I’m Not Smart Enough for a Smart Phone

I am so confused about smart phones.  All I know is I want one.  But I don’t know which one I want.  There are millions of different phones out there, all of which are better than my pink (blechhh) piece of crap very old flip phone from Cinci Bell.  It does nothing except ring sometimes and then when I flip open the phone, the volume button is located on the side of the phone so I usually hit that button just holding onto my phone which lowers the volume and then I can’t hear whoever is on the phone.  Ackk. Very bad design and most irritating.  This phone takes photos but not very good ones and there is no way to get them to my computer – seriously – they have to stay on my phone for eternity.  The key numbers are all scratched off and the flip part of the flip phone is wobbly at best.  In other words, I really need a new phone.  It won’t even allow me to download a new ringtone – oh I called Cinci Bell and talked to someone who assured me…ASSURED me that I could download a new ringtone.  So I went to the website he told me about and downloaded (and paid for btw) a new ringtone from Pirates of the Caribbean and did it work?  No. Talk about pirates… I still got charged for it.  Grrrrr.   Stupid tech people.

So I want a new phone.  It doesn’t have to do everything; I don’t want it to print money even though I could use some money now with school starting.  I asked Devoted Spouse…”How do I choose which phone?”  He simply said, “Go online and do some research.”  So I went online.

Now my eyes are bleeding from looking at and reading about all the new phones and the different functions and the billions of potential apps for any particular phone.  AT&T is getting a bad rep on tv commercials for not having enough service; Verizon has this fancier map supposedly proving they provide better service.  I don’t believe anybody.  I have a friend who just got a new iPhone and is all excited but I have heard they aren’t really good phones.  I like the commercials for the new ‘Droid phones – I like Google.  Do I need a BB?  I would like to be able to access my email but it’s from my cable company – can I get Roadrunner email from an AT&T account?  D’ya see why I’m confused here?  I have a Gmail account too and I want to access that.  Then there’s Facebook and Twitter and I need to see my school stuff on the Web and I feel like I’m just running around in circles.  It’s not like I want this thing to do the laundry – just give me my emails, let me tweet, check my FB page, Google a coffeeshop nearby and maybe even make a phone call.

While at the mall the other day I walked into the AT&T store and looked around and then I got a panic attack and had to leave.  I couldn’t breathe.  I went into the Cinci Bell store and the same thing happened.  I don’t know what to do.  I want a Smart Phone that won’t make me feel so Stupid.

So here’s the deal.  Everybody who reads this blog — all 8 of you — tell me what type of Smart Phone you use and why.  What does it do?  What is your favorite feature?  What do you think I should buy?

Maybe I should just go buy a new car — I’m good at those negotiations – car options I understand.  Help. I’m in Smart Phone Hades.


15 thoughts on “I’m Not Smart Enough for a Smart Phone

  1. I’m certainly the wrong one to ask. See my post:

    I’m a no frills person.

    Hits are climbing–getting closer to that dinner!
    I read ur post — now I thought that’s all I wanted, too, but it turns out I want more. Gah… I don’t want to be frilly I just want to not have to lug my laptop around everytime I want to go online. Glad hits are climbing – I sent a comment to Delaney and asked her to shout out your blog coz she has Gazillions of readers so maybe she will and that should help. I also pasted your website into the comment so at least one person will click on it, we know that much! Plus, I tweeted u again. I’m bustin’ my butt for ya — LOL! You have to win that dinner and then we all want details of where, when, what did you eat and some nice pics would be good, too! I live vicariously through my bloggy friends you know!

  2. I’m a bad person to ask. I just want (and have) a phone with the basic functions. I prefer a real computer that I can type on with fingers that fit the keyboard.
    But Bonnnnnnnnnie, whine, whine, I want boooooooooth. sigh

  3. LOL….very well said. When you figure this out let me know….. Cause I can’t help you on that one.
    Jeez Louize u people are supposed to be my friends and friends are supposed to know this stuff. Do I have to call my IT guy again? Huh? Do I?

  4. I have one of the most basic bare bones phones out there that is usually turned off. I got a cell phone when I was working at the convent and had a car break down on me on the busiest road in town with a 90+ nun with me that I took on a visit to her sister in a nursing home. (Yes, the nuns live forever. Our average age was 86!) Anyway, cell phones are mostly for me to use if I break down or if I need to call my daughter in KC since we have long distance on the cell phones but not our land line (which I wish I could drop – too damn expensive but necessary, unfortunately 😦

    Long story somewhat shorter – I have no clue though I agree that the Droid phones look like they are cool.
    Oh for the love of Mike I’m hangin out with a bunch of people who don’t know any more than I do – now that’s scary… LOL

  5. My main concern has always been my ability to call the authorities if and when my car does something dangerous and uncalled for. Like breaking down on the Throgs Neck Bridge in New York on my way home from college. I am a simple gal, as long as it’s charged and ready to save my life that is all I’ll ever need from it. By the way, my daughter is asking for a Droid. It looks like it can cook and clean in addition to the many other fancy tricks they advertise.
    Hmmm…I like their commercial but that’s not a good enough reason to buy one. Devoted Spouse says the first go round is too soon to buy this one. I dunno. Maybe I’m destined to keep this pink piece of poo from Cinci Bell forever. sigh.

  6. Well I guess I do have something to say about my Karma phone. I love it.

    When I went online to check out all the phones I really did not find one that I really liked. So off to the AT&T store we went. We were checking out so many phones and I almost got one of those Blackberry’s and really debated about the iphone, but hubby uses the Blackberry at work and hates it and then I have heard from others about how they have so much trouble with the iphones and so we just kept looking, we almost missed this phone.
    Then I just saw this little square looking phone at the end of the line up of all the other phones and I was hooked. I looked at hubby and said, “This is it.”

    The sales lady said that they had been selling a lot of these lately and I really didn’t care, I was in love with this darn thing. I am not even sure why. It is so cute and easy to use. It is a Motorola “slider” phone and I had thought I would never give up my Razor phone, but I am so glad I did.

    Everywhere I go, when I use this phone, everyone wants to check it out because they have never seen one like this. I am amazed at how many people just seem to like the look of it. Then they want to try it. What is cool is that you can set it to talk to you and tell you who is calling. Then you do not even have to look to see. I have found that even though the keyboard keys seem small, they are very easy for me to use because they are seperated and raised up so that I am not hitting the keys that sit beside the one I hit. When I tried other keyboards I found that was the main problem for me. And then with some of the phones I would slide to the wrong key. The writing on the keys is fairly small but since the keys match a regular keyboard it does not seem to be much of a problem for me to know which keys are which.

    As for texting, it keeps your conversations with each person seperate and so I can carry on a texting conversation with more then one person and know exactly what I am saying to each one. With my old phone I had to go to the outbox and then check who I texted and then back to the inbox and just a lot of back and forth. This is so easy, seriously.

    I also have had no problem with my internet connections on it and I just typed in which e-mail address I wanted and it would alert me with each new one. But I do keep that off most of the time unless I am waiting for a specific e-mail from someone.

    It has a place to put headphones to listen to music if you want to do that. I haven’t tried that yet because I don’t even own an ipod. Okay, just put the headset in and listened to the ringtones and it was so loud that I had to take them off. But the sound was great. So I would figure that the music thingy works great. The TV with the headsets sounds great. Okay, now I found another toy. Gonna go buy really tiny headset to carry in purse so I can watch TV while waiting in lines.

    Okay, just go read the reviews at AT&T and see what you think. Almost all were saying the same thing as I thought. The only problem is that I have not found a case for it with a clip on. I like to clip my phones on to my jeans so that I know where it is all the time. Hubby gets upset if I cannot be reached, kids get upset, grandkids get upset, they all think I should be there when they need me. Geez, what would they do if cell phones were not invented yet.

    And phones I do know a little about, well you know since hubby is a telephone man, hence Mrsupole. You know “up the pole”. LOL

    Someday I should post about all the horror stories of working for a large telephone company. Falling off ladders, sliding down the poles, are just a few. Women with not much clothing on coming to answer the door, etc…..

    God bless.
    FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY I have wondered forever what in the blue blazes your name stood for or meant. Thank you for explaining that. Up the pole – like I EVER would have figured that out on my own. Whew – maybe I’ll sleep at night now. sorry – sarcasm is not nice. ROFL. Okay I’ll go check out a Karma – never heard of it – I’ll look it up — somehow I missed that one, but I wasn’t in the AT&T store very long. Thanks sweetie!

  7. Whoops, sorry for the book ‘again’. But I forgot to tell you that I have been trying to help someone win that dinner. Using both computers to get the numbers up. For some reason it only lets me up the number by one each day, so with both computers that is at least two a day.

    God bless.
    You are just the best bloggy friend! Thanks sweetie – I’ve been “hitting” her site daily, too, from both computers! 🙂

  8. Sis, you poor thing you. Just get a $99 iPhone and call it a day.
    I’ve been waiting to hear from you — I know you got an iPhone – do you like it? Do you have tons of apps and do you use them. Several people have told me the phone part isn’t that good – Do you have any issues? This is making me crazy in case you hadn’t noticed. I tend to research a thing to death.

  9. I have a BlackBerry Curve from Verizon and it works just fine for me. I’ve had AT&T and hated them with the heat of a 1000 suns and that’s the only reason I won’t get an iPhone, although everyone I know who has an iPhone LOVES it. Also, I hate touch screens. I can’t type for beans on a touchscreen. I always end up touching the wrong button/key because I can’t “feel” the correct button.

    Any phone these days can double as a “smart phone” as long as you sign up for the data plan to get your e-mails and web browsing, including Facebook and Twitter. Depending on how much typing you’ll do, you’ll probably want a phone with a qwerty keyboard.

    It helps if you can go back to the phone store and “test drive” the phones there. See how it feels, how easy or hard it is to navigate the keyboard or keypad, is the volume control right where your fingers or thumb hold the phone, etc.

    I just want to say “Good Luck; we’re all counting on you!”
    Thank you dahlink so much for your input!! The qwerty keyboard is a given, yes. And you’re right, I need to test drive and play with them in the store – I just need to get past this overwhelming feeling and dive in there like the dork I am. I need a new phone – it’s a fact, just like I need a new laptop. I think the issue is there are just too many choices – I like things simple unfortunately. Right now I’m leaning toward the new Droid coz it’s just so cool. Cool is like a magnet to me…uh-oh.

  10. The Karma has the qwerty keyboard, and so I am not sure what that means. And I did sign up for the unlimited data plan and texting. I am also thinking of signing up for the GPS and you can also get a seperate memory card that you program your music. I am not sure if you can program anything else on it.

    I think you should test drive an iPhone if you think it is for you, but I still hear all the bugs are not worked out and they do break fairly easy or I should say the screen cracks fairly easy. From the reviews I read a lot of the younger ones drop the Karma and it held up great. But the main thing is when choosing your phone, pick the one that has what you need and the one that is the easiest for you to understand and use. It does not matter how many bells and whistles are on a phone if you never use them or cannot figure out how to use them. So truly go back to the store and try using a few of them. I am not sure if they will let you put your sim card inside of one of them demos to place a call, but it would not hurt to ask. If you still cannot decide, wait and then go back in a week and check them out again.

    Oh and hubby works for Verizon, but we have AT&T cell phones. Rest of my family has Verizon or Nextel and we seem to be able to make calls in areas where they cannot. They have to borrow our phones, but maybe it is just the areas we go to because I have heard that the opposite can happen. Hubby says you have to find out how many towers are in the area and if you can pull up a coverage map for your areas that you go to.

    I also thought I had told you about the Mrsupole name before. When anyone asks me I usually tell them. I will e-mail you the whole story soon. Okay, gonna try to go back to bed again, but gonna try to get my 2 hits in also. I am not sure why we can only do the one a day from each computer. I have tried signing out, turning off the computer and restarting, everything I could think of and it still will only let me do it once. Kinda like the voting things. It has our UP address and does not let us cheat. So I hope everyone else does it too.

    God bless.
    I Googled the Karma and it is a nice phone. You and Kelly have the right idea — I need to go to the stores and play with them for awhile. I’m spoiled because I have no contract w/Cincinnati Bell but their coverage isn’t always the best. But it’s fairly cheap for the two of us; although Devoted Spouse rarely uses his phone; in fact, I often have to run out to the driveway to hand it to him as he drives off. I’m not quite that bad, but I sometimes toss mine in my purse and forget to turn it on and then I get all these nasty voicemails and finally someone will email me or call the landline and make sure I’m not dead. LOL Thank God someone occasionally checks.

  11. Ah, if you want to hit more than once from your computer you need to remove the cookies and try again. 🙂

    I’m guessing some of you don’t remove cookies from your computers–they can slow your computer down.

    One easy way to do it is hit start, then search, then cookies, and then you delete all the cookies…of course this means you have to sign into each place you’re used to not having to, but by removing the cookies all the time your computer speed will improve.

    Another way is to get a program that removes cookies, ads, and spyware. I use Ccleaner.
    What would we do without you? Hugs.

  12. Mrsupole, I think I love you. 🙂 I was going to have to chime in with the others who said here, “can’t help ya there, Crone”.

    I’m lucky to even have cell phone signal where I live, and my last contract with AT&T included this awkward and otherwise horrid phone by Samsung. Oh, I can text and I can take pictures and send email and elsewise get online, buta I just want a P-H-O-N-E, period. LOL! And a little signal with which to use it every now and again, and another position for the camera button, which is on the side where I accidentally hit it every single time and take multiple pictures of my shoes.

    My stepdaughters both have state-of-the-art phones and both love theirs. I’d offer their input for you Linda, if I had any dern clue what they were talking about! 😉
    Sigh…I so appreciate your efforts…I still haven’t decided if I should just suck it up and go to Cinci Bell and simply buy a newer version of a basic phone or if I should spend the money (that I don’t have) and get the fun stuff like a Crackberry or an iPhone. I guess there are more important things to concern myself with, like I have less than a month before I have to start hitting the books again and you know what that means — less blogging and fewer Tweets. sigh…

  13. You probably already know that I’m a crackberry addict. I love my crackberry. I had the curve and it was good but didn’t know how to swim. I replaced it with the tour (ATT Bold or close facsimile) I love it. It still can’t swim but it does everything else I want. well…about that money thing…think there’s an app for that?

    I would stear clear of anything that is touchscreen. I guess you get used to them but I would spend all my time typing and retyping.
    But SMB…it’s the touchscreen that has me so fascinated. I want it all. All. Ackk Ackk. I still laugh every time I think about the crackberry going through the laundry. I’d probably drop mine in the toilet with my luck. Oops TMI…

  14. Get an iPhone. Don’t pay any attention to the ads saying A T & T doesn’t have coverage, they do. It will never make you feel stupid. The phone is so easy to use even my husband knows how. Now if I can only get the damned thing away from him.

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