Forklift Fail or You Think You Had a Bad Day?

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9 thoughts on “Forklift Fail or You Think You Had a Bad Day?

  1. holy crap!
    Holy crap indeed. This was on the news some time ago and as I recall this warehouse incident involved about 100,000 bottles of vodka — lends new meaning to the term “smashed.”

  2. I saw that on the news and it makes one wonder how safe we all are when we go to any of these warehouse types of stores. I have heard that there have been accidents and people have gotten hurt. I really hope that the shelves are built a little bit more sturdy in these types of stores. I think that when they rebuild those storage shelves, maybe they will be built a little stronger. I think I would be scared to drive a forklift again if I was that guy.

    God bless.
    I have a feeling the decision to drive a forklift was taken away from him.

  3. PS….I have now added a picture of a man-bra on my “Killer Bra” post. Funny how until recently I never knew they existed.
    Shall have to visit since I have never seen one and not sure I need to…

  4. Did you hear that was like $170,000 worth of vodka? Hell, I’ve got that much in my basement.
    Yeah I put that in an earlier comment – why couldn’t it have been a warehouse of Slim Jims or porkrinds or some such icky stuff.

  5. OMG! That’s awful. From now on, I’m steering clear of the forklift guy in Costco.
    It also makes me think twice about how high the shelving is at places like Sam’s or Costco or even WallyWorld – when they come down someone’s gonna get hurt.

  6. Sort of reminds me of your quote of the day…
    I’m glad you noticed that — I had been waiting for just the right post even though I’ve had that quote there for awhile because I like it so much – yes, this definitely matched! LOL

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