Wordless Wednesday


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. She truly is just too cute for words.

    Look at that face, how could anyone not fall in love with her.

    I cannot remember if I have ever asked if you could please post a video of her doing some more of her antics. Please, please, please post some.

    I think I now belong to the “Peeping Emma” club.

    God bless.
    Well I will try but it’s hard to catch her and have the camera there at the same time. Usually by the time I get my camera, she’s doing something else not nearly as camera-worthy. Maybe I should just carry the camera around with me for a few days in the hopes of finding an “Emma” moment for you. The Peeping Emma Club needs its own newsletter I think, don’t you?

  2. That’s too cute. Was she chilly? Laying on the heat register hoping for some warmth? My dog will lay in front of the fireplace as soon as it’s switched on.
    It’s part keeping warm and part hiding from me (at least she thinks she is hiding!) She always lays right on the register in summer and winter – I can understand the fur bothering her in summer but in winter I want the heat – she has that fur coat!!! LOL

  3. Nothing more photogenic than a golden retriever!
    This wasn’t the best shot, but you’re right, she can be so photogenic – sometimes she just gets the most angelic expression on her little face and that’s usually when I can’t reach the camera or I get up to get the camera and she moves.

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