Capital Punishment With a Capital P


Today is an important day; it is a momentous occasion, albeit sad.   Today is the execution of the D.C. Sniper, the man who convinced a child to help him kill many people.  This madman and his accomplice calmly shot people  in various areas around the D.C. metropolitan area in 2002.    I know this  because I was there at the time of the Sniper attacks.

I was on one of my usual yearly visits to northern Virginia to see my best girlfriend, Kathy.  The attacks started and we simply could not believe it – what was going on?  He shot folks as they went about their ordinary lives — out shopping.  He picked them off one by one.  We were advised to “weave” as we walked across a shopping center parking lot.  Yeah, “weave”.  To say this was frightening does not come close.  It was a terror attack plain and simple and you never knew where he was gonna hit next.  People were being shot from long range while filling their cars with gas at the local gas stations.

And of course what did I need?  Gas.  (no, Auntie, not THAT kind).  We were glued to the tv set listening to the coverage of these horrible crimes unfolding before our very eyes.  This was not a one-time thing – this was planned and it took a long time and alot of lives were lost.  B*stard.  What really bothered me was he had a child with him; a child with a gun whom he brainwashed and trained to be a killer.

I remember realizing that I simply had to put gas in my car even though I was a bit frightened.  When I got to the local gas station, the station owner had erected a tarp around the gas pumps so no one could actually see you pump your gas.  What a sad commentary.  Let me tell you I broke all speed records getting gas into that car and getting out of that station.

Today this monster is to be executed in the state of Virginia.  Today the scales of justice will balance again.  Today I believe John Allen Muhammad aka the Sniper has alot of explaining to do as he meets his Maker and I hope his Maker puts him on the express elevator going DOWN.


7 thoughts on “Capital Punishment With a Capital P

  1. OMG! How scary. I only watched it on TV but it must have been so scary to actually be there.
    Yep it was a bit bizarre. It didn’t stop me though; I just paid more attention to where I was and I prayed alot!

  2. and things in Washington have only gotten more bizarre since
    they always were bizarre but the last time I visited when Mom died a few months ago, I decided it would be a long time before I returned – people are too stressed – traffic insane — crowded — and nobody speaks English anymore!!! Too many strange people and excuse me but what were they thinking when they redesigned the Wilson Bridge – I had no flippin idea where I was! Bizarre. And we’re not EVEN gonna talk about the political nonsense…

  3. Justice will be served today. Too bad it took 7 years. Hang ’em in the street I say!
    I agree and it irritates me to no end that we the taxpayers fed and housed him for those 7 years. I think he should be taken outside and slowly shot and left to die because that’s what he did to so many; not to mention the terror aspect of just scaring the crap out of the rest of us!

  4. I didn’t know you were there at that time. I can only just imagine how scary that was for you and your friends-and then having to get gas.
    We need to put them all to death that do these terrible things-and immediately after they are sentenced! Justice needs to be served then. Why should they be allowed to live when others haven’t because of them.
    It seems like every time I take a trip to the D.C. area something bizarre happens – the last time was a few months ago and it was a horrible trip coz Mom was dying and I was having issues with the stepfamily and my back was KILLING me, so I just came home and didn’t even take the time to visit with friends – I checked out of the hotel early and drove home – here in OH where life is somewhat normal…somewhat…LOL

  5. Ironically, it was at 9:11 EST when John Muhammad was pronounced dead. He should be, right about now, experiencing horror at realizing that something in the Koran must have been terribly misinterpreted as he finds himself intertwined in the scaly arms of his 72-year old black-hearted virgin smothering him with kisses from her putrid pus-filled cankerous demon lips. Enjoy your reward, Muhammad. Perhaps Nidal Malik Hasan will be along soon and you can enjoy a threesome with him and your new love.
    As a Christian woman I have no doubt that God will take the appropriate action as He deems. Thanks for visiting.

  6. We need to have those Chinese Death Wagons driving through our towns. Not that they even stop the crazy religious fanatics. These people are insane and nothing seems to deter them from their goal.

    So sorry you had to go through this. I imagine it was something similiar to what we went through with the Rodney King riots. Everyone was afraid to leave their houses and then afraid for those that had to leave. I am glad that you are armed and dangerous for anyone who comes into your house. I am seriously thinking of getting something too. I have heard that this can be a deterrent. Very sad that any of us have to do this.

    Oh and ditto to what everyone else said. I am so glad you were safe. And you know D.C. is bizarre with all those politicans walking around. Okay, gonna stop now.

    God bless.
    I am pro guns and I (and Devoted Spouse) am a Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and proud of it. We protect our own and will protect anyone else, too. Yes, it was a bit rattling being there and knowing that at any time while I was out shopping or running errands for my friend, I could be the victim of the Sniper. Now he’s dead and that’s one less nutcase our taxes have to house, feed, and provide health care.

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