It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas…Too Soon

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The day after Halloween was the day I saw my first tv commercial with a Christmas theme.  I was horrified – it’s Autumn and our thoughts are beginning to turn to Thanksgiving and I’m seeing Christmas commercials.

It’s not like Christmas hasn’t been presented to me already — the wrapping paper and decorations were already in some of the stores before Halloween – there oughta be a law…

But now I’m being treated to little cell phones hanging on a Christmas garland dancing across my tv screen courtesy of Radio Shack (excuse me…The Shack–who are they kidding?)  A Kohl’s commercial has people with heavy sweaters and coats on and there’s snow – ick, snow included.  Couldn’t I have had just a bit more peaceful time to enjoy Fall before being bombarded by Holiday Songs???  How sick of Christmas will we be by the time it actually arrives.

On the 3rd of November a treat arrived in the mail.  It was a Christmas Card from Sears.  I kid you not – they actually mailed us a Christmas Card and, of course, mentioned they were having some dandy holiday sales.  Holiday sales?  On the 3rd of November?  Perish the thought.

Bah humbug.  I used to love Christmas.  The commercialism begins earlier each year and each year it almost becomes a chore — get out there and get those gifts purchased before hordes of people are all vying for a parking spot and the lines are long in the stores.  I’m over it.

A Christmas Card on the 3rd of  November.  Of all the nerve.  They could have at least wished me a Happy Thanksgiving first.


10 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas…Too Soon

  1. Oh heck, there have been commercials for Christmas on since September especially for toys.

    As for Christmas music playing everywhere, I’m already sick of it.

    Just call me Scrooge, bah humbug.
    Apparently I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t see commercials for toys in September; I did see Christmas wrapping paper show up at the discount stores in September and that angered me to no end. We have destroyed the beauty of Christmas in the name of the almighty dollar and I am just not in the mood this year for all the nonsense. Our Christmas celebration will be a quiet one this year.

  2. Our Walmart and Dollar Stores already has Wrapping Paper out 3 weeks before Halloween, On the day before Halloween Walmart had taken it upon them selves to shove the remaining remnants of Halloween Decor into a little corner and the Employees were stocking the shelves with lights and Ornaments and lawn decor I’m no scrooge but at least wait until Thanksgiving is over before shoving another Holiday in our faces
    I agree completely.

  3. I feel like I’m being assaulted by candy canes everywhere I go. I spent this afternoon at the BEACH. It was beautiful, warm, weather. I do not want to hear one more song about having a white Christmas until December. (By “white” Christmas … do they mean white sand at the beach?)
    I would be quite happy to have a white sandy Christmas!

  4. This being a beautiful weekend here, I just want to enjoy fall and not think about driving over ice. I do not like seeing all the Christmas stuff for sale. I also just want to enjoy the season.
    I wish I had the answer to stopping this nonsense but I don’t so I will choose to ignore it as much as possible until I’m ready to think about Christmas.

  5. We have all decided to have a low-key Christmas and I have got all my shopping done. It’s easy when you can buy it online, get it wrapped and shipped to you ready to go. We don’t know how much work Hubby will get around the holidays and the first of the year, kids just had the baby and son is off of work for 2 weeks at holiday with no pay. Just isn’t worth going over board for and grand baby has no clue this year anyway.
    We’re in same boat – I’m not quite healthy enuf to return to work – looking into other avenues for some extra cash like eBay or selling some of my photos – yep, lean Christmas here and to DS’s kids. It’s more important to me to remember WHY we celebrate Christmas anyway. 🙂

  6. I agree-it started here in TX in September. And they talked about it on tv saying they were going to start early to try and get everyone to think abut Christmas early because of the recession. To me it only depresses you more if you don’t have it to spend on Christmas! Poor Halloween, and Thanksgiving just got shoved aside since they didn’t really count this year-they talked about less being spent on Halloween and Thanksgiving this year-and are worried no one will spend much this year at Christmas-right about that. There is even a Christmas commercial for whitening strips for your teeth! Who woulda thunk it!!!
    I think it IS depressing because so many can’t afford Christmas this year. With the year we’ve had and the things we still need (like a new laptop since mine is truly dying and I NEED one for school) Devoted Spouse and I are really cutting back. I refuse to listen to the commercials and bleep them all out now and I don’t even listen to the radio for fear of hearing Christmas music – but every story I go in has Christmas everywhere – blechhh.

  7. The way I see it is if everyone just refuses to buy Christmas related items before Thanksgiving then the greedy money hungry retailers will eventually be forced to stop this silliness. I, for one, am going to spend as little as possible this year and every year from now on until they stop doing this.

    Christmas is about Jesus’s birthday and not about how many gifts one gives or receives. It is also about showing love for your friends and family. I know that some people think that this is the time to help those in need. Whereas, I think that this should be done all year round. It is funny how they only put the food contribution boxes out during this time of year. We never see them during the rest of the year. Do they think people are only hungry during the Holidays?

    I was watching a program once, where it showed that the families of our military do not make enough money to buy food for the entire month and that many have to apply for food stamps. Or they have to go to food banks to supplement their food budgets, especially the ones who have more than one child. I remember those days when the end of the month would come and we would hope that we still had enough money to buy food for that last week of each month. I had to learn how to stretch every penny and watch every penny spent for food. Then for each meal I would cook meals where sometimes one piece of meat was used to feed us all. Those were very lean times. And even after hubby got out, I spent years doing the same thing.

    If our taxes continue to go up, I have a funny feeling that many of us will have to go back to living that way. The sad thing that will come out of this is that those food contribution boxes will be harder to get filled up. It seems to me that we are all having a harder time, struggling to make ends meet, while our politicans are spending and spending, like they have a bottomless well of money coming in through our taxes. Then greedy companies want the rest of our money, and continue to raise their prices.

    I saw a sign somewhere that said, “Work harder and longer, the government needs more money!”. This is sadly a true statement.

    I think I am ready to go on welfare, maybe we would have more money to spend on Christmas.

    When will the change come? It already has, it is just not the change we had hoped for. We can change our Christmas though. We can change our spending during this time. We can spend less and less and less. And if we change then maybe we will force those government thiefs to change. I want to get paid what they do, $174,000 a year, for doing nothing but spending other people’s money. And then get free medical and retirement for life at full pay. Vote for your own pay raises and the amount you want. Is it only me who sees something wrong with this picture. And then they put our military in harm’s way to fight and die, so they can continue to spend even more. I think they should get a cut in pay and they should have to pay more to our men and women in the military.

    Okay, I better get off this subject, cause I really hate political thiefs.

    Christmas to politicians, geez, how did I go there? It must be that I am so p*ssed off about the extra 10% the state of California is now taking out of each paycheck to pay for their spending habits. Yup, this will be a very lean Christmas this year.

    God bless.
    I have nothing to add because u said it all and very well, too. I agree with you !00%. It all saddens me. I’m gonna make Jesus a birthday cake this year – how about that? Bet you won’t find alot of birthday cakes on Christmas. But that’s what we’re supposed to be celebrating – His birth – oh I know it wasn’t technically in Dec but who cares? We are having a small Christmas – mainly because I have spent far too much $$ this year on my health issues, my house which is falling apart, and now I have to replace this laptop very fast as it is dying a horrible death.
    Happy flippin’ holidays…Hugs anyway!

  8. PS….sorry for the book, again.
    Stop apologizing – I was getting worried because I hadn’t had any comments from you lately. Email me soonest please!

  9. I am from the UK, and in september the supermarkets were having advent calenders and whole aisles dedicated to xmas stuff. its rele sickening, the companies cannot stop. Xmas is too commercial its all about the £££/$$$
    It just takes so much of the fun out of it because by the time it’s a week or two before Christmas we’re just sick to death of the whole idea! Stupid marketers. Thanks for stopping by.

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