I Can’t Keep Worrying About H1N1 – Enough Already!

Clara Barton

Clara Barton photo from National Archives

Everywhere I go I am bombarded by warnings about flu – get a shot, get a shot, get a shot.  Sneeze into your elbow, cover your mouth, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer.  It’s a pandemic.  The sky is falling.

Okay, I understand there is alot of sickness out there and I am truly horrified at those who are dying from complications of flu, particularly the children.  But stop trying to cause a panic.  Let’s all calm down and simply take some precautions.

Why does this come to mind now?  Because even though I have not had a flu shot, I do wash my hands alot, and I use hand sanitizer and I try to stay away from sick people (having recently been quite sick with a viral infection myself, my immune system is not what it should be).  And, when I’m sick I stay home.  These are normal precautions.   But what really made me stop and realize that you simply cannot plan for every possibility was what happened at church Sunday.

Sunday was communion day.  We take communion by walking up to people who hold out trays which contain little plastic cups of grape juice and trays containing little broken pieces of communion wafers (think Saltines without the salt).  Now everyone walks up and takes a little plastic cup — I’m okay with that.  But then each one of these people also walk over and put their possibly germy hands into the open tray containing the communion pieces and fish one out, thus leaving their germs on other pieces of communion wafers.  So what can we do about that?  Offer consecrated individually wrapped packs of Saltines instead?  I’m not trying to be sacrilegious here, I’m just saying we can’t possibly cover all the bases. Sometimes I even find myself holding my breath when someone in the congregation close to me sneezes – oh good grief.

There will be germs.  Let’s just do the best we can and not overcompensate please.  If you need a hug, you can bet your sweet patootie I am still going to give you a hug.  Flu or no flu.  And I’m going to continue to take my vitamins, eat healthy, drink lots of fluids and hope I don’t get the flu.  But I am as of right this moment not going to worry about it any  more.


6 thoughts on “I Can’t Keep Worrying About H1N1 – Enough Already!

  1. I have decided to just do the best I can do to keep my family well and go with that. You can only do so much then it becomes obsessive behavior. And I cross the line in that way too many times-trying to work on that part. Germs are everywhere and you can only do so much. But we do the vitamins, echinacea and stuff-so whatever happens will happen.
    Do the best you can, ask God to keep us all safe and healthy, and press on. Hugs to you and the fam!

  2. Flu viruses have been around for centuries and during that time people have died from the flu. We had almost this bad of a who-ha when swine flu was the big deal. Common sense is always the best prevention and while it is worrisome that people are passing away from this it is a normal progression.

    I refuse to get that worried about it other than I don’t want my grand baby coming down with it since she was just born and is still having some problems.
    I’m with ya 100%

  3. I gave up trying to protect myself as (1) my son came down with a temp of 104, I took him to urgent care and the dr said it’s Type A – I said so it’s not H1N1 and he said no (then I read that H1N1 is a strain of Type A flu, and I’m sure that’s what he had; and (2) everyone at work is sick and we’re all passing stuff back and forth to each other. So que sera sera.
    Ah yes the one reason I’m happy not to be in a cubicle farm anymore – the constant passing around of the colds/flu – I was always sick with something. Glad I don’t work at a school either or I’d be bringing it home all the time. For now I’m just crossing fingers and trying to stay out of crowds. Hah – like that’s gonna work! LOL

  4. Some people are in such a panic about getting this flu, that one of the trucks carrying the vaccines was hijacked. This is just getting ridiculous. They said that from now on all the trucks will have to have police escorts. This is total insanity that criminals think they can make a profit on people’s fear.

    The best way to stop this flu from spreading is for people who are sick to stay home and away from other people.

    And I guess if I get it, and die, then it must have been my time. When God decides it is my time, then it is my time. Our life lies in his hands.

    God bless.
    For too long now our society has tended to overreact to all sorts of situations. I think it’s the post 9/11 attitude – we are always in “scared” position and ready to jump at the slightest noise. I’m not downplaying the seriousness of flu but I’m saying the media has caused people to stand outside drug stores in lines for hours because they are afraid. I’m tired of being afraid. I’m trusting the Lord to take care of me. Amen.

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