Tis the Season…to Pack on the Pounds

I got on the scales Monday and discovered someone had been tampering with them.  I had gained 5 pounds.  Obviously it wasn’t me…someone fiddled with the little dial that regulates the balance of the scale and tipped it up 5 pounds.  I’m staying with that.

It couldn’t possibly be the overindulgence of the holiday season already.  It’s far too soon to gain weight; there has only been one substantial “holiday” meal; Thanksgiving.  I don’t overeat on Thanksgiving routinely; just one serving of a few things.  The traditional foods chosen for Thanksgiving are not my favorites.  I abhor hot, roasted, carved-up turkey.  Blechh.  Not interested in potatoes, but I’ll eat a little stuffing.  Devoted Spouse hates pumpkin pie; I hate mincemeat.  We usually skip the pie and have a little ice cream.  So why the 5 pounds?

Well, I read somewhere that if you eat while sitting in front of a tv you will gain weight because you consume more calories without thinking.  I believe the magic number was something on the order of 288 extra calories.  Multiply those extra 288 calories by a few tv sessions and pretty soon you have 5 pounds.  That made sense to me; we do eat in front of the tv entirely too often.

In fact, many of our meals are taken while one of us is on the couch and the other in a recliner and both of us are tuned into some mundane program.  Come to think of it, Thanksgiving Day dinner was also eaten while sitting in front of the tv.  Since it was just the two of us, it was a casual meal and it was served in the family room, not the dining room.  And, I may have eaten an extra roll and had more cranberry sauce than was actually needed.

Darnitall, I think I’m on to something here.  Empty calories consumed in front of the tv = extra weight on already too large backside.

From now on I’m turning off the tv.  I’ll eat my cookies and ice cream at the dining room table instead, where they won’t count because there’s no tv in the dining room.  Stupid tv.  Problem solved.


6 thoughts on “Tis the Season…to Pack on the Pounds

  1. My Mom used to say that anything brown (cookies, cupcakes, brownies) eaten standing over the sink had zero calories. I’m sticking with that;-)
    I like that! Here’s my theory – if you add 288 calories by eating in front of tv then conversely you deduct 288 calories by eating at the table. So…if I continue to eat at the table I’ll actually be thin as a rail by New Year’s Day. Works for me…

  2. The only time we ever eat at a table is when we eat out. I know eating while watching TV is a no-no but old habits die hard especially when I eat so many of my meals alone while Hubby is gone for work. Also it is difficult to fix something for just one person without that being every meal for the week. I know I need to change my diet but phff! what fun is that?
    I’m with you! Now where’d I put my fatgirl jeans???

  3. I bet EmmaLou had been fiddling with your scales, next time you weigh yourself look out for a little paw pressed on the edge of the scales.

    Thats what is doing it 🙂
    Hi sweetie – so nice to see you here again! You have been missed! Yes, I think EmmaLou had her paw on the scale, too. Couldn’t possibly be the result of that pecan pie and ice cream. Nope…it was EmmaLou; we’re sticking with that story. Hugs!

  4. I can relate. I have been appalled at the scale for the last month – it started before Thanksgiving and got worse after. I’m out of control.
    I’m so angry w/me over this. It has to stop now! Grrrrr.

  5. I refuse to step on the scales. I’m afraid it will tell me only one person at a time is allowed to weigh….and it will only be me standing there. Ugh…..
    I feel your pain coz mine keeps yelling at me to put the other foot on. Hate it. I just need to grow about 2 inches taller, that’s all.

  6. Hi Cronie,
    This is Coco the DivaDog. Mom is downstairs in the kitchen stuffing herself with Doritos. heh heh
    And she calls ME fatty.
    And STOP flicking poor EmmaLou.
    Hi ma petit Coco – Doritos, if they’re broken, have no calories so Mom is okay. Stay away from Milkbones – EmmaLou blimps right up on those. Just sayin’. If she would behave she wouldn’t get flicked. She knows this. Besides she’ll hit me with the ‘silent and deadly toots’ later when I’m trying to sleep and I’m tellin ya those things could knock a buzzard off a wagon of dead bodies. Ick. Good dog.

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