To Tweet or Not to Tweet or My Life in 140 Characters


I’ve reluctantly joined the rest of the 21st century in signing up for various social networks.  I enjoy Twitter and of course I’m a blogaholic, but I’m not that enamored of FaceBook – I’m there but I have ALL the privacy boxes checkmarked so none of my stuff is visible to the public.  And I think I have less than 20 friends — it’s almost not worth signing in.   Even my church has a FB page now and is encouraging all the congregation to “spiritually” network.  I haven’t decided about that yet.  Sometimes I feel a bit stifled by having my pastors as FB friends – like God is looking back at me through the screen “Careful what you type, Linda, I’m watching.”    Then again these people have read my blogs and they know I”m a totally flawed human being who is nowhere near to reaching any state of holiness and they probably (and rightfully) suspect I’m slightly off kilter so to speak.  But I’m getting off subject…

While I have made tons of super bloggy friends and many of us are Tweeting away on a daily basis, I’m absolutely perplexed at the amount of people who want to follow me.  These are not your average folks – nor do the vast majority have the slightest interest in common with me except perhaps the fact we both have access to the online world.  I suspect I am just in the list of thousands of twitterers who get followed simply to allow other tweeters to load up their numbers.  Who really cares how many people follow you?  I don’t, but I guess in some circles this is important.

Today I noticed my followers had increased again and for at least the 10th time my “friend” Britney is back.  Now for all my Twitter buds, you know who I’m talking about — the broad who is holding on to what we all euphemistically refer to as “the microphone”.  I have blocked this broad over and over and still she finds me and follows my tweets – I’m not real crazy about being twitter-stalked by a porn queen I can assure you.

I also have some new friends who want to train me in various ways to get rid of my anxiety and stress.  I’ve found a great stress reliever is to block them.  Muahahahaha.  This morning a kitchen supplier, a puzzle maker and Outdoor Tent Supply also decided to follow me — what could I be tweeting that is of any possible interest to them?  Dunno.

TVOnlineforFree just showed up – from the Netherlands — why me?  I also have some folks who want to help me grow my business.  What business?  I don’t have a business and even if I did I’m not sure that’s any of their business.

Block, block, block.  Gotta expect some goofballs and porn queens to sneak in amongst the good tweeps.  Social networking is getting a little too social — but blocking is as close to a Twitter condom as I’ve found.  Dear Twitter — please work on this.  Thank you.


5 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not to Tweet or My Life in 140 Characters

  1. I am listening to Auntie and never going to start twittering or tweeting or whatever it is called. Okay, well actually I think my life is too boring and I think that people wanting to know that I woke up, went to the bathroom, ate breakfast in the early afternoon, went back to the bathroom, turned on the news, went back to the bathroom, maybe checked my e-mail, went back to the bathroom……

    Important Newsflash……

    Earthquake just happened, while I was sitting here typing…..Not a big one, I hope and it just lasted for a few seconds, but big enough to jerk me and the house…….

    End of Important Newsflash….

    …..maybe open the blinds to let some sunshine in, back to the bathroom to take a shower or soak in the bathtub Jacuzzi for two hours, get out, get ready to cook dinner if I feel like it, okay I do not feel like it, go check computer again, watch more news, make sure DVR is set to record, back to the computer, eat dinner if hubby cooked it, talk to hubby, more news, go to the bathroom, watch DVR recordings while messing around with things on the computer, searching for some snacks, hmmm, eating snacks, more TV and more computer time, then back to sleep but back to the bathroom first.

    Wow that was a very busy day. Hehe…

    I live such a boring life that if I tweeted about it, I would have to probably be arrested for causing all kinds of chaos out there in Tweetland. People would be falling asleep while driving, others would be jumping off bridges and buildings to escape my tweets. It would be the end of cell phone life as we know it, because everyone else will be smashing the damn things to stop my tweets because the Twitter condoms can’t stop my super duper boring tweets from getting through.

    I was just wondering if that Free Online TV from the Netherlands is in the Dutch language? And the porn stalker, I am sorry, but was LOL at that one. Your tweet stalkers sound a lot like my e-mail stalkers. Too much porn for one person to comprehend.

    God bless.
    Yikes earthquake – that’s why I don’t want to move to CA. I think u would have fun w/Twitter – all your bloggy friends are there and we all have a good time bantering back and forth. The biggest issue I see with you twittering my dearest friend is you are limited to 140 characters and we all know limiting you to 140 characters would be nigh on impossible! LMAO But it is fun! Except for the microphone girl – block, block, block. Hugs and smoochies – have a fun weekend! Hope that shoulder is better.

  2. The only people I block from following my Twitter account are the people who insist on using a photo of their bits and pieces as their ID photo. Anyone who has a photo of their freshly Brazilian waxed hoo-hoo isn’t anyone I want to be associated with thankyouverymuch.

    Other than that, I don’t really care all that much who follows me since I don’t return the favor unless it’s someone I know.
    I’m with you – I block the porno queens and don’t follow the majority of those who follow me.

  3. LOL! Excess porno spam was the reason I started blocking my tweets, too! Gonna close it down altogether though since I’m not as active lately.

    FB, on the other hand, I enjoy much better. Whatever you preference for networking, don’t you find you’ve pretty much wasted hours upon
    hours and curse it all to heck….BUT, it’s addicting and we can’t help it!!! 🙂
    you are right – it is addictive and that’s why very soon I’m gonna back off the electronic world a bit. First step is to deactivate my Facebook account because to me it’s a waste of time – my friends know how to find me on email or here in the blog and I really see no need to update the world on my status – I usually am just doing the same old thing. LOL

  4. When I first got started with FB I spent A LOT of time there. But that was pre-blogging….now I spend A LOT of time here. I tweet, too, but never got the hang of that. Too much of….”I’m drinking a cup of coffee” or “I’m going to take a pee” for my liking.

    To each his own.
    And that’s what makes the world go round…I love to Twitter but I try and get online when others I know are there so we can chat back and forth. Me and FB are about to part ways…very soon… I don’t believe I’ve ever Twittered, “I’m going to take a pee.” ROFL

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