Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Somethin’ From the Oven…or the Store; Whatever

Most people treat a cold or the flu with aspirin, hot tea, and chicken soup.  Devoted Spouse treats colds and flu with sugar cookies that have sprinkles on them.  He knows I LOVE sprinkles — okay the cookies aren’t too shabby either.

The problem in this house is Devoted Spouse, myself, AND EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer are all cookie hounds.  We love ’em.  In fact the above container of cookies (and an additional container of oatmeal raisin cookies he brought home) were decimated in a little over 24 hours.  And THAT’S why I try not to buy cookies — we can’t stop at just one.

I used to bake them – mmmmm the smell of cookies baking would fill the house with the yummiest aromas, until Devoted Spouse got wise and started hanging around the kitchen — he would scarf down the raw cookie dough.  So I stopped making cookies.

Chicken soup is good for my cold. And I’m good with the hot tea and lemon/honey.   But nothin’ compares to bringing me cookies with sprinkles.

EmmaLou!!! Gimme back that cookie…..

8 thoughts on “Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Somethin’ From the Oven…or the Store; Whatever

  1. ELPH eats the cookie dough before I can bake it too! Good Grief! Feel better soon sweetie.
    What is it with guys and cookie dough?? I’m better thanks.

  2. I confess to loving sprinkles too. I think I have the tastes of a 5 year old.
    I used to buy the bottles of sprinkles so I could decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. Then I found there were days when I would take the bottle of sprinkles and simply start pouring them into my mouth — I no longer buy the bottles of sprinkles…talk about a 5-yr old…

  3. I don’t crave sweets when I’m sick. However, when sick, I do crave the hot and sour soup from the nearby Chinese restaurant and DH gets it for me. He’s such a sweet guy.
    I don’t really crave sweets either when I’m sick coz I cant really taste them – but DS does it anyway coz he knows I like cookies. Hot and sour soup is my favorite when I’m sick and chicken soup and jello w/whipped cream (coz EmmaLou would never forgive me if I didn’t get whipped cream so she could have some sprayed her way). We’re lucky our guys are the best!

  4. 3 Cheers For Cookies W/Sprinkles!!!!! Love it, love it, love it…And if it makes you feel better-and lifts your spirits-then that is what it takes-besides the chicken soup & hot tea-and all the loving from your family…Continue To Get Well Soon…..Love Ya Lots…
    I also have problems w/family and raw cookie dough and sprinkles-never lasts long around here either….
    I never knew so many people liked raw cookie dough – strange. I am getting better and I’m resting and Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou are taking very good care of me. I expect to be right as rain in no time at all! Just disappointed we had to cancel our vacation. Love Ya Lots, too sweetie!

  5. Hope you start feeling better soon, Of those cookies how many did Emma Lou get? I make lots of homemade from scratch cookies around the holidays and most of them go to the local fire/police station and of course I make extra for the kidlets. I can send you some 🙂
    Lil EmmaLou has received her share, believe me, and not necessarily by invitation either! I got up to get a Kleenex the other day and when I got back to my comfy chair the plate next to me was empty and she had sprinkles in her fur the little stinker! My fault for leaving them where she could reach. She was one happy puppy! Cookies you can send??? Oooohhh ooooooooh hurry, hurry! LOL If I keep this up, I’ll need to invest in some slacks with an elastic waistband!!!

  6. In a way it hurt a bit: I am referring to my almost new, couldn’t have used it a dozen times, Sunbeam Mixer with all the “trimmings” I recently gave to my wonderful young friend just down the street. She has three young children and I haven’t the slightest intention of ever baking anything resembling a cookie for as long as as I live, but oh, those cookies I used to bake!
    Sweetie isn’t it funny how we start divesting ourselves of things? I’ve also given away kitchen items that I know I won’t use again — I just don’t do the entertaining I used to and really have no family but Devoted Spouse so it’s kind of silly to hang on to all that fancy stuff. I remember all those years ago when we lived in Belgium and Devoted Spouse was active duty Air Force officer and I would make wonderful many-course meals for guests from other nations at formal sit down dinners at our home complete with all the china and sterling silver. Baking, cooking, everything from scratch. And always meals for Devoted Spouse, a true “meat and potatoes” guy. Not any more. We eat simple stuff now and life is much more quiet. I rather like it that way…hugs!

  7. Cookies…an instant feel-good for whatever ails! Personally, I go for the brownie bites…but, of course, 10 bites later and the whole tub is gone! Hey, maybe my dog ate them, too…haha!
    Feel better,
    What was that old commercial…Betcha can’t eat just one?? That’s me and cookies LOL Hugs!

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