TMI At The Bank

Flat surface painted into image of dollars

Have you ever found yourself explaining a situation, that didn’t need explaining, to a total stranger who truly doesn’t care?  Or did you ever apologize for something that no one else was paying any attention to?  Frequently I find myself in just this situation.  I’m not sure when I started to backpedal my way through life, but I need to find a way to stop justifying everything I do to everyone I meet.

Recently I was going out to run some errands; one of which was to pick up some cash at the local credit union.  When I got there I realized I didn’t have my ATM card with me so I had to go inside the credit union to get my money.  When I walked up to the counter a nice teller greeted me and I found myself not simply requesting $$ from an account, but actually explaining to him why I was inside the credit union; how I only needed $50, but I didn’t have my ATM card with me.  He patiently smiled at me but I knew in his head he was saying, “Stupid lady, I don’t give a fat fuzzy rat’s a$$ why you’re here and I wish you would shut up so I can go take my break.”  I couldn’t stop with the apologies and the explanations.  I simply droned on and on.  I wished for duct tape to put on my mouth so I would stop yammering.  He just kept smiling as he handed me my $50 and I left the credit union to go run my other errands.

Later in the day we heard from the nice man from our church who is going to be painting the outside of our house.  (See?  I did it again – you don’t care he’s from our church, do you?  Gah…)  He’s coming by the house in awhile with an invoice… fully expecting me to pay him half his fee in cash so he can start getting the stains and house paint needed to do his job.  (Note to self:  next time only hire a contractor who will accept a check.)

Crap on a crutch, it’s late in the afternoon and I don’t keep alot of money in the house so guess who has to make another fast trip to the credit union?  Yup – me.  Only this time I take Devoted Spouse with me because I’m going to be walking out with a fistful of cash and it would be nice to have some company to watch out for me.

Into the credit union we stroll and who do you think we meet?  Of course — the nice man from earlier in the day and he’s walking towards me saying, “I remember you.”  I’m sure he does…  Suddenly I found myself explaining my re-appearance to this young man and justifying to him why I wanted to take X amount of money out of my savings account and X amount of money out of my checking account and I couldn’t shut up about the whys and wherefores.  Good grief I was apologizing all over the place for coming back into this credit union and having the audacity to take money out of my own account.

Meanwhile, Devoted Spouse is wandering around looking at murals on the wall instead of standing close to me to help block anyone else’s view of the amount of money that was about to be counted out.  I called loudly to Devoted Spouse  (who couldn’t hear me) and by the time I actually got his attention, all the customers and clerks at the credit union were staring at us – nice job of downplaying why I’m there.  The nice young teller stood close to me and we effectively blocked the world from seeing him count out all the big bucks (he actually whispered) and I quietly put the large packet in my purse.  It looked like something suspicious out of a movie by the time I was done.  I imagine all the employees spent their break time looking at the security cameras of my eventful visit and laughing their collective butts off at the stupid woman who wouldn’t shut up and her bizarre wandering husband who was standing at the back wall staring intently at the mural.

Devoted Spouse in tow, I smiled my way back out of the credit union, all the while wondering if nice young man was actually thinking, “What a whack-job; they don’t pay me enough to put up with these nutcase women.”

As soon as I post this I’m doing a Google search for a 12-step program for compulsive apologizers and explainers.  I hate to think what I’ll have to tell them at the first meeting…probably some strange story of how I had to change banks one day.


10 thoughts on “TMI At The Bank

  1. I think they have to be trained in handling those kinds of “situations.” cause there’s LOTS of us out there 🙂
    I’m glad I’m not alone. I thought it was a midlife thing happening – you turn a certain age and suddenly all you do is blab, blab, blab. Can’t shut me up these days. LOL

  2. Uh oh….you’re one of “those”. LOL
    I am I admit it. The two most overused words in my vocabulary seem to be, “I’m sorry.” Ugh. Must get over this.

  3. Okay, I figured out why you do those things. It is so that “we” know what you did and why.

    I am glad that you safely got the money home. Lately I keep hearing stories of this person got robbed or these people had their house broken into.

    They seem to worry that if things get worse with the economy these crimes will increase. I just think it is people making sure that those who have, share their stuff and money, with those who don’t have.

    So I think I will just start putting my stuff out in my front yard and then going to the bank and emptying the $50 I have left after paying my bills and then just throwing that out my car window for them.

    I just realized something, if I give all my stuff and money away, I will be in the groups of “have-nots”. I just want to warn you all that I expect you to give me what you have so that I can then be in the group of “have’s”. But then I will have to give it all away again.

    This is so confusing. I just don’t know what to do. Should I feel guilty if I have and others don’t. Do I keep what we worked so hard to get or do I give it all away. Geez, maybe I need to join you on the range. That might make me feel a little safer if I am lucky enough to keep what we earned and the theives (feds) don’t take it from us. Not that we have that much since I do give lots to charity.

    Oh wait, the feds…thieves already take almost half. But if I join the have-nots then they take none. Oh my, I am still so confused.

    Dang it, there I go, I am a total joiner. I am so sorry for being so confused and trying to explain why I cannot decide what I am supposed to do when someone tries to tell me what to do with “my” stuff and “my” money.

    But I do think the words “I’m sorry” are two of our most important words that one can use. “I love you” are the most important words. Well along with…..

    God bless.
    Sweetie I think you may have a worse case of this than I! I love you dearly but now I’m confused! LOL

  4. PS…..You probably brightened up that youngs man’s day. I think he would probably rather have a customer who talks then one that just treats him like he doesn’t exist and is rude. Yup, I know you brightened his day, otherwise he would not have protected you quite the way he did.
    Come to think of it the first time around he did remark how happy I was and what a nice smile I had. I still think the second time I jabbered on like a crazed lunatic. Can’t wait to go back – I told Devoted Spouse I should probably go to another branch the next time. Or stop forgetting my ATM card!

  5. LOL! OK I do this too but one of my neighbors really prattles on about people I don’t know and will never meet; ‘Joe’s sister in laws brother Bobby’. One of my very good friend & neighbor and I stop each other from doing it by saying, with a smile of course ‘Do I know this person? Do I care?’ LOL! We laugh everytime!
    Thankfully I’m not that bad yet! 🙂

  6. LOL…..

    Take Emmalou next time!
    I’ll put saddlebags on her and just have them stuff all my money in those and she can protect it for me — shoot, she’d give it all to the first person who walked up and petted her. She wanders as much as Devoted Spouse. LOL

  7. I experience this syndrome when dealing with a much younger person, like I have to explain everything to them for them to wrap it around their poor little young brains. That was fine when “much younger” meant kids not 30-something adults. Yech! Just the joys of getting older, we can’t help ourselves.
    I’m thinking maybe I need my jaws wired or something…

  8. LOL! I’m so glad to find out that I’m not alone. It’s not that I ‘explain’ everything, but I can’t help striking up conversations with everyone I meet.
    Here in the Midwest we do that — talk to everyone. When I first moved here from the East Coast about 20 years ago it freaked me out completely – on the Coast you get in line at the store and get your stuff done — but here you get in line and the grocery clerk is likely to ask you what you’re fixing for dinner based on what you’re buying…then she’ll hand you a piece of paper and a pen and ask for the recipe! Bizarre.

  9. Actually, I like listening to people like you go through their explanations. I find it interesting. I don’t think I’m that much in the minority.
    Thanks – that makes me feel a little less moronic. 🙂

  10. Hopefully I have ended all the confusion about the confusion, so that no one is confused anymore. Or at the very least you know that you brighten up our lives, and that when you go back inside the bank you smile and wave at the guy. By the next time you see him, he will probably have no memory of what you said, but he will remember that you are a very friendly person and be happy to help you.

    Whenever I meet people when I am out and about, the one thing I do remember is if they were friendly or not. I really enjoy the friendly people.

    As I was reading comments on the Mrs.Crap site, I saw that Delaney wrote about a shot that might prevent one from getting another case of “the rash”. Anyway I never heard of that and just wondered if you had asked your doctor about it. I am gonna try and remember to ask my doc the next time I see him. I hope there is one, since they say we will all get it at least once as adults.

    God bless.
    Thank you for the kind thoughts sweetie – I like to think they remember those who smile, too! As for the shot it is only for someone over 60 years old and I’m not. I wish they had offered it to those of us who are younger – it certainly would have saved me 3 weeks of absolute hell. I’m slowly getting better but still have the rash; it just isn’t blistered any more and I’m still very tired – it is a virus that takes a toll on your entire system and it is hard to “bounce” back. I’m very glad school is out and I can simply rest and relax for awhile and get over this stuff. Hugs to you and many blessings!

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