Wordless Wednesday


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. That’s it!
    I’m packing my suitcase and moving out to Ohio.
    And I’m NOT bringing Midget or Coco.
    I was trying out my new camera and didn’t have the special telephoto lens, dangitall. This barn is about 5 miles from my house and I just stopped my car in the middle of the road and hoped while I was hangin out the window nobody came up behind me at a gazillion miles an hour. Whew – just got the shot in! LOL C’mon out – guest room has your name on it and EmmaLou’s bed is plenty big and she’ll share with her BestBitchForevah! heh heh

  2. How pretty.
    It is – it would have been a nicer shot had I not been sitting in the middle of a rather busy road and if I had my telephoto lens with me, darnit. But there is always another day…

  3. Great pic!! You have a very good eye. Did I read that this is in Ohio? I grew up in Ottawa County…not sure what area you are in, but it’s beautiful 🙂
    yes it’s Ohio right outside Dayton. Very little farmland & country left in this area unfortunately.

  4. That’s a lovely shot! So glad to see that you are using your new camera. And also, it is completely normal to stand on the side of the road, climb a cliff or hang upside down just so you can get a good shot:)
    Oh honey I wasn’t standing — I was in my car STOPPED in the middle of the road trying to get this shot and looking for traffic coming up behind me — it was a little scarey as one should never just park one’s car in the middle of a busy road. LOL

  5. Nice shot my dear! You are having fun with that new camera. Can’t wait to see more. Watch yourself……no injury please.
    I about killed myself the other day jumping down a ravine that I didn’t realize had quite the drop it did just so I could get a pic of an old abandoned house which will be posted on Friday. Jeez – this pic taking hobby is dangerous. I almost couldn’t climb back up to the road. Duh – old lady alert!

  6. Great eye. I wish my barn looked that good….
    If you need a “barn fix” just come across state lines to Indiana…we still have quite a few…
    Oh don’t think for a minute I won’t be headed that way. I’m just driving all over in search of my favorite structures. The odd ones are in Kentucky – they paint their barns black for some reason and it looks rather bizarre.

  7. Oh, I just love your blog! The barn photo is what brought me here….from Words of Wisdom. I’m always wishing I had a camera with me when I’m in “the country” and see different barns. I always want to take photos of the abandoned, falling down, sad looking ones. For some reason, I’m really drawn to them. I also love your doggie photos, and the quotes! I think I’ve met a kindred spirit! Please stop by and check my blog, too!
    I’m so glad you stopped by and thank you so much for your kind comments! I love old barns and just returned from some photo shooting out in the country – got about 90 good pics of old barns, etc. so my Wordless Wednesdays should be taken care of for quite some time!! On my way to visit you right now!

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