They Wanna Make Me Shop Black Friday…But, I Say No, No, No

photo from abc

Yes, the above title should be sung to the tune of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab song…because shopping Black Friday is enough to put you into rehab or cardiac arrest or a coma.  I refuse to do it. No. You cannot make me.  All the pretty flyers in Sunday’s paper will not induce me to leave my house on Black Friday.  They may induce something else…

I believe once upon a time Black Friday was a good idea; the shoppers got some great deals and the retailers made their bottom line for the year.  But not anymore.  It has devolved into a death-causing mass panic attack to be the first to snag a 50″ HD tv or the latest in video game consoles.  People are literally being trampled to death to save money.  No thank you.

In my area, they have published the opening times of the stores as follows:

Target:  6am;  Best Buy: 5am;  the local mall:  6am;  Home Depot:  6am;  Kohl’s:  4am – YES 4am;  Lowe’s:  6am;

Sears:  4am;  and here’s the best — Old Navy:  3am.  That’s right — 3-flippin’o’clock in the middle of the night so some sale-crazed nutcase can barrel their way through untold other nutcases to snag a flippin’ hoodie.

What have we become?

I will be spending Black Friday at home relaxing after a nice Thanksgiving spent with my family.  I may work on my Pay It Forward craft projects, or read a book and it’s for sure I’ll be on Twitter.  Where I won’t be is at ANY store — I don’t care how good the sale is!

C’mon Cyber Monday — that one I’m ready for; got my laptop working (keeping fingers crossed), my comfy chair, and my credit card at the ready.  And Devoted Spouse has been counseled about the importance of delivering the coffee.


37 thoughts on “They Wanna Make Me Shop Black Friday…But, I Say No, No, No

  1. I haven’t been to black friday for shopping in ages. I am tempted to go this time since I am in Chicago. I’ll keep you posted.
    Black Friday in Chicago – oh the horror of it all! Be careful girlfriend – don’t get trampled! Oprah’s on the loose!

  2. I have an annual tradition with my friend Sharon – every Black Friday we leave the house at 6:00 and laugh at what fools we are. We used to go to Value City til it closed. Years ago, they gave away free donuts. I think what we enjoy is that we are never looking for anything in particular – we just shop around leisurely and laugh and enjoy ourselves, and I hope we will do it til we’re old. Very old.
    Sweetie as long as you have fun then you go for it – I’ll stay home safe and snuggly in my bed at 6 am. LOL

  3. I am proud to say … I have never shopped on Black Friday! Methinks I never will.
    I went ONCE and never returned! Never I say, Never! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The picture alone should be enough to terrify most people, don’t you think?

    Also do not plan on venturing out. Cyber-shopping sounds perfectly good to me. (And a few of us have been picking up our gifts for the past few months, where ever they may be on sale.)
    Woot on the cyber shopping – been doin that myself and will continue. Thx for visiting!

  5. I’m with you Crone… can’t make me do it-no way, no how. It’s degrading what people will do for a few bucks.
    It’s not only degrading but last year that employee was trampled to death at WalMart — now enough is enough in pursuit of the almighty deal. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. black friday fascinates me for sure. like you say: “what have we become?” i have never been, just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. however, i watch the lines forming at midnight from my window.
    It morbidly fascinates me that people will endlessly circle a mall parking lot at 3:30 in the flippin’ morning to get a spot close and then wait in line for 3 or 4 more hours for the lousy mall to open! Unbelievable! Hey nice of you to stop by!

  7. Well said! 3 A.M. as in the morning? As in I just went to bed 4 hours ago? No thank you. I too will be at home or on the beach or under the hood of a car…anywhere but in the local SQUAL*MART!
    I wouldn’t go to Old Navy at 3 am if you paid me and I mean REALLY paid me, like lots and lots. No, won’t go.

  8. I heard on the radio that Kohl’s would be open at 4am today in Colorado. No one needs a sale that badly. I remember going early to a ‘treasures’ kinda store with my mom when I was about 9 when Beanie Babies were huge. Middle-aged ladies were elbowing and shoving me out of the way to get to these Beanies. I was a kid. I don’t go early to sales, ever. I don’t need a sale or that item that badly, to trample others to get it. And opening that early has to suck for the people who have to work it, especially after possibly enjoying their family until late the night before. Nobody needs a sale that badly. If stores would offer great sales (and plenty of stock) at regular hours and stop encouraging this animalistic, monster behavior, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.
    Our Kohl’s is also opening at 4. Stupid people. I went once to the Black Friday sales and I actually had a woman tear a sweater out of my hands – literally pull it right away from me. I just walked out of the store and went home in total disgust. Nice to see you! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  9. I NEVER go to a shopping outlet on Black Friday. I avoid it like the plague. Cyber Monday I can deal with. I’ve been a cyber shopping gal before cyber was popular.

    Did you also notice that last store some stores started their Black Friday on THURSDAY? Seriously. They are now blasphemizing Thanksgiving. How wrong is that? I’ve already noticed a few stores around here that are going to be open on Thanksgiving – Atwood’s, Dillon’s. I’m sure there are more.

    That is just wrong, for the employees that have to work on Thanksgiving and for the families that will be torn apart by the fanatical shoppers within their fold.

    Here’s hoping you and yours have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Hugs sweetie!!!!
    Hi Precious! We have stores here that are going to open this year on Thanksgiving – now I know our economy is in the toilet but that’s just wrong. This holiday is about being grateful and giving thanks – not the best prices at Wally World! Blechhh! It’s good to hear from you – have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie! Big hugs right back atcha!

  10. I have NEVER shopped on Black Friday and probably NEVER will! It’s madness I tell ya- madness!
    Hello little sis – I’m glad you are on the same page as me – it is totally madness! Hope you and the fam have a great Thanksgiving – I’m thankful you guys are my adopted family! Woot!

  11. Can’t make me, can’t make me, can’t make me go, oh no no no! I will be enjoying coffee & a very nice blueberry pancake breakfast at my MIL’s. Hmmm, suddenly Black Friday is looking better & better.
    Now THAT’S my kinda Black Friday or should I say Blue? as in Blueberry? Yum yum. Have a super Thanksgiving Sis – Love ya!

  12. I’m with you 100%. What’s the point of wasting a perfectly good day off by getting up early to go shopping. I don’t care how much money I’d save, it wouldn’t be worth the hassle.
    No it isn’t, and usually, there are limited quantities of an item — perhaps only 3 in the store with no rainchecks. Nope, not worth it at all. Nice to meet you.

  13. I worked retail–Black Friday, no way will I EVER shop it. Several years ago, I got a job at Kohls, we needed the extra $$ because my sister’s kids had moved in with us. When the 13 yr old girl started acting out right before the holidays, I quit. Not only did I have a good excuse but when they told me what hours they ‘expected’ me to work, that was the last straw. I’d rather work construction TYVM.
    I’m with you Sistah! Stay home, put your footsies up and relax!

  14. We did the Best Buy and Kohl’s one time many moons ago and haven’t done it again at least at that time of morning – or is it night? I always thought of 3am being the middle of the flippin’ night.

    We have done Friday shopping in the afternoon after all the crazies have gone home since the smaller town near us basically has a Walmart Super Center as the main shopping area.

    I have done my cyber shopping and already have them. Even got a few of them wrapped by the stores before sending them to me and I love it! This is how I have done my shopping for the last 3yrs or so.
    I think it has gotten entirely out of control because the retailers are hurting. If people want something this badly, go for it. I’ll be at home relaxing and you can have my parking space!

  15. Oh, Sister, I’m with you! The last time I shopped on Black Friday I was a Freshman in college. I took the train into Philadelphia and had the time of my life at Wanamaker’s, Strawbridges, Gimbel’s, remember Gimbels? I didn’t know it was Black Friday! Ignorance was bliss. I was in the mood to shop for all my relatives’ Christmas presents, and when I’m in the mood to shop, that in itself is a holiday! I bought almost every present I needed and was I ever proud of myself!
    I wouldn’t be caught dead near a store on Black Friday these days!
    It was certainly more fun to shop when the older stores like Gimbels were still around – in my hometown in the DC area we flocked to Woodred & Lothrop’s and Jellef’s and I think there was a store called Kann’s – all fine quality merchandise not the crap we see at WallyWorld. What a lovely memory that is for you! Nice to see you.

  16. I went once with my parents. To walmart, of all places. And there was a brawl over the dvd bin.

    This was in the rich part of Baton Rouge mind you.
    Rich, poor, it doesn’t matter…people just go nuts when they see something someone else has. It’s insane. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Amen to all of you. Saving a little bit of money is soooo not worth having an anxiety attack and getting trampled. The last few years my kids and I have volunteered with the Salvation Army, to stand outside Bass Pro Shop and ring a bell. Good way to spend a day, with family, doing something good, and watching all the crazy shoppers. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    What a fabulous idea and a wonderful way to show your kids what the holidays are for! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, and thanks for visiting me.

  18. I spent 6 years of my life behind a counter on Black Friday during my last few years of highschool and all through college. When I finally graduated and found a “real” job I’ve been fortunate enough to have Black Friday off and I never, EVER, venture out of the home. The deals aren’t always that fantastic and man I hate the crowds…hate.
    I feel so sorry for everyone who works in retail on Black Friday because you know people are not kind and orderly; they’re rude and pushy. Ugliness. No thank you. I hate crowds too and get my shopping done early and mostly online to avoid them. Nice to meet you – have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. I love that you politely demand comments:) great strategy!
    I was in chicago last year over christmas, and coming from south africa the black friday concept was new to me..and i agree with you 100% It’s lunacy! It completely erases any concept of a family holiday only to replace it with a commercialist shopping fever for cheap junk no doubt made in china…. very sad…great post! did you take the photo? looks manic!!!
    Honey, I never politely demand anything…no strategy – just me. Yes Black Friday is a black mark on our society I am afraid as it only shows that capitalism, while the best system we have, does tend to bring out the greedy in some of us. Not my photo, but sums it up well I thought. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and I thank you for stopping by my humble abode here. 🙂

  20. Yes, I have to laugh at those who are outside waiting for the doors to open…crazy they are!! I’m with you…shopping from the couch is the way to go…especially with coffee service 😉
    Hi Lynn! All those silly people trying to get parking spaces, being pushed around by other shoppers, waiting in long lines to check-out…nope. I’ll have much more fun at home relaxing and waiting for Cyber Monday to arrive. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie!

  21. I’ve never gone shopping on Black Friday….. Why bother fighting the sale fanatics? =P
    My point exactly and there will be people who adamantly claim they got such amazing bargains. My girlfriend and her daughter have done the Fri sales every year for the last 20 years and every year she calls me to complain about what a zoo it was. So why put yourself through that? Have a nice Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting me.

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  23. Taking a few moments to do some reading and blogging this AM before kids are up and LOL at the title of your article – so I HAD to read it! Thanks for sharing your humor and the madness of Black Friday. You should have done a survey! I’d vote NO to attending Black Friday. The hubs and I went shopping last night and took care of 2/3 of our shopping – now for me (last minute) that’s an extreme shopping makeover 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving and Cyber shopping!
    Hi hon – thanks for stopping by. I think alot of people feel the same way we do this year, but there will be the diehards who will get up at 2 am to get in some stupid line somewhere. I’ll be snuggly asleep. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  24. true. At woodbury commons every year it’s just plain insanity.
    What makes it even worse is they have television cameras at the stores at around 4 am getting footage for the morning news which just generates more nonsense. Gah…Thanks for stopping by!

  25. I think if you have to fight so hard to get a sweater or a beanie baby that you kill someone – you probably need psychotherapy. For one, a sweater won’t even last you more than a few years before it goes out of style and you are looking for a new one – you just killed 60 + years of someone’s life and tore their family apart for a sweater with a two year life. WTF.
    It is the herd mentality in action and it frightens me. Thanks for visiting!

  26. I agree. If you need to save money that badly, how about you just don’t go shopping?
    Not shopping is a great way to save money – I know we’re cutting back this year on gifts. Have a nice Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting me.

  27. luckily there’s no such thing a Black Friday here in Portugal. Considering the amount of customers I would skip shopping too.
    Portugal is obviously a much more civilized society than we crazed Americans! Thanks for your visit!

  28. Seriously, there isn’t a single solitary thing in the entire world that I need bad enough to risk life and limb by venturing forth amongst the unwashed masses of crazed shoppers who WILL cut you for that jing-tingler.

    I’ll pass, thanks.
    Ditto – Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. I am hoping that the wake up call the recession had on US families will get shoppers to re-think consumerism this holiday. Do we really need to run out and fight crowds of shoppers to buy more things we just don’t need? Lets get creative and think of ways we can celebrate family and the holidays without having to buy more stuff, that will eventually just end up in landfills anyway.
    I agree with you and I think each year we try and outdo the last year with the gifts and the spending. This year people can’t afford it and I fully understand the reasoning for many to partake in the Black Friday nonsense — some of them truly are looking to save money on toys for the kids or whatever else they need. I think we need to cut back and cut down and remember what the holiday is truly about. Thanks for visiting!

  30. it is terrible that people really go to such lengths just to catch a good sale and sleep outside the store to storm in trampling those who are staggering behind the rest. Going to the mall on black friday is truly stressful trying to make sure u get your children what they want for the holidays when items are flying off the shelves so fast but i guess in the end its all worth it because despite all of the chaos u still get a good days worth of shopping with out worrying about spending to much compared to the high prices of our inflated economy
    I say if you have the stamina for it and are really needing those special sales prices, then go for it. Just remember that some retailers jack up the prices to begin with and then give you a sales price that isnt that great a deal after all the waiting. And be prepared for the nasty rude customers who will try to butt in line or grab things out of your hands or trample over the person at the door to be the first one in. Enjoy your shopping and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by.

  31. Are there no dissenters here? Me and my wife go every year. We have a blast. If you take the time to talk to people, its fun. I think the key is not to be obsessed with purchasing any one item. That illiminates most of the ugliness. If you’re a writer, it’s a unique opportunity to observe mass hysteria, tuck it away in your idea file. I’ve never been to Spain, but if I ever inserted the running of the bulls into a fictional piece, this is the experience I would draw upon. Your dog is beautiful. What is his/her name?
    Hi John – I love dissenters and welcome your point of view. Yes, it can be fun if you have the right attitude — the ones I worry about are those who cause the panics and those who trample over people in order to grab that one toy they simply MUST buy. Food for writers? You bet it is – this is humanity in it most basic form. I hope you and your wife have a grand time this year but please be careful of the nutty ones around you! Thank you for stopping by — my dog is named EmmaLou and you can see pics of her on her own page at the top of my blog called The Incomparable EmmaLou. She thanks you for the lovely compliment. And we both wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. I have worked at a retail store on Black Friday all I have to say is people can be rude and nasty to each other, I saw women slapping each other and men about to fight over a toy. C’mon people where is the Holiday spirit in that. I won’t shop for sales on Black Friday I prefer the warmth of my bed at the wee hours of the morning and besides I’m too tired from cooking the day before to go out and shop.
    Hello my dahlink! I honestly had stuff ripped out of my hand once and then another time Devoted Spouse and I both went and we decided it just wasn’t our cup of tea. Now I can be formidable when necessary, but not over sale items! I’ll be sleeping in and resting up from cooking that turkey and cleaning up afterwards! Happy Thanksgiving my love and take good care of you!

  33. i was at an old bookstore (1/2 price) 2 wks ago that was playing x-mas music and talking up b-fri………..had to leave. working where they play christmas music starting last week (they think we’re in a ma-pa kettle movie)………….thank goodness for a rotation on the i-pod.

    yikes ; (

    Nice ya have someone bringing your coffee.

    I heard Feliz Navidad in early October and I just gagged. I’m already sick of Christmas music and that’s a shame – I used to look forward to it, now I dread it since it starts so early. Thanks for visiting!

  34. I agree-will be spending it at home. When I used to work and had to work the Friday after Turkey Day and that weekend I always thought I wanted to be able to go shop like those people and get the good bargains. Now if you wait-there are plenty of good bargains to get and like you there is shopping online. Have a really nice Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!!!

  35. 😀
    Now I don’t have to write the Black Friday post on my blog. You said it all and you dun good! I have tears in my eyes here from laughing so hard. I feel precisely the same way that you do. For our annual Christmas outing with my BFF’s, we went to the ‘big mall’ (obviously not anywhere near here. LOL) last Saturday and it was already like a preview-Black Friday. By the time we got home I was so glad to be here I was tempted to run through these rolling hills buck-nekkid. *I’m free*

    Yesterday my 72 year old mother informs me that she is going to go to that same mall on Black Friday, even though she’s not able to walk very well at all anymore and really could get knocked on her rear by the crowds.

    I said “over my dead body” and she dead-panned, “or maybe over mine.”
    I should never have had to question from whom I got my warped sense of humor, I guess. 😉
    *Claps hand over mouth in hysterics* – I surely don’t want to see your mom get run down by some nutjob shopper – so keep her outta there for goodness sakes! I’m glad I saved you the hassle of writing your Black Friday post – but now get busy with something else to make me giggle! Coz on Friday I plan to spend my day reading blogs and catching up. Ahhhhhhh….relaxing.

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