Wordless Wednesday

Has anyone seen the cookies?

Has anyone seen the leftover Halloween candy?


I can smell the candy on your breath, now share!


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. We were almost on the same wave length with our last posts regarding few words … and I emphasize ‘almost’.

    Hope you are doing well.
    Great minds, eh? I am better, thanks!

  2. Hubby bought some after-Halloween candy and I made him take it with him when he left for work this week so I wouldn’t have anything in the house to tempt me. He was willing to share but he can eat it and not gain any weight and I just look at the dang bag and put on 5lbs! Isn’t this true with most guys?? Sooo not fair 😦
    Devoted Spouse has been eating Halloween candy till it comes out his ears; so much so that I had to buy more candy before the kids got here and yet his blood sugar is normal, and he hasn’t gained an ounce. I admit to having a few more pieces than I should and dangitall if I haven’t sneaked on 2 pounds!! Grrr…

  3. So adorable! I can resist the candy but give me a cheesecake and I am a puddle at your feet:)
    I go through stages – most of the time I can ignore candy or cake. I enjoy cookies so I try to not have them at the house. I get on ice cream kicks where there is a small bowl of ice cream every night for about a week and then I’ll forget about it for months. But offer me tiramisu and I’ll do anything you want!

  4. Candy on breath, oh yeah, Lucy would put her little snout IN my mouth if I let her.
    Oh I have no doubt EmmaLou would climb in there and grab it, too; she doesn’t care if it’s pre-chewed! ewwww

  5. Just keep telling her that chocolate is not good for her. You are only thinking of her health. She should appreciate that. Not! HA!
    She understood that the same way she understood this morning that Devoted Spouse was NOT going to share his sausage biscuits with her. She just kept drooling in anticipation. Dogs never give up hope.

  6. Gavin has been known to pile onto DH’s lap because he smelled gummy worms. DH shares some too. Neither dog tries to mooch from me they know I don’t share. Someone has to be the alpha dog around here.
    She can look as pitiful as she likes…it’s MY candy – tough!

  7. I think if my dog sat and looked at my like that (she used to but she’s too old and tired anymore), I might weigh less cause I’d share more.
    Now that’s an interesting perspective!

  8. All I can say is Ahhhh!!!!

    She is just too cute and those eyes!!!

    God bless.
    This dog speaks with her eyes – such deep emotion. She’s lying next to my chair now snoring softly and I love every breath I hear. I am entirely smitten with this pooch. She has been such good therapy for me this year coz she is always there through the bad days and will listen endlessly as I rant and rave. Hugs!

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