That’s My Dog!


I was sitting here in my comfy chair chatting on the cell with my blogging buddy  Mother Mari and we were discussing life issues when I looked to my left and here sits EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, with her head on the arm rest of my comfy chair looking as if she had something terribly important to discuss with me.  I ignored her and kept on yakking away w/Mari.  EmmaLou gazed at me pleadingly and as I looked in her direction I noticed on the floor behind her several pieces of laundry – to wit one Ohio State sock and a pair of MY undies!  She wanted to play her favorite game:  see if you can get the laundry away from me before I gnaw a hole in something.  Gah…


Usually she does this and I chase her into the family room where she hides under the massive antique ship hatch coffee table and then I proceed to pull the laundry out of her mouth before she destroys it.  Yeah, it’s alot of fun for one of us.  Today she got bored waiting for me to chase her so she just dropped the laundry and sat here and stared at me.  She’s a scary creature at times.

I told Mari it reminded me of our prior dog (may his little gnarly mean a$$ rest in peace), a tri-colored Australian Shepherd who used to run out in the backyard after I had hung up the laundry and jump up until he could grab underwear off the pole.  Then he would do victory laps around my back yard with my lovely white Playtex bra sailing out behind him like a team pennant.  I would run around the yard after him trying in vain to retrieve my bra.  This was a regular occurrence and one day the elderly couple next door came outside and over to the fence to tell me how much they enjoyed watching Harley the Wonder Dog as he paraded my underwear around the yard for them.  I was completely mortified.

What is it with fur children and laundry?  I guess I shouldn’t complain — it’s only laundry and the dog…now if Devoted Spouse enjoyed this game I would have something to worry about…

7 thoughts on “That’s My Dog!

  1. Those are very expressive eyes EmmaLou has.

    Perhaps you could re-train her to ferret out coins on the sidewalk, rather than rummage through your laundry!

    -Luke Sidewalker
    In theory that’s a super idea but in practice she will swallow anything very rapidly and coins can’t possibly be good for her – see here and here for the amazing glove incident and you’ll agree her picking up coins aren’t the best idea – – she may be a retriever but she’s also a keeper of what she retrieves!! LOL Cheers!

    You are the master of words!
    I must now fetch a new pair of undies….. from laughing so hard! That’s twice today you have done that to me (remember I just turned fifty!)……I’m so glad your back and honored to be a part of your post.
    Hugs to you, DS and Emme!
    I love u 2 swee’pea. Now help me turn this into a paying gig! LOL

  3. EmmaLou is such a gorgeous doggie!
    It does look like she’s just itching to play, and perhaps chew a hole in that sock. 🙂
    I really wouldn’t mind if she ate the sock – those are the same socks I wore to the hospital when I had my accident and everytime someone came into the operating room they would say, “Love your socks!” I subsequently gave them to Devoted Spouse because just looking at them reminds me of the accident – but since he likes them, I saved them from the jaws of EmmaLou!

  4. You know I love you Sis but I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell ELPH ‘Don’t leave your stuff where the dog can get it!’ Poor Emmy, she just wants to be close to you and your undies are pretty close:)
    Yes Sis you have a point. But trying to keep things out of her reach is virtually impossible; she’s a very resourceful little girl and it takes alot of energy to stay one step ahead of her! Plus, she’s so darn cute even when she gets in trouble. She has this cotton fetish for some reason – anything made of cotton attracts her like a magnet. Sigh…

  5. I’ve had dogs that thought my panties were a particular treat. Thank heavens not my current dogs.
    EmmaLou’s very favorite item is a washcloth – she will go through the hamper in search of washcloths and socks run a close second. My little girl has particular tastes in laundry items.

  6. LOL, EmmaLou has devilment in her eyes.

    Fortunately, Gavin isn’t a chewer and has left most of the house intact–I’ve had BTs who were very destructive. Patty however, almost lost her life by eating a large portion of a towel that was in her crate. Thank heavens she passed it safely. Need I say she no longer gets a towel to sleep on?

    (On another note, last night I posted my recipe for green tomato pie. I received a few E-mails asking for it after the previous day’s post.)
    Ah yes — I remember the day EmmaLou ate Devoted Spouse’s winter glove and the vet made us pour about 8 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into her to get her to spit it back up – fortunately it worked and the entire glove came up – otherwise I can’t imagine what the surgery bill would have been! Yep – that’s my dog! Will be visiting soon to grab that recipe!! 🙂

  7. Poor EmmaLou, just look at those sweet, sad eyes! She just wants to play. Haven’t you figured out yet that when she wants to play that you are supposed to stop whatever you are doing and play with her? Dang, I figured she would have had you trained by now.
    She actually does have me pretty well trained – I was just blathering away on the cell and didn’t see that she had “treasure” and it was time to play!! LOL She’s so funny.

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