Wordless Wednesday…So Hard For Me to Be Wordless…

Are you hiding snacks from me? I can smell them on your breath...


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…So Hard For Me to Be Wordless…

  1. If my dog looked at me like that, she’d weigh 500 lbs cause I’d keep feeding her!
    Yes, that’s why EmmaLou hovers at around 80 or so which is more than her vet would like. I can’t resist those eyes!

  2. I’ve been out of pocket, good to see Emma Lou’s sweet face. My dogs favor cheese. They recognize the sound of the bag as I’m opening it and will run to the kitchen from the other room. Even when I try to be reeeeeally quiet. Maybe they smell it, too. Amazing!
    Hi sweetie! EmmaLou can hear plastic ripping from a floor away and will mysteriously show up in the kitchen, sit there and stare at me. Our pets are so funny!

  3. Now combine that face/look with a wiener dog that can sit up on his butt forever and beg besides giving you “the look”. Freddie is not as plump as he was when we got him but he will never be skinny as long as he can beg and look at me like that.

    I’m such a wuss.
    You and me, both – I just melt when she looks up at me with those baby brown eyes. They’re good at this manipulation thing, huh? LOL

  4. I know just what you mean -all I have to do is go to the frig and I am surrounded by cats and a dog who think they deserve and want whatever we are going to eat…..It’s tough sharing /all of them.
    That’s why I only have one!

  5. My dogs can hear a banana peel open in the kitchen from outside in the the yard. They can hear a snack bag rattle in another county. And, if you have had gummy worms within the last 24 hours they let you know that they know.

    If we gave them something every time they mooched both dogs would be in the 150 lb range. 🙄

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    It’s almost impossible – she sits there and drools at you and give you the big doggy eyes and I’ll throw her a chip to get her to stop drooling all over me. They are amazing. Wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie! Hugs!

  6. Not too sure what to do with mine, he normally gets a treat each time he comes back from a walk, but now he wants and expects one each time I go for a walk as well. Somethings got mixed up somewhere.
    EmmaLou expects treats when she goes outside and successfully does her business, whenever we leave the house, when she has been an extraordinarily good dog, and pretty much whenever she stands at the cupboard where her food is. In other words, she constantly demands treats, the little stinker.

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