Hey – I’m a Trooper!


And now I get to add an awesome award to my amazing collection:  The Trooper Award!  Woot!  This award was sent to my friend Mrsupole by her friend Christine and Christine, bless her heart, graciously said I could have one too – but I didn’t want to steal Mrsupole’s thunder as she truly has been a Trooper this year.  And then, lo and behold, Mrsupole tells me to take the award as I also deserve it.   That’s so generous.  But then that’s our Mrsupole, always generous and loving to all her bloggy friends.

Not one to toot my own horn (as opposed to our friend Auntie who is always tooting  – LOL we know how she loves her broccoli!) I took a few moments and thought about being a Trooper and I’m going to agree that this past year has qualified me to accept this award.  I have been a Trooper through all the pain of the accident, through the agonies and stress of school, through the pain of losing an aunt, an uncle, and my  mom all within months of each other, and through enduring a viral infection better known as Shingles (which I would not wish on anyone).

So thank you Christine, and Mrsupole and congrats to Mrsupole and also to Auntie – we are all Troopers – why just this evening I trooped through something EmmaLou left behind in the back yard.  Oops – maybe it’s not that kind of trooping?


5 thoughts on “Hey – I’m a Trooper!

  1. You are a total trooper for all the crap you have had to put up with this year. And I am so glad that you accepted this award. I know you deserve it.

    But you do need to be careful where you go trooping about. I hate when I step into the gifts left by our pets. Why has no one invented a doggie bathroom? My cats are very well trained. They hop the fence and do their business in someone else’s yard. And I think they are equal opportunity cats, I see them go into ‘all’ my neighbors yards. I just don’t think I would have the energy to clean up after them right now.

    God bless. And Troopers rock.
    Hah! I would love to see EmmaLou hop the fence and use the neighbor’s pool!! How wicked. Yes m’dear you and I are both Troopers and we definitely Rock! There is nothing we cannot handle – but I would like a little rest please. lol Love u!

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