10 thoughts on “NyQuil is a Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Please get well soon. Sending lots of hugs and get well wishes to you. I don’t get sick very often-but the girls do so I know as Dr. Mom how bad you can feel. Love ya bunches!!!
    thanks hon – feelin the love! right back atcha!

  2. I hope you get well soon. I hate colds, flu’s and all the illness’s around. I am glad that you are staying home and just wish other people who get sick would do the same. I try to run as far away from people I see who look sick and like they should be in bed.

    I too stay sick during these months and I am getting so leary of going out to public places. But then again I get a lot of colds and flu’s from the grandkids and other family members. Hubby hardly ever gets sick, but when he does, he is the worst patient to be around.

    Rest, take it easy, and get well soon. The pictures can wait, maybe this time is meant for you to just stay in bed and read those long directions on how to use the new camera. And in three or four days you will have them memorized. I still can’t figure out how to use half the features on any of my cameras. Maybe if I had read the directions then I would be able to take pictures with one of them. Doing the basics is all I can do. But then if I had any barns or places of interest to visit, I might learn how to use them better.

    Good thing though that I can use what comes in a box of Kleenex. I read the directions on the bottom of the box. It says that when tons of stuff stuffs up your nose, blow it loud and blow it proud!

    So I just wanted to tell you to blow the heck out of all that mucus stuff in your head, blow it loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and do it proudly, but please make sure not to scare EmmaLou. You gotta make sure your toes are kept nice and toasty.

    I will pray for you to get rid of this cold, and that you get well really quick. Oh and drink lots of water to flush all that crap out.

    God bless.
    How can one woman produce so much mucus? It makes no sense. I wish I had stock in the Kleenex company because I know in the last two days alone I have affected their bottom line. Blecchhhh.
    I’m drinking water, hot tea w/lemon and honey, cranberry juice, and I’m seriously considering adding some rum or vodka to some of it. Oh wait, that’s what the NyQuil is for…So much mucus I can’t think…

  3. Instead of making yourself sick every year so that you can justify drinking a little alcohol why don’t you just go grab yourself a little bottle of Jack and knock yourself out.

    I’m sure that God will forgive you.

    At least he’ll appreciate your humor.

    Be good.
    I am dangerously close to thinking perhaps God has it in for me this year…all damn year it’s been one thing after another – disasters, accidents, painful stuff, Friggin’ Shingles (WTH?) and now this flu. What totally pisses me off is we were supposed to go on vacation Wed for about 5 days or so — finally a chance for me and Devoted Spouse to get away and I could have had lots of fun…I mean with my camera you understand…and we had to cancel the trip because I’m too sick. I’m grabbing the Jack, and God and I can just guffaw together about this cosmic crap…

  4. I hope you get over this soon and yep, it sucks to be sick around the holidays. I was sick enough that I didn’t go up to KC with Hubby and Son last year and had a virtual Christmas with Daughter and SIL using the webcams on our computers. Sucked.

    Don’t rush it though and take care of yourself.
    I well remember you missed that trip and I felt so bad for you at the time. Well, I missed our vacation in North Carolina, but we can reschedule for another time. It sucks to be sick. Gives me more time with all the books on my new camera…

  5. Double your vitamin C intake, drink plenty of fluids, get lots of rest, and enjoy the love and care from Emmalou and DS. Get well soon!
    I just love these diets — soup, water, tea, juice. Blechhh. Tonight I’m fixing warm milk w/rum in it and batten down the hatches – if that doesn’t help me get some sleep, Devoted Spouse will just have to conk me on the head with my new camera! LOL Hugs!

  6. I used to keep track of the absenteeism of my staff for many years, and one day I noticed that every year I got sick on December 19th. It finally ended one year. That was bizarre. Anyway, I know it’s no fun being sick and I hope you feel better soon. And try to get some of that Tamiflu if it’s not too late.
    Thanks hon – too late; I’ve been fighting this for about 4 days now. I have a good nursing staff available 24/7 – Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou are taking good care of me!

  7. Are we passing this stuff though the computer?????….Last week when I was at the hospital with Mac and you were a wonderful support to me by the computer…..Yikes….I hope I did not do this!

    Be gone all bug!
    ……..And get to feeling better Cronie!
    Okay since we’ve established you sent this to me, get your butt over here with some homemade chicken soup!!! ROFL and ROFC (that’s rolling on floor coughing)…back to the couch now…hugs

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