There’s a Reason for Minimum Wage

demons of stupidity (2)I don’t mean to hurt the feelings of all those nice people who work for minimum wage but sometimes minimum wage just makes sense.

Take my recent breakfast run to McDonald’s (which I don’t make often).  Devoted Spouse wanted two sausage biscuits and I knew if I didn’t have a McSkillet Burrito for breakfast I would surely die.

Seeing no one in the drive up lane, I was so happy – this was going to be a breeze.  Silly me.

Disembodied voice coming through speaker:  May I help you?

Me:  I’d like two sausage biscuits and one McSkillet Burrito please.

Disembodied voice:  Okay that’s a sausage biscuit and a sausage burrito?

Me:  No, TWO sausage biscuits and a McSkillet burrito, not a sausage burrito.

Disembodied voice:  Okay two sausage biscuits and a McSkillet burrito.  What kind of McSkillet burrito you want, steak or sausage?

Me:  Sausage please

Disembodied voice:  So that’s two sausage biscuits and a sausage burrito.

Me:  NO, NO, NO – a sausage McSkillet burrito, NOT a sausage burrito (there’s a biiiig difference).

I looked at the automated ordering board and saw:  2 McSkillet burritos, 2 sausage biscuits.  I banged my head on the dashboard and realized I was going to have to start again and speak slowly and calmly.

Me:  Let’s start this again, shall we?  I would like 1 sausage McSkillet burrito and 2 plain sausage biscuits and that’s all.

Disembodied voice:  Oh,  you mean 2 sausage biscuits and a McSkillet burrito?

Me:  YES (sighing and thinking finally she has it.)

Disembodied voice:  What kind of McSkillet burrito you want — steak or sausage?

At that point I simply pulled around to the window so I could explain to her face to face what I did and did not want.  She finally got it right and grinned at me as she took my money.  I realized this was a young woman who had probably just barely made it through high school and I decided to cut her a break and so I smiled back and thanked her (and said a prayer that no one did her bodily harm that day as she was surely pressing her luck.)

I pulled up to the pickup window – the lady there handed me a bag and said “That was two sausage biscuits and a sausage burrito, right?”  I lost all ability to speak and simply took the bag from her.  She wished me a pleasant day and I drove away vowing to ignore any future cravings for a McDonald’s sausage McSkillet burrito.

And, yes, there is a reason some folks make minimum wage — it’s known as minimum skills.


14 thoughts on “There’s a Reason for Minimum Wage

  1. How McSilly of her. She should try Burger King. The one here on our Army Post pays 9.00 bucks an hour and they still get your order wrong! lol. Hope at least it was good.
    You know I truly have nothing against jobs (or the workers who hold them) that pay minimum wage – what bothers me is the fact that so many managers don’t properly train their employees. Usually our McDonald’s is the best place to go if you want fast food – it’s done right, everything (and everyone) is clean and it’s a “happy” place. But to be honest I have never seen this little girl before and I think she was new and just having a hard time. I felt bad for her really! Hey thanks for stopping by!

  2. Boy, do I know where you are coming from. I hate to go through drive-thru’s. They never get it right or you can’t understand what they are saying and you just hope they get it right-and when they don’t just pay for it and leave.
    Hi sweetie! Good to see you!!! Lately we have had much more success — I think the training has gotten better. But this poor little girl just didn’t get it AT ALL and it was so frustrating. I didn’t think I gave her a difficult order. Poor baby. I’ll still go back — I just hope she’s not working the window! LOL Oh and I have learned to ALWAYS check your order before you drive away no matter how much it ticks off the guy behind you!

  3. It is really sad that these young people do not want to get an education to improves theirselves. When we were teenagers, we worked at these places with the knowledge that when we finished getting an education, we would move on to a higher paying job. Now, for some reason, these people seem to have no desire to better theirselves. But then again, out here we come across many of them that do not even speak english. Talk about having a hard time understanding them, geez we have to be able to point to the pictures or say the number in spanish. I can go places and no one is speaking english except for me.

    Yo quiero es numero seis!!

    No hablo espanol! No esta aqui en su casa. Oh heck, I cannot remember half the spanish I learned all those years in high school.

    No entiende. No frickin way do I entiende what the hell you just said. I want to order this, aqui. Si y no. Vamanos. I’ll come back manana when someone aqui hables engles. Gracias.

    I sometimes do not even know what stinking country I am in. I go down to Tijuana and the Mexicans down there all speak english. I come home to California and the Mexicans here do not speak english. Being of Mexican descent does not mean that I speak spanish. I am 5th generation and I speak english. I am an American, my ancestors were Mexican along with all the other nationalities. But I am an American and that is all. Why do they not understand that.

    Okay, I am gonna stop griping and just keep praying things become different.

    God bless.
    I’m glad you got that out of your system, sweetie. Feel free to come vent any time. LOL I had the same problems when we lived on the East Coast close to DC only it was EVERY language but English – Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese. It drove me crazy -this is MY country – LEARN THE LANGUAGE. Now I understood how the Belgian people felt when all the Americans would do their tour of duty there – but at least I learned enough French to be able to shop. I’m all for diversity – that’s what America is about – come on in, the welcome mat is out – but do it LEGALLY, and learn to blend into your new country. Lecture over now. Hugs!

  4. Unfortunately the ability to listen and comprehend are not teachable traits. I commend your ability to keep your mouth shut & your hands in the vehicle at all times. Me? I would have gone through the speaker to strangle the wench! Don’t freaking mess with THIS hungry woman!
    Sometimes we catch more flies with honey and my blood pressure didn’t need to be any higher than it already was! 🙂

  5. If you speak slowly and distinctly when placing your order, they will still manage to screw it up. I think these people stop listening after the third word they hear.

    Another drive-thru peeve is when they interrupt you every other word and don’t give you the chance to tell them what you want.
    Plus half the time you can’t understand what they’re saying. I’m glad I don’t go there often. Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

  6. When I managed a pet store we had a young man come in every afternoon after school to clean cages. The day he announced that he was graduating I cringed. I’d seen some of his homework–the kid couldn’t string two sentences together, do math, and if you think the people on Jay Leno’s sidewalk are dumb geographically or historically, you should’ve met him.

    No child left behind? The child should be left behind until he/she can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and write a coherent sentence. Not to mention know where in the world Waldo is hiding.
    Oh you just opened up a big can of worms with me on this — I was in our local drug store one day and their computers/cash registers weren’t working and the girl behind one of the the checkouts didn’t know what to do. The young manager came over and announced to everyone that the store would have to close for a short while until they could get things up and running. I looked at him and said, “you got a key for the cash registers, don’t you, to open the drawers?” He replied that yes he could get in. I said, “Grab a notebook and have each cashier write down the item, its price (everything had a sticker on it in that store), and keep a running tally of purchases.” He looked at me and said, “But then they would have to make change and the computer usually does that for them.” In other words, his clerks couldn’t be trusted to understand a simple process like making change. I was completely dumbfounded and I walked out. Too many people today rely on electronics to do their work for them and don’t know the foundation or the basics behind the functions. And the teachers keep passing them to the next level. Frightening. One more quick story: I’m in a Masters Program – now most graduate work is difficult – that’s why it’s GRADUATE work, but religion and theology seem to be even more difficult and Seminary work is simply grueling. Online I look at what some of the students turn in for discussion question responses – a requirement of 400 words per question and I am absolutely amazed that they even got through their undergrad, let alone into Seminary. They can’t construct sentences; no coherent thoughts. It is frightening that these are the potential leaders of tomorrow. Okay, I’m climbing down off my soapbox now. 🙂

  7. I hate McDonalds almost as much as I hate pumpkin pie – GAGGGGG
    I only like them for breakfast and mmm-mmm I LOVE pumpkin pie, but hate pie crust blechh. Devoted Spouse loves pie crust but hate pumpkin. What a dilemma…

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