Da Tree, Da Tree…Da Tree is Done and I’m Out of Eggnog!

Alright I’ve been talking lately about my issues with this year’s Christmas tree and how I had to use the old emergency back-up tree and the numerous trips to the store for more lights.  Well the time has come to show the tree – so here are a few pics of Crone and Bear It’s 2009 Christmas tree, complete with a few close-ups only because I now have a camera that will actually take close-ups.  Bear with me.  This will no doubt bore the majority of my 8 faithful readers to tears but I’m doing it anyway.

Ta-da! Da tree

Yes I have a spiderweb ornament. I hate spiders. It's a long story...

Yes there is a gum-wrapper garland I made in 5th grade which is now older than most of my readers!

Yes, Santa rests on top of my tree this year

No tree is complete without at least one Golden Destroyer ornament; preferably one she hasn't chewed!

That’s it for the slide show of the Crone and Bear It family Christmas tree for 2009.  Hope you enjoyed the trip!

17 thoughts on “Da Tree, Da Tree…Da Tree is Done and I’m Out of Eggnog!

  1. Good looking tree and great photos. Now I’m off to one of those anonymous meetings
    Thanks Joe! You better not be chewing ornaments…wait, EmmaLou will go with you, she knows the way!

  2. I agree, cool looking tree and love the EmmaLou ornament. Too cute!
    This dog has ornaments from every year of her life. I need to get to the store and get this year’s ornament – most of them have the three of us -just too cute. Hugs!

  3. Oh, the gum-wrapper garland! I always wanted to make one but I never knew how 😦
    I remember a girlfriend and I spent weeks on them – and that was back in the days when the gum wrappers had the advertising names on them – today they’re just plain paper so wouldn’t be as colorful nor as fun. I’m amazed it has lasted this long – it’s at least 6 feet and it has been carted all over the world and been through at least 15 moves! One of the few items I managed to salvage from my childhood. Sigh…

  4. That’s not a spider web that’s a dream catcher. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    I like it…even though that’s a pearly spider in the lower right corner no wait you’re right, it’s a dreamcatcher. okey dokey

  5. Lovely tree! I’m probably older than the gum wrapper garland…Yikes!
    Which reminds me that I have a ton of brand new beaded garland I bought the last year we put up a tree at an after Christmas sale but we haven’t put one up since….
    funny you should mention that — I’m missing a bunch of ornaments this year and can’t figure out for the life of me what happened to them – they weren’t with the rest of the family tree ornaments (I also have a box of Victorian ornaments for a tree I used to put up but haven’t fooled with for years now and can’t seem to part with the ornaments.) Hmmmm…

  6. BTW the hits on my blog are 48,997 as of 8:45 p.m. 12/11/09. I can see that dinner now!
    Wow sweetie you’re doing good — I’d feel a lot better if that number was 49,997!!! C’mon people, go visit Doggonedmysteries!!!!!

  7. Hi Sis,
    I’m here for tech support (sigh).
    How do I configure my comments so that they show like yours?
    Nevermind I only have one comment on my new blog. LOL
    I read everywhere on “help”…
    You sure do know how to put up a tree. We have a Charlie Brown Xmas tree over here…
    Hi Sis – When you see the comment you will notice the commenter’s name and underneath that the date and the word “Edit”. Click on “Edit” and it will open up an “Edit Comment” box. I always space to the next line after the comment, click on the first key in the little toolbar, a ‘b’ which makes your comment bold and type away. When done go to the right and click “Update Comment” Voila.
    I thought you shut the new blog down, I could have sworn that’s what you DM’d me. So I took the link off my blogroll and haven’t visited or I would have commented. I see your URL listed here (only I can see it) so I will come see you soon. Hugs!

  8. How does 49,024 sound to you? 26 people jumped to your request and popped over to my blog from here…and you claim you only have 8 readers….HAH!

    Thank you, all of you, who are helping me hit the goal and get my dinner out! WHOOHOO!
    Yippee skippy – last night I sat here and hit your link about 10 times myself. What a hoot! We’ll get you that dinner yet!!! I’ll Twitter you again!

  9. That is a gorgeous tree. Go easy on Emma Lou. OK? She probably thinks that your hung all these “toys” for her to play with:)

    Off to work on my tree!
    Ok – you’re right, she is just a big child covered in fur! And there are lots of shiny things to catch her attention – hence the baby gates. Guess who got a new ornament all her own? Come back Monday…

  10. What a really pretty tree, well done. We are going to do ours next weekend. We have left it late because my little niece wants to come over and help us.

    I also hate spiders, I cannot even bring myself to look at them so your not alone.

    Thank you for showing us your photographs which I have to admit have given me a few creative ideas for our tree.

    Not the lights though, after zapping myself with last year set I now leave them well alone.
    thank you sweetie. EmmaLou got a new ornament for the tree the other day and I will have a pic of it for Monday’s blog – so come back. I’m glad I gave you some ideas – I love looking at other peoples’ trees to get new ideas on what to do with my own! It’s so much fun decorating – well, usually! LOL

  11. Hi there,
    I followed your tech support re: editing comments. I love it. Thanks. It worked! (big hug)
    BTW, yes, I DID shut down a blog. I had another blog for my library job, and it was at blogspot. I shut it down because I had privacy concerns with it. I also toyed around with edublog.com, but I closed that one after just one post.
    Have you looked at LibraryThing.com? You might find some interesting links there (i.e., readers who read your fav titles). I am at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/cagny
    tweet ya later!
    Cool – I’m glad I could help. I guess I got the blogs mixed up – it’s like Twitter; we both have so many different accounts and blogs I can’t keep them all straight. I’ll check out librarything.com soon. Cya!

  12. Love the tree! It was worth all the hassle, and you also gave me some ideas for mine. Can you also give me some energy please?
    I just sent you a ton of virtual energy – didja get it? MUAH!

  13. Lovely, very pretty. I just love the gum garlan. Just how many trips to the dentist did that take? lolol
    Christmas tree’s are sure a lot of work.
    I’ll have you know I ruined the teeth of my entire 5th grade to get that garland made! Now that’s lifetime accomplishments for ya!

  14. Love the tree! And I noticed that I have a couple of the same ornaments. A couple of doggie ones I still put up even though Schooner is chasing rabbits in heaven and I spider ornament. I too didn’t like spiders until we built our outhouse and then I needed to come to terms. I just call them all Charlotte and we have an agreement. They hide before I get there. Merry Christmas!
    I have a doggie ornament for Harley who is in doggie heaven and for Benjamin who is in kitty heaven and I always include them on the tree! But EmmaLou has the most! The spider ornament is part of a Ukranian folk tale and was given to me when we lived in Europe. I still hate spiders but I love that ornament. Merry Christmas to you too sweetie!

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