Carbon Pawprints


It was only a matter of time until some pseudo-scientific brainiac with nothing better to do studied the ecological impact of man’s best friend.  According to an article in my daily newspaper, a study in New Zealand claims that a medium sized dog has a larger carbon footprint, I mean pawprint,  than an SUV.  Refresh my memory… New Zealand is known for what?  Oh, let’s see…nothing…except being the home to Xena Warrior Princess.

I read the article to EmmaLou, infamous medium-sized Golden Destroyer, and explained that her carbon pawprint was the equivalent of building and fueling a Toyota Land Cruiser but a cat’s carbon pawprint only equals that of a Volkswagon Golf.

EmmaLou rolled around on the carpet, sniffed her bottom, and then grinned as only a Golden Destroyer can.  She was very proud that she equaled a Land Cruiser and the cat only a VW Golf.

I tried to explain to her that this was not something she should be proud of.  EmmaLou quickly countered with how much trash Devoted Spouse and I deposit at the curbside every week while the only thing SHE deposits is biodegradable.  It isn’t her fault Devoted Spouse actually collects this biodegradable waste and puts it in with our curbside trash.  Hmmm, maybe I needed to rethink this.

I reminded her of all the water she wastes as she drinks from her large doggie water dish dripping tons of excess water from her doggie jowls everywhere, thus wasting another precious resource since I had to mop up the excess water with a paper towel which would then be deposited in the trash going to the curb.   EmmaLou reminded me she never asked me to put that bowl of water on the floor; she would be just as happy lapping from that lovely porcelain bowl that is attached permanently to the floor in the bathroom.  Hmmm, I needed to think about this some more.

I gently reminded EmmaLou of the manufacturing process involved in providing the lovely hypoallergenic doggie kibble she so greedily gobbles up and the amount of effort and resources that go into making her lovely meals.  She yawned and told me she’d be just as happy munching on the occasional varmint in the back yard and I could put the hypoallergenic kibble where the sun don’t shine.  Hmmm, I was not winning this argument.  I wanted her to decrease her carbon pawprint.  She wanted me to stop reading stupid articles outloud and get her toy out from under the couch.

I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere in this discussion.  After all, EmmaLou provides constant unconditional adoration, lots of hours of doggie entertainment, and is always happy to warm my feet.  Maybe I shouldn’t be too concerned about ecological pawprints.  I went to the kitchen in search of coffee.

Returning to my comfy chair I found the paper on the floor shredded to pieces. Laying in the midst was EmmaLou, grinning, her carbon pawprint firmly planted right on a newspaper mess equivalent to a Toyota Land Cruiser.


10 thoughts on “Carbon Pawprints

  1. Ya can’t get them to clean up after themselves either. But that’s okay, they loves us.
    Shoot I can’t get DS to clean up after himself, why should EmmaLou be any different?! LOL

  2. I am with EmmaLou on this one. While it is good to be green, we humans are the worse culprits. EmmaLou is adorable.
    She made me see her side of the story and she can leave as big a pawprint as she wants! I finally got my new Nikon – can’t wait to add some really good shots of her to the blog now.

  3. I think we can learn a lesson from EmmaLou – life’s simple pleasures are the best.
    Some of my most important lessons have come from EmmaLou. She is simplicity in its finest example.

  4. Ha.
    I log in on my poor old dusty blog (first time since Oct. 28) and without even reading my 8 unmoderated comments, I come straight here.
    Looks like I love your blog more than mine.
    Anyways, I’m heading over to your OTHER blog now…Parchment something…because I was thinking about the writing process, and want to share my thought with you…
    You have a much more busy life than I – you have a job and your man and Midget to take care of and also the other one…no one expects you to keep constant attention focused on your blog. I have the time to write — well, at least more than some, but not every day apparently. I’m glad you visit me — otherwise I would have to close the blogs and curl up in the fetal position and just wither away…Parchment something — giggle, giggle, don’t worry about remembering the name just click on it from this blog — it’s listed in my sidebar under My Other Blogs. Easy peasy. MUAH!

  5. I think EmmaLou knows that all those hypocrites complaining about her carbon pawprint have no right to say anything about her. She knows that just one trip in their private jets, uses up more carbon, then she will in her whole life. I think they should practice what they preach.

    A famous actor is complaining about the capitalist system we have here in America, that we need to change to a more socialist country, and put an end to the greed. Geez, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Due to the greed of these actors, actresses and sports athletes, or others who these companies pay such high endorsement fees, then the cost is past on to the consumer. The cost of everything is past on to the consumer. Between the constant government increases of taxes and everything else, it is no wonder we are having a recession.

    I say that we the consumer should stop buying things endorsed by these greedy famous people. If this actor gets a taste of his socialist living, then maybe he will be thankful for living in America, the land where we have endless possibilites out there in the world for us to succeed. If capitalism was so bad, would we not all be trying to leave our country.

    I think I am so tired of these people trying to tell us how we should live and what we need to change in our lives, while they just continue doing their hypocritical things.

    I vote for EmmaLou to be happy with whatever her carbon pawprint is. She has a beautiful carbon pawprint and I am so thankful that you share her with us. The way I see it, Emma is about love, she gives out purehearted love. Love is priceless and carbonless and it is the most beautiful gift that can be given. So whoever wrote that article, can take it, along with Al Gore, and stick it up their hypocritical butts. And look, EmmaLou was nice enough to shred it up to make it easier for them to do it.

    She is just too smart, a very smart dog. Please give her a big hug and a pat on the head from me. I think she also deserves a squirt of whip cream (if I could get some for her) for being so dang smart. I just love that dog.

    God bless.
    Hi sweetie – remember when all the smarmy actors (think Alex Baldwin) cried loudly that if George Bush were elected, they were moving to Canada…and then they didnt? Danged shame — I say we stop supporting all these overpaid athletes and superstars. Oh well. As for EmmaLou, that little rascal got some whipped cream last night as I squirted some on my sugar-free choc pudding – she loves her whipped cream spraying sessions even if we do tend to get whipped cream everywhere. Who cares? It makes her happy and it makes me laugh. I just love that dog, too. Can you tell? ROFWEL (that’s rolling on floor with EmmaLou). Hugs and blessings!

  6. What a fun present.
    Oh yeah — looks like the new laptop will have to wait a bit longer – I think a new power cord will solve the battery discharging issue and I can live with the missing quotation key awhile. I’d much rather have this camera anyway — it’s been a sh*tty year — I deserve a gift. (I love rationalizing!)

  7. From one Golden Destroyer to another. Let’s us dogs get a law past that will really end polution. A cork is to be placed in every politicians orfice (all) and left there until they float off into space. The expulsion from the planet of the hot noxious poluted air will be a major improvement to the environment. Either that or institute one of my old posts called “Fartology.” Emma Lou we’re mates. Sandy
    *raises paw in air for a high five (four?)* EmmaLou

  8. If you look (but why waste the time) you will find an argument against just about anything and everything. It will hasten the demise of the world as we know it or cause cancer or warts or some such nonsense.

    Freddie and Marvin aren’t hurting anyone and neither is EmmaLou.
    Amen, Sistah!

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