Wordless Wednesday

Heard of The Foo Fighters? Meet The Flu Fighters!


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. EmmaLou is such a good care taker. Get well soon.
    thanks sweetie – she’s just the best to have around when u don’t feel good – she’s a snuggler.

  2. Please get well soon. I worry about you. But I know you are in good hands-EmmaLou and hubby will take good care of you. In my thoughts and prayers….Love ya lots!!!
    thanks hon – I worry about me, too – my immune system is shot — will this year ever end? LOL love ya tons!

  3. EmmaLou: Mom, if I had thumbs I’d open a can of chicken soup for you.
    It’s the cutest thing; she’s been bringing me her toys and laying them on my lap or next to me and then she’ll lay down close to me — as if to say, Mom, here’s a toy that might help you. I get such a kick out of my little fur Nurse!

  4. My heart goes out to you and I hope you get well soon. EmmaLou looks like she is making sure you are okay. That is so sweet in how she protects and worries about you.

    More prayers coming your way for you to feel better soon.

    God bless.
    thanks sweetie I need all the prayers I can get lately. EmmaLou is cuddling me constantly — dogs are so funny that way; they can tell you are sick and they just want to be with you — every time I lay on one of the couches there she is with her head on my lap or like the pic where I just laid down on her and she didn’t mind being the pillow at all. I was so cold and she’s so warm; she knows and just snuggles up to me. Devoted Spouse is also an excellent Nurse – he’s cooking all the soup and waiting on me hand and foot – what a guy! Hugs!

  5. Wish I was home on the couch with my dog & a fire in the fireplace. The sick part I’ll pass on:) Be well Sis.
    Gettin’ there. Hugs Sis!

  6. If I had a dog like that to take care of me, I think I’d feel better immediately.
    She is truly amazing – when I have a bad day all I have to do is look at those gorgeous brown eyes and I cheer up immediately. All you do is look her way and the tail starts to wag – she’s adorable.

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