A Tisket, A Tasket, He Fell Out of His Casket

photo from National Archives

The picture above was a real casket company in Washington, D.C. back in the 1920’s.  I included it because this is a post about caskets…sort of.

Let me preface this by telling you right upfront that I am one of those wicked people who tend to laugh at inappropriate things and at inappropriate times.  And after reading the paper the other day, I burst out laughing so hard I had a terrible coughing fit (retribution?) and had to run for the Robitussin stash.

You see, there was a funeral somewhere — I don’t recall the details — but as the grave attendants were lowering the casket into the grave one of the casket straps either broke or slipped off.  The casket went kattywampus toward the grave and the deceased literally fell out the bottom of the casket — much to the horror and dismay of family members and onlookers.

Now most of you will gasp and say, “How horrible a thing to happen.”  I, on the other hand, bust a gut laughing because…c’mon it’s FUNNY.   Macabre?  Yes.  Disturbing?  I’m sure.  But FUNNY nonetheless.  This guy fell out of his casket.

I’m giving myself a little leeway here on the laughing part because you see when my Mom was buried not long ago, the cemetery actually dug up the wrong grave and they BURIED her in it.  Dolts.  They put her in a plot that was intended for a cousin of mine.  Now, that’s FUNNY.  Why?  Because my Mom was an attention hound — all eyes always had to be on her; she always had to outdo everyone else and this time she beat her own niece into her niece’s grave.  And yes she was dug up and reburied in the correct grave.  TOO FUNNY.

So I think the casket caper is hilarious.  Forgive me – I’m just wired that way.  I know it’s not overly nice and some of you may think I’m downright rude – but, frankly, I’m still giggling just a bit.

On the serious side, the family is suing the cemetery and the funeral home because as it turns out the bottom of the casket was cheap stapled particleboard.  I sincerely hope they win a tremendous settlement to ease their suffering and to ensure their loved one does indeed receive an honorable and respectful burial.

But if he falls out again, I’m warning you…I may laugh.

10 thoughts on “A Tisket, A Tasket, He Fell Out of His Casket

  1. After my father was buried at Fort Sam Houston my mother made the comment that since he was buried first it meant that, in that cemetery, she’d be buried on top of him. Then she floored us all by adding, “That’d mean I’d be on top for a change.” We giggled for days.
    Another lady after my own heart – I love funeral humor.

  2. I’m laughing with you but…….YIKES!!!
    Still ROFL, can’t breathe every time I picture it. Bad Linda, bad, bad…

  3. My hubby and I recently made our funeral plans & paid for them so our kids wouldn’t have to. When I told him I wanted to be cremated he looked at me seriously and said “If you think I’m going to haul your ashes around with me you’ve got another thing coming.” I burst out laughing and the poor pre-planner didn’t know what to think. I like your sense of humor!
    hi swee’pea – that’s Funny! You shoulda told him you’d been haulin his ash around for years already! YUK YUK. I need to start ANOTHER blog on funeral humor. No, I don’t. forget i said that…

  4. did you see the pink casket vault on the back of the truck in the picture I posted on facebook? I was speechless. The picture didn’t show the color real well but it was BRIGHT pink!! LO
    I was ROFL I soooo hate pink! Hysterical!

  5. I think it’s hysterical too. And I really can’t believe the family is suing… I mean really, they should have bought a better casket! 🙂

    Thanks again for buying treats, Linda… and I gave you a mention on my most recent Lazy G post. 🙂 🙂
    Hi bb – the issue is when you pick out the casket the bottom is real – but what they actually use is cheap particleboard – so that’s fraud and I hope they sue and I hope it is brought to the attention of consumers everywhere that is may be practiced in other funeral homes – we need to ALWAYS be on guard (see I’m the one who would have checked it out during the visitation coz I’m strange that way). I know EmmaLou will LOVE the treats – I can’t wait to see her gobble them up and will try and snag a photo for you. Thanks for the mention, you are such a sweetie and I love the stuffin’ outta you girl! Hugs and blessings!

  6. I love your humor! That is so awful but funny about your Mom-and I love all the comments left by everyone. Funeral Humor can be such a funny but touchy subject. I loved the picture you included-what a name!! Hope you get to feeling better soon….Take care of yourself…
    I find the strangest things funny. I am getting better it’s just taking it’s sweet time leaving my system. Still coughing but starting to get stronger. Yay. Hugs and blessings!

  7. That is why I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered at sea – less to go wrong that way.
    I can’t decide – buried, cremated, or just tossed in the nearest wood chipper. Whatever works.

  8. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG! He fell out of the casket?!?! OMG! Too too funny!
    I knew you guys were with me on this one – I knew it!!! It is HYSTERICAL!

  9. OMG! What a horrible event!
    Thank God I’ve never had to witness such a thing because I would have a stroke trying to hide my laughter.
    I knew you would see the funny in this.

  10. My Ex husbands Uncle had a casket in his garage of his place of business which happen to be a car repair service at which he was not very good at, Well my ex’s nephew asked him why he had a casket in his work shop and I with out missing a beat said “That is for his customers when they get their bill”
    I too laugh at inappropriate times and things I wish I could laugh at this but my throat hurts too much 🙂
    I know you’re laughing on the inside! I love your casket story – perfect. Please get better soon sweetie – MUAH!

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