, to heck with it. It’s freaking cold outside. Hibernation sounds good–dang, the dogs only have enough food left for breakfast.

    Crap, I have to brave the cold and shop. Good thing the two stores are in the same strip mall. Might as well kill both those birds.
    I just have one master list with all I have to do in every category possible – that way I only have to look for one list and yet I still don’t look at it regularly. Blechhh. Bundle up baby we got a long way to go…

  7. I hope you get you tada list done. I gave up on mine. Now I have a I might get it done list.
    Scratching out tada & replacing with Might Tada – much more reasonable. I did the grocery list and menu planning already this morning, danged I’m tired out…lol

  8. I do find that list I create have a better chance of getting done than lists OTHERS create for me.
    phhhttt I don’t read lists others create for me. my own are long enough. I need a new sharpie, one that will really obliterate task. vindication is mine, stupid to-do list.

  9. Heck, I’m back from the stores so now I’m down to plot point and character lists–hurrah!
    show-off. I managed 3 items on my list and that’s 3 more than I got done yesterday so I call that progress!

  10. We have a big mirror in our bathroom, and I write things I need to do on it with a dry erase marking pen. It seems to work for most things. But I also make lists in the journals or notebooks that I keep all over the house. I have found that if I think of something that needs to be done, that I had better write it down immediately or else I will forget what it was I needed to write down if I let a few moments go by.

    Suffering from CRS is such a hard thing to do. And since there is no cure for it, I am totally screwed. It is one of the worst diseases to have. And since almost every adult I know suffers from CRS, I know there is nothing that I will ever be able to do about it. Keeping those journals in every room helps. I can’t remember who told me to do that, but they said it really helped them with their CRS problem. Maybe someday I will remember who that was.

    God bless.
    I keep pads of Post-It notes in almost every room so I can quickly grab it and jot down what I need to remember then I carry it to wherever it needs to go – the grocery list, my calendar, my bible, my textbooks, my bathroom mirror – and I can just stick it on my tee shirt or sweatshirt until I get to that particular destination. A lot less bulky than keeping journals everywhere. I do keep a notebook by my bedside and I keep a notebook in the kitchen and of course there are a thousand notebooks in my crap, I mean, my home office/study area.

  11. What? You think you’re alone in this?? This is exactly why I don’t make resolutions….although I do make TO DO lists. Good luck with all your stuff.
    You mean it’s not just me after all? Sigh…

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