Happy Howlween

If you can spare some time, EmmaLou would like to be picked up and taken around the neighborhood to gather some treats please.   All of us here at Chez Crone and Bear It wish you a Happy Howlween.


P.S.  thanks, Midwest Mom for the caption — sorry, but EmmaLou flatly refused to put on a costume this year…maybe next year.


7 thoughts on “Happy Howlween

  1. Happy Halloween to you too.

    Now I gotta go get me some of that halloween candy, yippee, yahooey, uh ho, I think I better go get on the scale first. Maybe that would be a good place to hide the candy, put it in a cupboard by the scale and then to get the candy I have to step on the scale. Oh dang it, what is a candyaholic supposed to do. Sigh.

    Well maybe just one, haha, one bag!!!

    God bless.
    I honestly had to go buy more candy yesterday because DS and I had simply decimated the supply here. I HATE this time of year and will be so happy to get rid of this candy tonight!!! LOL

  2. No costume for EmmaLou? Oh, I must also go to the store to buy my Halloween candy. Last year I think we had ONE kid. Our street is very pathetic when it comes to Halloween. Now I face the big decision of either buying candy I love or candy I hate.
    Emma doesn’t do bows, bandanas, or costumes. She flatly refuses to be crammed into a Washington Redskins tee shirt and cringes at the thought of being dressed up as any type of ghoul. Heaven forbid she should be forced to look any cuter than she knows she already is. Sigh…

  3. Happy Halloween!

    We gave out 16 lbs of candy last night, beating last year’s record…hordes and hordes of kids. Our music was such a hit that we also had impromptu dance parties break out in the street in front of the house. 🙂

    We had so many people come that I gave up on taking pictures early on and sent the camera inside. Come see some of the pictures I did take.
    I think Devoted Spouse and I have already eaten 16 lbs of candy…sigh…burp…wow we should be over at your place – what a blast! I was too tired to even carve a pumpkin this year. oh well…at least I have candy for all of them – we usually get around 50 or so depending on the weather. It has stopped raining and it’s just a little chilly so more will come out tonight I imagine.

  4. Just as I knew, a whole bag of mini Snickers is empty and the trick-or-treating haven’t even started here! Thank goodness I bought 3 bags…lol!

    Awww, your furry family is adorable! She won’t wear costumes eh? The torture we put them through!
    Hi sweetie – yes, we seem to have a few empty bags here, too! I just adore all the neighbors who dress up their dogs and then I look at EmmaLou with that expectation on my face and she gives me such a dirty look and plops down in total disgust. The costume bit is never gonna happen. She refuses. It’s bad enough I follow her around all the time with my camera and she gets very tired of having her picture taken. Sometimes she’ll turn around and give me her back to stop the flash. It’s so funny.

  5. She is so sweet.

    Happy Howloween to EmmaLou and all her family.
    EmmaLou wishes you and yours a Happy Howloween too – and asks if you have any leftover candy? She likes SweetTarts best (ick). LOL

  6. And to you also. Have a great night. Me and my pino vino are doing great! Oh and candy…..Hey it’s not my fault we didn’t get any trick or treaters.
    Sigh…I had no time for pino vino – only gobs of candy (blechhh I’m feeling so icky) We had 60 screaming little monsters and I’m whipped from jumping up and down and running to the door. I need to move to the country!!! LOL Save some of that vino for the big celebration tomorrow – or do you already have the champagne chilling??? 🙂

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