Hey Kids! It’s Do a Friend a Favor Day! Woo-Hoo!

And before anyone asks, tis the season and yes I’ve been hitting the eggnog.  So from now until after New Year’s don’t be terribly surprised if my posts make little sense.  Then again, they don’t make much sense anyway — wait, that’s the point of satire and sarcasm and wicked wit or well…let me get to today’s subject.

I love my bloggy friends and today I’m going to do a friend a favor.  One of our fellow bloggers who you all know from my Blogroll as Doggonedmysteries has a bet with her hubby that she will receive 50,000 hits on her blog by the end of this year and if she does he must treat her to dinner.  Here’s the favor part.  I kindly request all my 7 faithful readers and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this blog, whether you are in a blind stupor or not, to visit Doggonedmysteries blog so she has a fighting chance to win that scrumptious dinner.  She’s about 1,500 hits behind so we all need to move fast.

Now you may not know her — but she is a fabulous for-real mystery writer and she has some excellent excerpts for you on her site.  Please go there.  Now.  Tell her I sent you.  She’s a starving author and needs a dinner.  No, she’s not starving; I’m kidding — but she IS an author.  And I’m tickled she’s one of my bloggy friends.  So go visit her please.

What are you waiting for?  Click the link. I have three of them in this post and there’s another one over in my Blogroll — it couldn’t be any easier for you.   Hey – quit reading this part and click on one of the links.

Thank you to my 7 faithful readers…or have I reached 8 yet…I dunno.  I’m too busy doing favors to count.

Are you still here?  Doggonedmysteries NOW.   MUAH!


7 thoughts on “Hey Kids! It’s Do a Friend a Favor Day! Woo-Hoo!

  1. Going now. We’re going to have to change your name to Santa Claus.
    Hello my dahlink shall I pour a wee glass of eggnog for you? It’s fat free. Thanks for playing. MUAH!

  2. My hits have taken a nice jump–thank you! I might get that dinner out yet! I think the last time we went out to dinner was when I treated him to an early dinner on the way home from his neurologist appointment some time last spring.
    My poor starving author — I’m callin’ in favors left and right but I warned u I only have 8 faithful readers…or was it 7? Hubs – would you bring me some more eggnog please? hiccup…

  3. Will do. Love checking out writers. Blogging while nogging could be dangerous … or just dangerously funny! Keep up the good work! I always figure if I’m having fun, what the heck!
    I keep the nog light; I just say it’s loaded (maybe). LOL

  4. Just off now to visit her blog, I’ll pay a visit tomorrow at work and ask Emm’s and my sister to pop in and have a look took. Only another 1,500 hits needed? easy peasy.
    I just love you to pieces!

  5. Sorry meant to say “have a look too” not “have a look took.” Why do you only notice these things after you click the submit button?
    I know and then you sit there and wish you could retrieve your comment to fix it. Happens to me all the time! No big deal! 🙂 I knew what you meant.

  6. Went over and added to the count, hope she wins!

    Love eggnog but I’m the only one and you can’t have eggnog unloaded so I don’t indulge – rats 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my B-Day pity party. You perked me right up and I needed that. Give EmmaLou a big hug as well.
    I love you swee’pea and believe me I know it’s bad enough to have a Dec birthday but it really bites that hubs is not there – but you have thousands of us who are celebrating with you in the virtual world! Can you hear us singing the Happy Birthday song to you? Hope you made a good wish when you blew out our virtual candles on the cake we all enjoyed! 🙂

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