Na Na Na Na Na Na…You Say It’s Your Birthday?….

Hey it’s my birthday too, yeah!  That’s right – born on the day after Christmas…the day when everybody is too pooped to celebrate a birthday…everybody but Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer.  They’ll make sure I get my share of birthday treats!

It’s not easy having a birthday the day after Christmas, but I wasn’t consulted.  Devoted Spouse knows the rules…no presents wrapped in Christmas paper and no combination Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday cards.  And NO Christmas bows used on the packages.  Simple, huh?

To celebrate I have to listen to my favorite birthday song one more time!!! Crank it up!


17 thoughts on “Na Na Na Na Na Na…You Say It’s Your Birthday?….

  1. ou and Jesus?? How cool!! Happy Birthday!! Dennis mlb
    actually His was 25th; mine 26th, I just posted early. LOL thx anyway Dennis and good luck @ VA hosp!

  2. I checked my clock it’s after midnight…

    thank you dahlink – and to think, I was up and online after midnight when I could have been ripping open gifts…but DS was sound asleep and that would have been naughty! LOL

  3. Many Happy Returns Linda.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Much Love
    Thank you sweetie!

  4. Happy Happy, Linda!
    Both my kids’ birthdays are in December…it’s easy when they’re young to lump some presents together but as they’re older and wiser now, there are rules we must follow, too!
    Enjoy your DAY!
    Thanks Lynn – even as a kid I was quite vocal in my displeasure at having my birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper! LOL

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to hoping you’re not too exhausted to celebrate it properly. I will bake and consume one vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting in your honor.
    Thank you so much – I’m virtually enjoying that lovely vanilla cupcake w/strawberry frosting – my personal favorite and licking the frosting off my precious little fingers! LOL

  6. Happy Birthday!! Wow, you got ripped off. My birthday is exactly one month and a day after Christmas which worked about pretty good ’cause what I didn’t get for Christmas I got for my birthday!

    Best wishes for many more happy healthy years!
    Thanks sweetie – yeah it can be a bummer but that’s the way it goes. My dad used to joke about legally exchanging birthdays with me and putting it in his will – i.e., willing me his b’day which was the 31st of July. I actually considered it for awhile…but then I’d be that year older sooner so I declined! LOL

  7. I have a great nephew in the same boat with a day after Christmas b’day. It is tricky to make birthdays special…I like the trading to a summer birthday…No matter, here it to your day, my dear and may you have your heart’s desire now and always!!!
    Thank you dear friend!

  8. Having your b’day the day after Christmas is about as bad as me having my kid sister’s b’day the day before mine. It kinda loses a little in the shuffle.

    Happy B’day anyway …
    You’re right — it’s a bit selfish I know…but I want the attention focused on MY BIRTHDAY and ME, not the fact that the stupid stores are having their after Christmas sales and everybody is tired and cranky from overdoing the Christmas festivities. I’m thinking I should have taken Dad up on his offer of giving me his July birthday in the will. Thanks for the birthday greetings. cheers

  9. Happy Birthday Sweetie.
    I hope it was the best one you have ever had. The day after Christmas is a bad day 4 a Birthday. But your birthday is very close to the best of people. So Merry Birthday to you. And the Birthday song one of my favs.
    Well hello sweet tweet! What a pleasant surprise from one of the nicest tweeters in Twitterville! I had a lovely birthday, thank you! Hugs!

  10. Happy belated birthday sweetie. This week hasn’t been a good one for me so I haven’t been visiting like I should have been and I knew your birthday was coming up but time got away from me, sorry!

    I have had to stay really focused on things so in all of my craziness I started another blog. Yeah, I know, like 3 blogs wasn’t crazy enough, right??? lol!

    Check it out!
    Thanks for the b’day wishes – now wait a minute — weren’t YOU the one calling ME crazy for trying to do 3 blogs? Welcome to the insanity – now throw in working on a Masters Degree and you’ll be in my world. bwahahaha Can’t wait to visit the new one. Woot!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you celebrated your day in a great way. As I’m writing this…i’m thinking I HATE to be late to anywhere..yet when it comes to birthday wishes, I’m always behind!? I just put my moms birthday package in the mail today….( her birthday was 12/10) 😦
    Thanks sweetie! Appreciate it. I don’t like to be late for things either, but it happens. Hugs!

  12. Happy birthday. My bday is the 27th and I hate it. I ‘d love to change it but just never did.
    Thank you and happy birthday right back atcha! Sometimes I want to change it and sometimes I like the attention I get because it is when it is if that makes any sense at all. giggles

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