New Year’s Resolutions? Oh Blechhh

Guess I need to wrap up my year with a post on resolutions.  Although I had resolved 1) not to do a post on resolutions, and 2) not to make any resolutions, I now find I may need to rethink this whole resolution thing.

Resolutions have a negative connotation in my mind.  Why, you ask?  Because resolutions are rarely kept.  In fact, resolutions are so general as to give one plenty of leeway to break that particular resolution and feel no remorse whatsoever.  Resolutions are not taken seriously.  For example…how many people do you know right this moment who are resolving to lose weight in 2010?  I’m guessing probably 50% of the people you know and that might be a low estimate.

Now…how many of those same people you know who resolve to lose weight will actually follow through and lose weight?  I’m gonna guess 10% maybe??  Why?  Because when we resolve to do anything we are setting ourselves up for failure.  The main reason behind that statement is my many years of making resolutions which I would turn around and break on January 2 of that year.

Why do we break resolutions?  Because we didn’t have any intention in the first place of working on that particular resolution.  My feeling here is don’t make a resolution. Instead, gently suggest to yourself that there may be some areas of your life where you would profit from some subtle changes.  Doesn’t that sound a lot easier than making a resolution?

Oh crap…who am I kidding?  Well, at least I won’t be alone in making resolutions.  In fact right about now Charlie Sheen is probably resolving to not take a switch blade on future vists to his wife and Tiger Woods is resolving to quit treating women like they’re danged ice cream and he has to try all the flavors.

As for me:   I resolve to back off on the carbs , stop drinking diet soda, and work on my Twitter addiction.  Are you happy now?  Check back w/me on January 2  to see how I’m doing.  LOL.

I’m also going to make some other subtle changes to my life in the coming year, but I’m not telling you what they are.  Otherwise,  where is your incentive to come back?  I need my 9 faithful readers.

Kindly resolve to keep me on your respective blogrolls and tell all your friends to come visit me.  I will try to continue to entertain you with stories of my stupid human tricks and the antics of EmmaLou and anything else that occurs to me.

I’m gonna go get a Coke Zero now, grab a carb-laden snack, and see if anyone is Tweeting me…

Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions? Oh Blechhh

  1. Although I did a post titled ’10 Resolutions’, they truly aren’t what one would call New Year’s resolutions. They are more like rules I already live by and a couple of new ones I added.

    What are the new ones? #’s 7, 8, and 10.

    Have a happy New Year!
    I have such a crappy memory – now I need to go back and re-visit 7, 8, and 10. LOL Happy New Year to you too, sweetie! Here’s to you having published those books and me finding and reading them!!!

  2. I don’t like making resolutions either but this year I have to lose weight. Call it what you like, I quit smoking in Sept due to lung illness and have gained 25 pounds I couldn’t afford to gain. Now that the smokes (and monkey off my back) I have to get rid of some of this weight in order to be healthier. Maybe I shouldn’t call it a resolution but a lifestyle change or something.
    Good for you – I understand completely – I quit smoking back in 1992 and put on 10 lbs. I fight with weight constantly and much of the time it wins but I’m down about 45 pounds overall in the last 3 years and that’s fine by me. I’m not done, but I take it one day at a time. Should you need any support I’m here for ya! Happy New Year.

  3. Resolutions….Bah Humbug!

    Let’s all resolve to not do and/or start things.
    I resolve to not start smoking.
    I resolve to not start turning tricks.
    I resolve to not take up ice climbing.
    I resolve to not get rid of anymore of my cherished cookbooks…I resolve to not let it bother me that you can throw together a fab meal with three ingredients…LOL I resolve to not worry about the little stuff…nor the big stuff! Oh yeah…I resolve to not start another flippin blog that I don’t have time for. Happy New Year!

  4. I often wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me since I seem to never make resolutions. I think I learned many years ago that I would never keep to a resolution and so it was best for me to never bother with them.

    For the next week or so, I will hear people talk about their resolutions that they made and then it just seems to stop, no more talk about resolutions. And soon we all forget about them until the end of the year, then bam, people seem to remember what they resolved to do, and then they will say that in the coming year they are going to do it. The cycle starts again.

    Screw the resolutions, just freaking enjoy life. Eat what the hell you want, weigh what the hell you want to, say what crap you want, do what the hell makes you happy (as long as you do not break any laws), go ahead, have a life, laugh, tell people where to go and thank the Lord that you are still here to do anything.

    And just look, I am so ahead of the game cause I do not drink diet drinks or Twitter (Auntie told me to never start). But sadly I am a freaking Carb Addict and need to join a 12 step program for that. Okay, screw that, it is never going to happen. Carbs are God’s beautiful gift and I thank the lord for them. Oh yeah!!!!

    God bless.

    PS….I have been sick and somehow this cold weather, well cold for us, is making my shoulder throb. When does the pain end? I hope it ends sometime soon.
    Hi babycakes – I thought you might be under the weather since I haven’t seen that much of ya and of course you are in prayers for renewed health and strength now and in the coming year. Between your shoulder and my back – honestly when is science gonna get around to a spine transplant? Not to say I have no spine — oh dear gawd let’s not go there – ROFL. But both of us need to get these pain thingies over with! Resolutions are funny – nobody keeps them except the people who brag and then you just want to slap the daylights outta that person! Life is too short to resolve to do anything except to resolve to take care of one another and spread love. Always listen to Aunty. And I am trying to break my Twitter addiction but when Aunty is on it’s just too much fun and then our dogs start tweeting and well, there go 2 or 3 hours of my life twittered away. It has to end in 2010, sadly. I must get back to my studies. Hugs and blessings and Get Well!

  5. Make that 10 faithful readers. I discovered you from the WordPress home page. (You have landed there once a week for the last three weeks. What’s your secret?) I love your casual humor. Keep it up.

    My resolution? To start a blog. (What, again?)
    Hi Angus – welcome to my humble bloggy world! Yay yippee skippy I FINALLY have 10 faithful readers. LOL. I am clueless how I got to the home page – honestly. There is nothing, let me repeat that, nothing special about my ridiculous blatherings to get me there. Supposedly they use an ultra secret formula that randomly picks out blogs. In other words, I dunno, but I’m grateful because it has given me the opportunity to meet so many new bloggy friends such as yourself. Thanks so much for visiting and I look forward to seeing you soon! That is if I can find something with which to entertain ya’ll…

  6. I vow to gain 20 more pounds, be incredibly bitchy and never shower.
    bwahahaha my kinda resolutions!

  7. I vow to not slap anyone first thing in the morning.
    Happy New Year Sis!
    Ha! Get back to me w/your progress on that one! LOL Happy New Year Sis!

  8. I have never made a resolution but none the less
    wishing you and ds and emmalou a joyous new year
    Hugs 🙂
    Wow – I’m impressed, Never? You’re good. Happy New Year to you and your family, too sweetie! MUAH!

  9. I used to make so many resolutions, never could resist a list, but like you say come January 2nd most were broken.

    This year I am not making any resolutions but I am going to make an effort to be more positive, and I am going to start driving my car more. I have had it nearly a year and it’s only done four thousand miles and most of those Emily put on.

    Now regarding this indoor skydiving if you look at this website all will be revealed. 🙂
    OK – I know what you’re talking about now – I HAVE seen it on tv – it just didn’t ring a bell. It looks a bit like fun maybe. I’m not too good if my feet are off the ground unless they’re in bed, up on the couch, in my car or in my recliner! Get out there and drive girl! And take your camera with you to snap interesting pics along the way.
    Have a fabulous New Year!

  10. I never make resolutions because at this stage of my life I will never, ever do them so why try and kid myself?

    Here’s to 2010 being a heckuva’ lot better 🙂
    Resolutions are a waste of time; time I’m rapidly running out of! I agree that 2009 kicked my butt into the ground and here’s hoping that 2010 brings us both only good stuff!

  11. Hello,
    You are so right about resolutions – especially dieting resolutions. I am a licensed mental health counselor and have had the honor of walking with many people through their food/weight/body image issues. Research says that dieting is not a long-term solution because almost everyone who loses weight gains it all back – plus more! This is because food and weight issues are much more about our hearts and our stories than calories and fat grams. Until we address these issues of the heart, we cannot fight the body image bandit and win. I am writing a book and blog about the causes and how to address them instead of treating the symptoms only. If we don’t work on the causes of our weight/body issues, it is like cutting off a weed at the top. It looks good for a while, but it always comes back. My latest post is called, “Real Reasons for Food Addiction.” I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Cherrie
    Fannies: Reflections on Cookie Dough, Life, and Your Derriere
    Hi Cherrie – thanks for dropping by. I joke alot about “diets” in this blog – but the truth is when I started paying attention to why I was eating what I was eating, the weight started to come off. It is about balance in my opinion and getting rid of the emotional need to “eat your way to happiness” which I sometimes struggle with. Over the holidays Devoted Spouse and I have backslid on our healthy eating and I have difficulty with exercise due to a severe back injury – but we have both decided to get back on track and my latest post mentions that we start our diet on Monday – what I really mean is the junk food is being thrown out and the veggies and fruit will be increased. I look forward to visiting your blog and giving you my thoughts. Happy New Year!

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