New Year, New Beginning? Nah, Same Old Stuff, Different Date

I woke up entirely too early on January 1, 2010 filled with anticipation and the hopes that a new year brings.  It was a new year — the time to start over, get my life in order, get paperwork organized, the house de-cluttered; a chance once again to do things right this year.  This is the only day of the year I utter the phrase “clean slate”.

Phhhttttt!  I rolled over and thought about this new year stuff and decided to sleep on it awhile.  That didn’t work as EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer came bounding in to the room demanding I get up.  Could she know it is a new year?  Do doggie thoughts of chew toy organizing go through her head?    Crap.  Reluctantly, I got out of bed.  I went downstairs to sit in my comfy chair and read a book and surf online awhile as my brain warmed up.  I glanced over at the dining room where Christmas detritus was still strewn.  Wishing for a magic wand to make it all disappear…I went into the kitchen where Devoted Spouse, who unbelievably was up even earlier than I, had the coffee started.

With coffee in me I could look at the new year properly.  I could begin by making a list of what I wanted to accomplish this year…what are my goals and aspirations?  What was I going to do differently this year that would have any type of impact on how I lived my life?

Crumpling up that piece of paper I decided this new year meditation was a bad idea.  It reeked of resolutions and I’ll be danged if I’m getting hung up on that stuff again – nope – no planning what I expected from my new year.  No lists made of things I want to do.  I went back to my coffee and my book.

I decided that the problem of a new year is that we put too much pressure on ourselves.  On January 1, we are all expected to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and excited about opening our new calendars and organizing the crap out of everything.  Heck, I can’t get my table cleared off, why should I be expected to start a diet on this day and get all new folders set up for bills and important papers.  That big plastic box worked just fine for 2009 papers and calendars are just a reminder that you have to do something you probably don’t want to do.

So I had a dish of rum raisin ice cream and wisely decided the diet would start on January 4,  a more reasonable day, a Monday.  Diets should always begin on Mondays.   On January 4,  I will start dealing with the leftover Christmas mess, start taking down the tree and put the gifts away.  On January 4, I will pull out my new calendar and jot down some dates of things I may not want to do, but have to anyway (I hate my dentist).  And on January 4,  I will start the process of wading through the paperwork of 2009 looking desperately for anything to help me lower my tax bill.

It should be decreed that when New Year hits on a Friday, that day and the weekend should be reserved  for that last dish of ice cream, some college football, a couple of old Thin Man movies, and the pleasure of some more goofing off.  The 4th of January is time enough to ease into this new year stuff.

Does this make me a procrastinator?  I dunno.  I’ll get back to you on that.


14 thoughts on “New Year, New Beginning? Nah, Same Old Stuff, Different Date

  1. Thank you for giving me all good reasons to wait until Monday to start a “must do” diet. Happy New Year to you, DS, and EmmaLou.
    I forgot to mention I need to shop for ingred for recipes from the new crockbook cookbook I got, too. Yeah – Monday it is. Happy NY!

  2. I am way, way, way too spontaneous to make resolutions … it puts way too much pressure on me and I can’t tolerate all of the anticipation should I succeed or fail. I would just as soon let the chips fall where they may after I do the best I can with what I’ve got.

    I’m not sure of what I just said … three shots of bourbon are bringing those strange voices into my head again.
    Yeah but I understood coz I’m that spur of the moment gal which I like because it makes life interesting while the hubs would prefer structure. Phhhhttt! Structure is boring. 3 shots – shoot that’s just gettin warmed up…

  3. I agree with you, there is far too much pressure in life as it is without us putting even more pressure on ourselves.

    The trouble with New Years resolutions is that I tend to set unrealistic goals which ultimately lead to failure and disappointment.

    This year I think we should all just take one thing at a time and simply do our best, because that is all we can ever do – our best.

    I’ll tell you who I think has a fantastic outlook on life, I have just found a really hilarious series on the television called American Chopper about the Teutal family who build motorbikes and I really love Mickey. That is how we should all try to be.
    There’s the right word “unrealistic” – that’s what I’m tryin to stay away from. You watch American Chopper? I just want to grab the old man by that ludicrous mustache and slap the crap outta him for the way he treats his kids sometimes. Did you know he’s suing one of his sons for stock in their company? Unbelievable.

  4. Crone: I somehow wandered to your blog through my New Years Resolution– start a blog! Your posts are all amusing, I look forward to coming back for more; especially because my diet-from-hell will begin Monday as well. I’m considering a New Years Resolution to avoid the dentist as long as possible (if you’re interested…), it could be the most horrible place in the world.

    Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year to you too and welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to visiting you soon! I hate my dentist and he knows it and thinks it’s funny. I requested he name his boat “FromLinda” since I’m the one who flippin’ paid for it. He declined, but did offer me a discount. Toad. LOL

  5. Resolutions are only great if I expect to break something very quickly and usually, very purposely.

    I am more spontaneous for the most part or at least, whenever I can be. I enjoyed the trip we took a few years ago that we knew the final destination but not which route we would take and when/where we were staying on the way. I enjoyed that tremendously and hope to do a trip like that this year.

    I have decided that the Christmas lights that are up in house can stay up for the rest of the winter. I prefer the mood lighting they provide and they cheer me up on a cold winter night. No one else other than family is going to see them so what the heck?

    Advantage of not having a Christmas tree. Nothing pressing to take down. 🙂
    I like being spontaneous – Devoted Spouse and stepspawn are list makers, and travel schedulers and nah, I just like to get in the car w/my new camera and drive until I get where I’m goin. If my Christmas tree was a bit smaller, I’d leave it up all year like our friend Mari does and decorate it for different holidays and seasons. As it is it stays up till I get around to taking it down in the next week or so. I’ll try to be spontaneous about it. LOL

  6. My only resolution is to NOT slap anyone first thing in the morning. It will be tough with all the idiots that surround me but I’m determined to at least keep my trap shut. As for the diet, phffst! what I’ve been doing isn’t working so I’m skipping that one too. I WILL enjoy myself in every way I see fit! Happy New Year!
    I’m aiming for balance in the new year…the problem with that is this morning while I was stepping into my jeans I stepped onto one leg of the pants and fell over. balance ain’t gonna cut it I’m thinking…gah…

  7. In our household keeping to a schedule is a joke. There is no possible way to do it when we never know what sort of day DH will have. Therefore, life in this home is more along the spontaneous line.

    There is one rule–there had better be coffee. 😉
    I really like that and plan to make it my daily motto. That would make a good name for a blog, too, but I have three going already. ack ack

  8. My ex-boyfriend (the mean vindictive one) is a dentist. *Shudder*
    You know they keep imagining all the people who have wronged them over the years as they scrape our gums and drill our teeth.
    I am not doing resolutions this year. All the better for not going down in a wall of flames.
    Ewww that’s like dating a proctologist – where his hands have been oh my… LOL I don’t want to go down in a wall of flames either – too much pressure.

  9. hey sistah!
    mmmmmm, rum and raisin ice-cream? We used to pour a shot of Bacardi rum on that!
    And yes, diets should always begin on Mondays. That way we can blow out on the weekend prior.
    As I answer this comment it is Sun night and we were invited to a dinner this evening where they served teeny little cheesecakes – just enough to be satisfied coz Monday all those goodies are outta here! LOL Yeah, rum raisin ice cream by Hagen Daaz (sp?) is my all time favorite. It’ just decadent.

  10. My new year’s lifestyle changes start Monday too. It’s a shame to waste a great lazy weekend, especially with all this food sitting around. Happy New Year, my friend. MUAH
    Right back atcha cupcake!

  11. I’ve been out of town, camped out in the middle of nowhere from 12/31 until today and I was telling everyone that as far as I was concerned, Monday, January 4 was/is the start of my New Year and the start of changing my life for the better.
    I haven’t been out of town but Jan 4 just seemed a good time to start.

  12. I have never tried run raisin ice cream, but it sounds pretty good. It is funny how during the spring and summer we always have ice cream in the freezer, but in the fall and winter months we rarely have ice cream. But all year round we have chocolate. I did see a recipe for chocolate sorbet that just looked wonderfully decadent. I would have to look for my ice cream maker, well that is if I still have it, probably not, I think I used it once. And I will probably wait until spring to even think about making it. Oh well, I will probably just look at it and still gain ten pounds. Ugh. I need to get organized.

    God bless.
    I have given up the rum raisin ice cream and in this household we can eat ice cream whether it’s freezing out or not – we love it, but it is so bad for our health, that I, at least, am being strong and saying NO. DS I think will get used to the idea but then again he’d rather have taco chips than ice cream. I’m the ice cream addict in our house. Sigh…

  13. I don’t procrastinate. I just plan not to start any of the New Year’s resolutions and all of that jazz until mid-Jan. It relieves the pressure more than you know!
    I dont procrastinate as much as I just don’t get around to stuff – seriously – Im too easily distracted so I rarely get all my to-do stuff done. I try not to let it frustrate me coz most of it can wait another day. Except bills. Always pay the bills!!! LOL

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