I’m So ADD I’m Driving ME Crazy With It


Didja ever have one of those days when you just weren’t satisfied with anything you were doing?  That was my day Tuesday.  No matter what I started, I couldn’t complete.  I began tidying up the kitchen, then decided to stop and have more coffee.  I sat down at the laptop and played on Twitter then felt like surfing the web for news. I even went to update my status on my FaceBook page only to tell the world I had no status.  I rapidly left FaceBook and returned to the news.  I had enough news and then I wanted to do the crossword — I started that and gave it up as soon as I hit the first snag.

It was like this all day — up and down, in this room and that room.  I began cleaning out a dresser drawer that I have been meaning to get to for the longest time — it’s one of those drawers that should hold something normal like socks, but has ended up being filled to the brim with things like receipts from purchases made at Target in 2003, old eyeglass cases, an empty wallet (darnitall), old credit cards I haven’t gotten around to cutting up yet — a junk drawer.  I even found the sales receipt and warranty for our dishwasher — what the blue blazes was that doing in my dresser drawer?

I couldn’t sit still.  I spent an inordinate amount of time outside watching the housepainters and wondering to myself had I made the right decisions on the colors – the yellow is soft and lovely, but the blue is a little bluer than I thought it would be.  I sort of freaked out momentarily because most of the houses in our neighborhood are kind of dull and bland and ours is really going to stand out — do I want that?  The more I looked at the blue the better I liked it.  The hell with the neighbors and their boring bland beige houses – our house is gonna pop and be happy and full of sunshine.  But, just for a moment I was filled with paint buyer’s remorse and that’s not a fun feeling.  I’m okay now — the blue WILL go on.  And yes, I’ll post before and after pics when they get done – another week or so.

What else…I tried to read — good grief I must have picked up 5 different books and read pieces of each – couldn’t concentrate; I’d read the same paragraph over and over.  I started another story for my Parchment Monkey blog but got stuck and decided to file it away for a later time.  I worked on a poem – blechh.  I dragged out some craftwork.  Meh… I tried to take a nap but my mind was going a thousand miles an hour telling me things I should be doing.  I filled up my To Do list and had to start a new page.

I did online research on the camera I want to buy — I managed to narrow it down to either a Canon or a Nikon but that’s as far as I got – there’s alot of information to digest and I couldn’t concentrate.  Then I started researching new laptops because suddenly I also have developed a battery issue.  I debated with Devoted Spouse whether or not when I find the new laptop if we should take this one out to the back yard and make a video of me destroying it with a sledgehammer.  I voted for the destruction video.  I thought about chainsaws — my friend Doug could bring his humongous chainsaw out and destroy it with that but that might be dangerous with metal pieces flying everywhere.  Gah…I couldn’t concentrate on one single thing all day!  Thoughts were going through my head faster than kibble goes through EmmaLou (and that’s pretty fast).

I ordered another book online from Amazon.com.  I made a ham salad sandwich then didn’t want it and gave most of it to EmmaLou.   I went out shopping but couldn’t find anything (except another book) to buy.  I stopped at Panera’s for bagels for the morning’s breakfast.  After being out in the world only about 45 minutes, I simply drove home.

I hate days like this — there is no sense of accomplishment and there is no sense of fun or relaxation either.  I’m just all over the place today and I would like tomorrow to be better.  Oh wait – I DVRd every UFO Hunter show (the History channel was having a marathon) today so on Wednesday I will treat myself to a few of those.  That should help – nothing like a little UFOlogy to hold my attention.  Oooh look a special on Bigfoot.



11 thoughts on “I’m So ADD I’m Driving ME Crazy With It

  1. I feel like this most everyday. Especially when out in the “real world” I get tired of human interaction pretty much instantly
    I do too pretty much, but I work hard on controlling it. Today the voices got away from me. LOL Thanks for visiting!

  2. Haha yes I have to control it too otherwise I would have daily panic attacks on the floor at the gas station. You are welcome, and I will be back I have enjoyed everything I have read so far.
    With ADD I always bite off more than I can chew and then I make myself even crazier – for example my newest blog (shameless plug) Parchment Monkey ———-> it’s listed over on the right hand side of blog somewhere. Me and my bright ideas – make more work for myself, LOL. I liked your blog – I’m gonna link you – but tomorrow, coz I’m off to bed now or else I’ll be on this computer all night. Grins

  3. I have those days a lot lately. Maybe the change of seasons….I dunno.
    I have always been this way – I’m the epitome of the dreamer and it’s way past time I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Problem is I never grew up and I don’t plan on starting now. I think I like my unstructured unstable life because it’s never boring and I never know what I’ll fall into next – kinda like Alice…Change of seasons, now that’s a whole other kettle of fish – winter and darkness and the other Linda takes over – the one who broods and isn’t nearly as funny as the world may think she is because she is sun-deprived. Dangitall I wish I could afford to sell this house and move south. One of these days….

  4. I kind of live like this, so I make deals with myself – take 5 items of clothing out of the dryer; put 5 dishes away; keep going like this. I have a friend who also does this and he said he sees it like leading an orchestra where eventually everything comes together the way it should. I love that thought.
    Interesting idea.

  5. So are you saying that we are supposed to accomplish something each day? Hehe, if so, I am in trouble.

    Hubby says the only thing I accomplish each day is to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. I cannot figure out what more he wants from me. I mean does he think I am going to cook, clean, or get a job. Like any of that is ever going to happen. He just lives in some kind of dream world. He needs to wake up and smell the roses and then clean the house, cook the dinner, do the laundry, wash the dishes, change the sheets, pay the bills, clean the bathrooms, vacuum the floors, well you know, all the things I used to do before I decided to just eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom.

    Okay, I’m just kidding, kinda, well actually I did those things before my shoulder injury and surgery. But I know what you mean about having those days where it seems like you get nothing accomplished. It does seem like I have been having so many of those days this last year. Then when I try to sleep I keep thinking about all the things I should have done and still need to do. Then I get up and all I seem to do is “eat” and “go to the bathroom”, then back to “sleep”. Maybe hubby knows me better than I do.

    But at least I am doing my physical therapy exercises on most days. LOL.

    I hope you have a lot of better days coming up. And you seem to accomplish a lot more than I do. Can’t wait to see the pics of the house newly painted. Colors sound cool to me.

    God bless.
    Maybe some days God just wants me to spin my wheels…

  6. LOL. Love the shampoo. Where can I buy it?

    What you described is pretty much what I do every weekend. Start new projects, start cleaning up, make a to do list, and then do nothing. Take naps, watch movie etc.

    Give yourself a break. And I love your new blog so don’t you dare stop that.

    Oh I have a Nikon and I love it. If you have questions, let me know.

    Looking forward to the computer smashing video:)
    I do have questions – and I’m leaning toward a Nikon D5000 or D3000 – anything else is too expensive and I really can’t afford these right now but I want to be able to take better pictures. Send me an email with your recommendations if you can. Thx.

  7. This is so funny! I have many days like this!
    If I’m not working and I know my day is open, there’s no sense of urgency so I bop from one thing to the next….like now…this is my 10th visit to the computer and it’s only 10 am!!!

    Great post!
    Lynn 😉
    Oh sweetie I’m so glad I’m not alone – I’d start a club for us but no one would show up because we’d all be too distracted at the time!! LOL

  8. You live the life that quite a few of us that are retired go through. I also get bored easily unless something really catches my interest then I can be totally OCD about it.

    I really have a difficult time with housework. I can stand doing about 15 min. tops, then I walk away. Hate it, always have and I’m not gonna sweat a little dust.

    Daughter is more OCD about housecleaning but that will be interesting to see how long that lasts now that Miss Morgan is around. She should hopefully go home on Sat. if she gets back to her birth weight.
    I do need more to do; it’s because I’m not in class and I’m antsy. When I go back in Jan my time will not be my own anymore as I have two very difficult classes coming up in the next two semesters. Love the subject; getting tired of the expense and the work. I hate housework and I don’t mind a little dust. I try and keep things picked up – I have Gretchen the Immaculate come in every other week to do a thorough housecleaning but I really can no longer afford her. She’s been with me for years and I can’t bring myself to let her go. Gah…. I’m praying for Morgan – I know she will be just fine!!!

  9. I think most adults have ADD and don’t know it…
    Your day sounds like mine with a 4 hour interval of work thrown in(and I act the same at work..lol!)
    I too loved the cartoon of the psychological shampoos…LOLOL!

    If only the shampoo worked…sigh…I’m all over the place lately and it’s disturbing. I need to get this out of my system before school starts up again in January so I guess I’ll quit fighting it and try to revel in the agony of bouncing all over the place. gah….

  10. Yep, I have those days also-a lot lately. Feel so unfulfilled when I am like that and hate it. I feel like I am just wasting a day that I can never get back-but lists I am great at. And seeing the other posts-we are not alone! So I guess that is some comfort. And sometimes I just want to hide away from the world for awhile and let it spin on without me-you know?
    Hope you find the camera and computer you want. I can’t help you in that dept. and I loved the shampoo cartoon….Today I have just been mindlessly channel surfing or watching reruns of stuff I have seen trillions of times. Hope tomorrow will be better for us all!!
    I hate the fact that I waste so much time because I am running out of days of my life – it is so short and I have thrown away so much. Lists? I make tons of them and then I don’t look at them. Explain that to me please. Ridiculous. Sometimes I want to hide, too, Jackie and I truly fight it. But then again I really have no family (‘cept the best Devoted Spouse in the world) so I have no place to put my energy — like children, or grandchildren or cousins even. I do have EmmaLou but she flat out refuses to wear any clothes I make for her, she is not a dog who wishes to be dressed up in anything other than her own gorgeous golden fur. I am not healthy enough yet to go to work, even if there were any jobs. I should volunteer and go help someone else — that might help my ADD — you have to focus when you are helping others. Hugs to the twins, howdy to your hubs, and a big hug to you sweetie – love ya!

  11. Didja ever have one of those days when you just weren’t satisfied with anything you were doing?
    Yes, every day since first coming down with a case of shingles around my right eye, over the forehead and well up into my upper scalp. I’ve really had it much easier than others I’ve heard about, but where did all that boundless energy go that I was fortunate to bring with me well into my old age? Glad I have “Online” friends such as you to help me “stay in touch” when I’m not up to getting out.
    I really feel for you as I’m still recovering from my own bout of shingles – awful stuff. I’m always here for you Mary – and hopefully most of the time I can make you smile. We just both need to get our health back!!! Hugs!

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