It’s Ketchup Time!

Whoa –  that is some big ketchup.  Actually I’m not discussing condom condiments today kids.  It’s time to paste together the dribs and drabs of stuff on my mind — junk I haven’t written about – just random thoughts.  We need to ketchup, ok?

I told ya’ll about EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, chomping away on one of my Christmas tree ornaments.  She’s been pretty good since then so I went to the mall on my annual family ornament hunting and gathering and here is what has now been added to the tree for EmmaLou for 2009:

I didn’t realize the face looked that sad when I bought it; I was just so happy to find anything that resembled a Golden Destroyer still left at the store.  EmmaLou seemed happy when I brought it home and found its perfect place on the tree.  That could have been due in part to the dog treats I had with me.  Nah – she was excited about her newest ornament.

Next item:  Can we please stop with the Tiger jokes and move forward now?  It’s getting quite tedious.  I don’t understand why golf is such an exciting sport anyway.  You hit a ball with a piece of metal and then walk your a$$ off to find it and whack it again.  Repeat.  The only thing I remember about golfing that I enjoyed was drinking at the club house after it was over.  That and driving the carts – but I got in trouble for being reckless.  My golfing days are soooo over. Oh yeah…I enjoyed the movie Caddy Shack.  Golf…not so much.  Movie…oh yeah.  Tiger?  Over it.

Here’s something interesting I heard the other day.  A Spanish grammar book has been released.  Why is that interesting?  I dunno – maybe because it is 4,000 pages in two volumes and took 11 years to compile?  Yeah, that makes it noteworthy.  Finally, my dreams have been realized — I can now be prepared for proper subject+verb when I visit Puerto Rico so that I correctly ask the question, “Adonde tu vas?” (where are you going?) as opposed to what I might have mistakenly asked, “Adonde vas tu?” (where are going you?).  I took 7 years of Spanish during my middle and high school days and what sticks out in my mind most was my high school Spanish teacher, Senor Julca (may he probably RIP by now) who kept inviting me to la playa (the beach) which always freaked me out – crap on a crutch he even wrote something to that effect in one of my yearbooks.  Ick.  I remember my first year Spanish dialog – Hola Isabel, como esta?  Estoy bien, gracias, y tu?  Bien, gracias.  Oye quien es ese chico?  Es un amigo mio…okay okay enough – I could do the entire dialog for cryin’ out loud.  I’m forever grateful that if I ever visit Spain, I can ask anyone there, “Donde esta el bano por favor?”  (Where is the bathroom, please?)  The useless bits of worthless crap we keep in our brains is frightening.  If I could just dump some of this stuff I would have room for the more important stuff like that string theory thingie I’m working on.

While we’re playing ketchup…I hope you visited my friend Doggonedmysteries like I requested because I understand she is getting seriously close to her goal of 50,000 hits on her blog by the end of December.  And that goal means her husband owes her dinner out.  So go visit again.  Please.  Help a sistah out!  Besides, maybe she’ll acknowledge me in one of her books or use my name for a character.  Or at least send me an autographed copy.  Snicker, giggle.

Okay it is time to acknowledge another bloggy friend and that’s our buddy Delaney from whom I received a package in the mail not too long ago.  Now my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders and as I looked at the package I kept wondering if I had BookMooched something from her but thought not.  So I finally gave up and ripped open the package to find this:

Talk about shock and awe!  This is the most gorgeous knitted cap I have ever seen – and it fits perfectly!  I would have added a pic w/me wearing it, but thought you should see the cap in its beauty – not my ugly mug under it!  Awhile back I did a post on wanting to learn how to knit — apparently for some bizarre reason known only to the universe, Delaney was inspired by my simple words to learn to knit and look at her go!  This pic does not do justice to the cap – it is absolutely beautiful, so soft,  and in a special stitch I could never master; holey moley, I can’t even cast on.  Anyway, to Delaney – thank you so much sweetie – what a beautiful surprise from a dear, dear bloggy friend!  Sniffle, sniffle.

I think that’s enough for ketchup day.  I mayo missed something, but lettuce continue l8r…


9 thoughts on “It’s Ketchup Time!

  1. Those are about the only phrases I remember is Spanish also. Cute ornament. I won’t show the dogs. They’d be jealous.
    I can’t believe that nonsense has stayed in my brain for a thousand years. Sheesh.

  2. What I retained from my 2 years of HS Spanglish:

    Quien es el chico?
    Es Carlos. Es guapo, no?
    Si, es muy guapo. No es Americano.
    No? Que es?
    Es Cubano!
    Oh how cool – mine was: Quien es ese chico? Es un amigo mio? Como se llama? Se llama Juan. Ven, y telo presento. Juan, quiero presentarde a una amiga. Mucho gusto. El gusto es mio, soy Juan Martinez. Blah, blah, blah, it goes on forever and I remember the entire dialog! Ackkk!

  3. Nice hat Delaney! Very nice indeed! And just learned to knit? *sigh* one day I will learn too.
    Isn’t she fabulous? I love my new hat!!! But, hey – YOU can crochet and that’s a wonderful talent, too sweetie, coz I’ve seen your work. MUAH!

  4. I had Spanish in HS as well and my best is remembering snatches of phrases and that’s about it.

    Love EmmaLou’s new ornament and that reminds me of her moochy face. Hopefully she doesn’t chew up that one.

    *Blush* ah gee, the hat isn’t that great and if you look really close you will find mistakes but only a few. I’m glad you like it and I wanted to send you something to cheer you up while still being able to actually use it. Socks are now my total passion be they knit or crochet (yes, I can crochet too) and Hubby has 2 pairs of heavy duty socks because his feet are always cold at night and I managed to make myself a pair. Look out, no telling how many more I may make. 🙂
    Hi swee’pea – I LOVE MY HAT!!! It’s soft, it’s in my fav colors, it fits perfectly, it’s lovely and you are the best. Now that I’ve swelled your head can we talk socks??? I need socks!!! My feet are always freezing – you should start an etsy shop. I would shop there!

  5. Love the ornament and hat. Well done, Delaney!

    As of today the hit total is 49,200 I’m almost there!
    I love the hat too – what a lovely surprise. I feel so loved! Wow – you are almost there! Plus you have half a month to finish! Woot! LOL

  6. I NEED THE REST OF THAT SPANISH DIALOG!!!! Do you remember?? Thanks so much!
    Wow I wish I could remember the whole thing – I’m havin’ a brain freeze – here’s what I remember:
    Hola Isabelle como esta?
    Estoy bien, gracias, y tu?
    Bien gracias.
    Oye quien es ese chico?
    Es un amigo miyo.
    Como se llama?
    Se llama Juan. Ven y te lo presento.
    Juan quiene presentarde a una amiga (this gets a little fuzzy here sorry)
    Mucho gusto. Soy Juan Martinez.
    then I think they start a discussion about
    Donde esta Maria?
    Maria es en la biblioteca.

    And from there I’ve forgotten — I bet Google or Google Scholar could get the whole dialog for you if you dug hard enough!! Good luck – and forgive me if I’ve butchered the dialog – I learned it in junior high 40 years ago!!! Cheers! Linda

  7. I have been looking for the complete Spanish I dialog too!

    I recall the following being a part of it:

    Hola Juan (it’s a pleasure to meet you.)
    El gusto es mio.
    Adonde vas ahora Juan?
    A la clase de espanol.

    I always thought that there was a reference to the library, but couldn’t remember where it fit in.

    Hi Steven yes there was a reference to la biblioteca (the library) – I just can’t remember that far into the dialog. I’ll find it one day — it’s on my list of things to do before I die but it’s kinda far down on the list as you can imagine. LOL 😉

  8. “The first dialogue as I remember it from 8th grade, 1964. The library scene with Tomas and Paco, was the second dialogue, which I don’t remember much of at all”

    Hola Isabel como estas?
    Estoy bien, gracias, y tu?
    Bien gracias.
    Oye quien es ese chico?
    Es un amigo mio.
    Como se llama?
    Se llama Juan. Ven y te lo presento.
    Juan quiero presentarme a una amiga
    Mucho gusto.
    El gusto es mio, soy Juan Martinez.
    A donde vas ahora Juan?
    A la clase de espanol.
    tu estudias español, nosotros es tambien?
    Si, vamos a al clase.

  9. I think I can add one more line to the above. Here’s how I remember it from Mrs. Pruitt’s spanish class in about 1966:

    Hola, Isabel, como estas?
    Estoy bien, gracias, y tu?
    Bien gracias. Oye, quien es ese chico?
    Es un amigo mio.
    Como se llama?
    Se llama Juan. Ven y te lo presento.

    Juan, quiero presentarte a una amiga.
    Mucho gusto.
    El gusto es mío, soy Juan Martinez.
    A donde vas ahora, Juan?
    A la clase de Español.
    Ah, tu estudias Español. Nosotros tambien.
    Bueno, vamos a clase.

    Caramba, se me olvidó mi cuaderno!

    Can anyone take it from there? So funny we remember all this after nearly 50 years!! But, I’ve been re-learning Spanish the past year and a half and really do think those memorized dialogs have served me well.

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