Heigh Ho the Derry-O, The Dell Limps Along

I have been literally babying my Dell laptop for months now as one thing after another either falls off or goes wrong.  Let’s recap this fun journey, shall we? …

Not counting the massive amounts of Vista-related crashing…the first traumatic injury was when the quotations key fell off, only to be re-attached by some computer geek guys, but it fell off again and refused to be re-attached.  I taped it to my whiteboard in my home office and gave it a small tribute:

Not to be outdone by the quotations key, both the backspace key and the K key decided they no longer wished to function correctly.  Now those two keys must be pounded on with the finger pressure equivalent to an elephant being dropped 30 feet to the ground in order to get them to work properly.  The fingers on my right hand associated with those two keys are getting pressure calluses.

Feeling left out and one-upped by the backspace key and the K key, the E, R, N, and M keys all decided to peel off their coverings so that if one were not a touch typist, one would be in deep doo-doo while writing a blog post.  I’m not making this up:

Then the amazingly constructed power cord decided to stop functioning correctly.  It would, at the worst time, simply pop out of its home on the side of the laptop, leaving me on battery.  Then it escalated its mischief and stopped working while it was fully plugged in and much like the old tv rabbit ears antennas, I would have to hold the power cord up and over my head with my left hand while trying to type with my right hand so the battery wouldn’t keep discharging.  Not only was the power cord acting wonky, it was not charging the battery when it was fully plugged in – so I was screwed regardless.  Power on – battery still slowly dying.  After much agony and an aching left shoulder, I ordered a replacement power cord.  It now works, for how long is anyone’s guess.

Being the highly educated, innovative, creative problem solver in the family…I got out my handy dandy Sharpie and re-drew the letters E, R, N, and M and then painted some craft varnish over them to keep the Sharpie from accidentally smearing.  I’m so clever:

And so for now we have a barely functioning laptop once again.  I can update any or all 3 of my blogs, I can Twitter to my heart’s content, and maybe…just maybe I can get to read and comment on some of my bloggy friends’ postings this week.

Nothing else could possibly happen to this laptop could it?…

Just in case, I have this handy:

And I am not afraid to use it…


6 thoughts on “Heigh Ho the Derry-O, The Dell Limps Along

  1. Isn’t it amazing how our computers can drive us crazy-but we feel so lost without them? I have also felt like taking a hammer to ours on occasion-but afraid it might come after me! lol
    Glad you have the problem solved for now and also feeling better-you and Angela both-now if I can just keep you both well and get through these next few months without totally losing it completely. Hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving. Love ya lots!
    Thanks sweetie – I hate this computer and it knows it, but I cant replace it just yet – maybe early next year – right now too much else going on ya know how it is…this sinus thing just won’t go away – I feel bad for Angela if she gets sick like this alot coz it wears you out!!! I wish you and your family a Thanksgiving full of gratitude and love — there’s nothing like family, and I’m glad we’ve adopted each other! Love ya too!

  2. Keep that hammer ready. It’s going to feel so good when you get to use it. Ask Hubby to video it for us, K?
    okey dokey.

  3. Gee, and I thought it was tough with my Gateway when it would scream in agony when it was starting up. Had to re-start it to get the fan to quit screaming. That became the end of that when I won the money and my new baby (Toshiba) hasn’t given me any problems not even Vista crashing. Now if I can just get them to send my Windows 7 upgrade that I am supposed to get everything will be peachy keen. Hope you get your new computer before the Dell dies an agonizing death. 🙂

    Have a marvelous Thanksgiving my dear.
    I’ve been looking at Toshibas — they have a good reputation. Decisions, decisions. Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweetie!

  4. I had a sewing machine that hated me–anyone else could use it and it’d run like a dream. As soon as I would sit down to mend something, the bobbin would lock up…

    Remember to use shin guards, helmet, heavy gloves, safety glasses, steel tipped boots–don’t take any chances when you’re ready to hammer the crap out of the old lap top. And don’t let it near the new lap top to give it any warning…
    I’ll be ready…

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