Good Morning America…Not So Much Now

I gotta tella ya – I wasn’t going to bring this up but my morning routine has changed and I’m not very happy.

It isn’t every morning that I tune into Good Morning America, but frequently I flip to that show while I’m drinking my coffee and checking Twitter or glancing at the morning’s paper.  It was comforting to know that whenever I wanted, I could listen to the banter of Diane, Robin, Chris, and Sam as they went through their morning telling me about the latest developments around the world and maybe offering up a recipe or two.  In between all the seriousness of reporting, there would be some fabulous banter between Sam as he tried to do his weather reporting without breaking into that marvelous laugh of his and the always one ad-lib-away-from-totally-cracking-up Chris as they joked back and forth across the set.

Those days are now gone.  My morning has changed.  And, frankly, I’m not feeling the love from the new crew of Good Morning America.  Oh I love Sam Champion and I still enjoy Robin, but whose bright idea was it anyway to replace Diane with George Snuffalupagus?  He’s far too stuffy and belongs on the nightly news.  Every time I see him I want to muss up his oh-so-perfect hair.  And Juju as our news reader?  C’mon who names their child Juju?  Juju is what you name the latest Panda baby at the zoo in Washington DC, not someone you have to take serious as she reads the headlines.

It’s just not the same.  And to top it off this Friday I have to say goodbye to Charlie Gibson (whom Diane replaces).  It’s simply too much for me.  Goodbye to Charlie…the guy who has spent so much time with me in my family room night after night and who used to be with me in the mornings at GMA?  My Charlie??

I’m just not happy – I want Chris and Diane back where they belong and I want Charlie to stay on the evening news.  Do you really think we’ll see that impish grin of Chris’s on his new gig at 20/20?  Oh please.  And the way he tears up just a little whenever he talks about his kids?  Not gonna happen.  So what if they didn’t offer you the job as Diane’s replacement – did you have to totally sell out to 20/20?  I’m so bummed.

At least Sam will still be there…and Robin.  I may get used to Mr. Snuffelupagus and the Panda, but not without alot of complaining along the way.  I wish ABC had talked to me first — I could have explained to them that this type of move can only hurt their ratings.  The only way I will get through this is to take comfort in knowing that at least the bigwigs didn’t add an extra hour and hire Kathy Lee Gifford or, heaven forbid, Oprah.


30 thoughts on “Good Morning America…Not So Much Now

  1. I can’t help myself; I LOVE Sam Champion.

    I can’t see Diane replacing Charlie; I mean, c’mon. Who can wear those specs better, Charlie or Diane? No contest.
    I absolutely adore Sam Champion – he has the most infectious laugh and he makes even horrid weather fun. I love to see him out in the field and he had the best bantering w/Chris Cuomo of any people on early morning shows – they seemed to be genuine friends.

  2. I cant help myself; I LOVE Sam Champion.I cant see Diane replacing Charlie; I mean, cmon. Who can wear those specs better, Charlie or Diane? No contest.
    Hmmm, got ya twice. Okay – I’ll say it again, too – I love Sam Champion! LOL

  3. I am more of a night owl so I don’t know the morning shows and very rarely watch them if I am up at the crack of dawn. Now ask me about just about any shows on after 10pm and I can tell you all about it. Drives Hubby nuts because he is used to bed by 10pm up by 6-7am. Me? If I’m in bed by midnight it’s an early night and I usually don’t get up before 9am. Hey, when you are by yourself all week and don’t have to work, you tend to go on the schedule that suits you and I was always better off working 2nd or 3rd shift instead of having to be at work at 6am like I did since hospitals and nursing homes start with earlier shifts. Now if I hadn’t had to start work until 9am I might have been more of a morning person. I even had one job when I was just out of high school, that I had to start at 5am!!!! Not fun getting up at 3am to get ready for work.

    It’s funny though, I can STAY up until 3am and be just fine, just don’t ask me to GET up at that time 🙂

    You knew I was weird so this shouldn’t surprise you.
    I don’t think anything you could do would surprise me, D! I got up at 5 am for so many years in order to get to work by 6:30 that now I am not working, I can’t sleep much past 6 anymore whether I want to or not. And sometimes with the insomnia I’m up and down all night. But I’m usually somewhat alert by 7am when GMA comes on and I’ll have it on in the background while I’m doing other morning things. Now I won’t watch it so much, except for an occasional Sam Champion fix. He could pull the Grinch out of a bad mood! LOL

  4. Persons are always afraid of changes but what you should do is give these new persons a chance. The station need to be fresh and after couple years of the same persons they are doing this. Just try and enjoy the individuals not as replacement but as who they are.
    Of course your point is valid and I don’t mind them – I just think things were so good the way they were – the formula was working as their ratings were high. Actually, it’s good, because now I will get busy w/school again and I don’t have time for tv anyway. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Funny reading—I was just thinking this the other morning…I rarely watch morning news, but it’s lacking something it once had. Oh..and JuJu…I totally called the panda thing too.
    When I first heard the announcement of JuJu I told my friend, “great, now we have our own panda to watch every morning.” LingLing, SingSing, JuJu nono gah…. Thx for your nice visit!

  6. Oh, I am so with you. I gave it about 10 minutes on Monday morning and just couldn’t take George and the Chris-less GMA. Since it’s always been background for my morning, for the most part, I’m giving CBS a try. I wasn’t sorry to see Diane go. And I’ll admit that when Chris came on board, it took me a while to warm up to him. But after he grew on me, I watched solely for Robin and Chris. No more.
    Isn’t it funny how we get so used to certain people and routines? I adored Chris and Sam; they were like two kids giggling in church. I liked Diane and I’ve always liked Robin. I know we can get used to it; my friend used to say “you can get used to hangin if ya hang long enough.” For me…it’s over and I’m done. Thx for leaving me a comment!

  7. FYI, asking that question “who names a person JuJu” would be like an asian family asking “who names a kid sam”. To compare her to a panda is somewhat messed up. Frankly, I think she makes for a great reporter.
    Oh lighten up sweetie – it’s called “tongue-in-cheek” – I’m afraid if you are seeking political correctness you have dropped into the wrong blog. And I didn’t compare HER to a panda, just her name. She is very nice and will do well in this new job. Humor – look it up in the dictionary. Might also want to look up “righteous indignation” since methinks you have a slight case of it… *giggles ferociously and presses on* LOL

  8. Okay, I have to admit I thought the same thing when I heard Juju Chang’s name.

    But, in all fairness, she didn’t name herself…
    See? I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that. It’s funny – not mean-spirited. Glad u stopped by!

  9. I don’t have a problem with George, although, I have to agree. It would have made better sense to have replaced Charlie with George. I never cared for Charlie, but I really like George. Diane is wonderful. I could listen to her morning or night.
    Diane has a soothing voice, soft-spoken, like a southern belle. But she was a journalist also so she’s plenty qualified for the job. I would have preferred George for it, also – he just has a reporter’s or an anchor’s persona I think. Maybe he will loosen up a bit as time goes along and they all get more comfortable with each other. I hope so anyway. Think I’ll go back to the internet for news for now. Thx for visiting my humble blog!

  10. Hi, I am trying to leave a message from my phone to see how it turns out, now that you got me trying all of it’s toys and thingamagigs out. I never get up to watch that show or any show at that time cause you know I am still sleeping, but I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I don’t know why we need change. Change sucks sometimes, well like right now. God bless.
    Well, dahlink your phone worked just fine. Now I need to go look at one. I have extra time on my hands since I won’t be watching GMA but the stores aren’t open that early. Rats.

  11. I feel ya, I really do. They had that bond with each other that bonded me to them. But things change and there’s not much we can do but give the new guy a chance. But I hear ya, I really do.

    valentine defrancis
    thanks – it’s nice someone understands. And I’m glad you stopped by to see me today!

  12. At least your programme has a nice bright title. “Good Morning America” sounds really cheerful.

    Do we have “Good Morning England”?

    No we have “Breakfast Television” which is a really dull title.
    Hah – You crack me up!

  13. I agree!! I wanted to scream when I watched it all the day. George went on and on about healthcare blah blah blah, it’s not all light hearted and the good morning junk I love. If i wanted to watch the FULL story about heathcare – I’d turn on CNN.

    Blahh it ISN’T as good as it was! 😦
    I know – I know – I’m tellin ya – somebody needs to coach that George and make him show some personality – I just hope they all find a way to blend together and it works out. At least Sam is still there; if he leaves they’re completely sunk. I’m still allowed to be blue about it all. Nice of you to visit!

  14. Okay, I don’t agree with you on the Juju name thing. I did, however, think it was funny when Robin accidentally called her Choo-Choo a day or two ago.

    I do fully agree that “Good Morning America” has been ruined. Sam, Robin, Chris, and Diane were the Fantastic Four of morning television. Juju and George don’t have what it takes to fill Chris and Diane’s shoes. I think George should have replaced Charlie on “World News” — not that I’m happy Charlie is leaving, but didn’t he already retire once? He needs his well-earned break. Anyway, George is more of a get-to-the-point kind of journalist than Diane is. I felt sorry for the grieving father he interviewed earlier in the week; George grilled him like he was a politician caught in a scandal, not a man who just wants his daughter back alive! There was no compassion in George’s voice. And Juju isn’t half as funny as Chris; in fact, none of the cast is. Chris Cuomo is one of a kind, and he brought life to “Good Morning.” Without him, it feels like all the laughter is forced.

    ABC made a mistake. I hope they realize it and bring the old “Good Morning” team back together. Of course, that’s up to Chris and Diane. Chris seemed thrilled to get the “20/20” job, so I don’t know if he’d give it up. I could see Diane coming back, though.
    I believe what’s done is done – they won’t be coming back. I will miss Chris the most. Okay, it’s fine you don’t agree with me on the name thing, but there’s nothing to agree ON – I was just making a joke – Laughing at Choo-Choo is no better, so let’s cut me some slack here people. LOL. Thanks for visiting!

  15. I never watch, when they are coming on, I’m going to bed. Don’t call me before noon, I won’t be awake. Night owl I am and will always be.

    Writer’s conferences kill me because I have to be up early every day for three days. My room mate at the conferences goes to bed before 11 and I’m wide awake. I’m the last person to leave the hotel lobby or bar at night too. I am usually seen talking to the security person or night time hotel staff. We become good friends during the weekend. Getting up early? Coffee is necessary for my survival during the day.
    You and Delaney need to get together as night owls. Sometimes I’m up late, sometimes I actually get some sleep. It’s hard for me to stay in bed much past 6 am since my back and hip start to ache if I’m in bed too long. Before my accident it was not unusual for me to sleep in til 9 or 10 am, but no more. I would think conferences that are structured early in the day would be difficult for you – it’s a good thing you can drink coffee! Here’s hoping your blog hits are rising rapidly!!

  16. I hear you! The morning news has gone to ****. Just like the evening. Thank goodness for cable at least we can switch channels.
    It’s getting so I don’t watch it on tv anymore and after Fri when Charlie retires, I’ll go back to getting my news from online sources – they don’t all have the political agenda the networks do – at least most of them don’t. Some I’m not too sure about. Then again, I’ll be using the DVR alot in the upcoming 3 months as I start class again. I am going to be extremely busy – too busy to watch tv. Thank goodness for, and DVRs!!!

  17. Whoops, I am sorry it posted twice. I was just making sure it worked. And it did. You can delete the second one if you want since it is a duplicate.

    God bless.
    It’s okay sweetie I deleted it. Should have deleted tuttut’s repeat too, but oh well. Cheers!

  18. I thought that replacing Diane with George was a mistake too. I mean he was still on This Week, but I can accept that, but Good Morning America! Come On’! I think that Chris will be fine on 20/20 and it will take a little getting used to Diane on World News. However, George on GMA…I just think that is a bad fit.
    I simply don’t understand why they didn’t offer it to Chris Cuomo or is it the fact Chris wanted to do 20/20 more than he wanted to co-host GMA? He would have been superb as the co-anchor; he has the personality to carry it off whereas George is just as dull as an unpolished piece of silverware. I hope that George gets better as he gets used to his new position, but I won’t be watching much. I will need a Sam Champion fix once in awhile but other than that, nope. And I’m not a 20/20 fan, so there you go. I rather like Diane – she has subbed before and I thought she did a fine job, but she’s so quiet and elegant…I dunno – I always liked Charlie’s laidback style. Thanks for your visit and for leaving a comment!

  19. omg, i totally was thinking about this the other day. i’m so glad i found your blog about it. i wonder how many other people are feeling about this. i think maybe i’ll talk about it to see if my friends watch gma and feel this way. i miss chris & diane.
    thanks I appreciate your comment. 🙂

  20. I don’t really think you should worry too much about this. It’s just a change we will eventually get used to. as George and Juju get more associated with the morning news set, better relationships will develope and the joking around and the banters will come back quickly. I’ll probably get used to it myself.
    thanks for your concern, Thomas – I’ll get over it. Change happens, right? Thanks for visiting!

  21. George WHO???!!!
    As usual Sistah, you rock!
    No, Sistah, YOU rock! Let’s face it…most of the world just doesn’t get us. I can deal with that. Love ya, mean it.

  22. panda comments aside, i agree with you. i miss chris!

    i love george stephanopoulos, but i want him to stay on “this week.” diane sawyer will do just fine as new anchor on world news now. and i’m fine with juju taking over for chris. she’s a good fit in that role. what i don’t like is chris being passed over for the co-host position. no doubt, he’ll do a great job on 20/20, and from what i could tell from his tweets, 20/20 was offered to him in consolation for him not being offered gma.

    chris was made for that job on gma. he’s very personable. he’s a proud father and husband and it shows. i love hearing him talk about bella. he’s also a very good and uniquely compassionate interviewer. i recall him interviewing a mom, feeling guilty over something that happened to her child. she wasn’t to blame but, as moms tend to do, still felt guilty. chris saw this, and with his voice full of warmth and compassion said to her, you have to know this wasn’t your fault. it was such a great moment. it’s not the only occasion he’s shown compassion for his guest, but it’s the one i’ll never forget. he was made for that co-host position. uniquely suited like no one else i’ve ever seen.
    I stand by the panda joke – it was funny – but on the rest of your comment you have hit all my points exactly. What I loved most about Chris was his warmth and compassion which he will take to 20/20 but I don’t think it will play the same on that type of show – he needs to be in a one-on-one interaction and I will miss the way his eyes just lit up whenever he talked about his kids. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a well-thought out and kind comment.

  23. I’m not feeling the change either. The atmosphere is completely different now. The four of them were a great way to start the morning. I really liked the fact that they had an equal amount of silly behavior and serious topics. Now it’s just..*yawn* and I go about my day.
    I like silliness too, and I agree with you. For some the change in atmosphere will be a pleasant one I guess. I’ll just skip it for now. Thanks.

  24. I love Sam Champion too! Thank goodness he’s still there, but no Diane and Chris? Chris was easily my favorite and I can’t believe he won’t be there anymore. Shame on GMA execs on not hiring him as Diane’s replacement. He is perfect for that job. Boo.
    I think Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo are two of the happiest people on the face of the earth and it must be difficult to get up at 3 am day after day and put on a happy face for the world, whether you feel it or not. I am so impressed by those two – and Robin and Diane, also. Wish the viewers had a say in it. Wouldn’t that have been interesting? Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Some people ARE just too serious. LOL

    p.s. Isn’t JuJu and jelly candy or something like that?
    Ya know I almost put that in the posting – they’re called jujubes and their like gummy bears only without the bear shapes. I also left out the part where Robin Roberts called Juju Choo-Choo one morning – it was hysterical – but nobody wrote hate mail about that. I flippin give up trying to figure out these people. My blog – my rules – my humor – read it or dont. Yeah, baby. LOL

  26. Can’t really comment since I never am home to watch the morning shows, but I must say this post certainly generated a lot of comments. I guess you can’t refer to your 8 readers anymore!
    It only generated alot of comments because WordPress put it on their home page so the whole flippin world saw it – I still only have 8 faithful readers that I’m aware of sweetie. Okay, possibly 9 but only sometimes. LOL

  27. Ya know, I really feel sorry for people with a lack of humour. I mean C’MON. Did someone really read your post and not feel the whole LOL thing??!! Sheesh.

    BTW, great response on your part. Rock on! 🙂
    I love you, kiddo. Thanks.

  28. Oh yeah, almost forgot…. I think we might be wanting to visit SMB. For an extended period.
    Can you stop by my house and pick me up please? I wanna go too!!! Bring the dogs, and I’ll bring EmmaLou – SMB won’t mind. She loves us. bwahahahahaha

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