But I Can Type…

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Uh-oh.  I’ve hit a bump in the road of life.  I seem to be at that funny time when I don’t know what to do anymore.  I think I need to find a job but I don’t want to give up my total retirement freedom; I just want to supplement my income.  What does that mean anyway?  Supplement my income?

I want someone to give me money and in return I’ll give them something — I just don’t know what that is yet.  I haven’t had an actual 9-5 type job in several years now.  I’m not sure I want to “work” 9-5.  That sounds very restrictive to me.  I’m a bit of a petulant child about this time of my life — I want to have my cake and eat it, too.

Who is going to hire me and what can I do?  Well, I do have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  And I have completed 4 of 12 classes toward a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.  Those don’t provide me with any particular qualifications — I can’t be a nurse or a scientist; I can’t even be a teacher as most of those jobs require a Masters degree or teaching certification.  I can’t do factory work – all the manufacturers have been outsourced – plus I’m not real good at repetitive movement; I tend to fall asleep.  Construction is out; I’m far too dangerous with power tools.  Even a hammer in my hands is not a good idea.  I look good in the hat, though.  No restaurant jobs – back won’t hold up to carrying trays and dishes and I’m not the most patient person; I’m inclined to reward a snarky customer with spilled coffee — on them.  So that option is out.

I don’t have much creative or artistic talent so I can’t be a painter unless it’s an inside wall. Maybe I could run the gallery where the artists show their work — I could handle that.   I’m actually good at problem solving; my last position was as an executive administrator.  I had plenty of problems to solve and feelings to coddle and fires to put out, but it was a hodgepodge of a job and it involved working with a group of uncouth and often testy Government people.  I don’t want to spend 5 days a week living in a cubicle warehouse.

I thought it might be fun to be an organizer and help people sort out their household messes.  Then I looked at my own household and realized I wasn’t that good at organizing myself so how could I possibly help someone else clear out their clutter.  My own clutter threatens to spill out from the nearest closet and drawer.  Well I do have one linen closet that I cleaned out last year and it’s still nice and neat.  But it’s the only one.   Sigh..

It’s time to peruse skill sets and see what I have to offer. Normal math skills – just don’t ask me to do fractions.  Besides, that’s why God made calculators.   I write 2 blogs (okay so I haven’t posted to my other blog in awhile, it still counts).   I have a decent vocabulary and can form sentences and paragraphs with quasi-coherent thoughts…or is that from quasi-coherent thoughts?   My editorial skills are very good.  I am a voracious reader.  Let’s sum that up as my being a good communicator and press on.   I learn quickly and adapt to different situations well.  My sense of humor can be quirky, witty, or sarcastic and sometimes I’m simply so funny no one understands it was humorous at all.  I like analyzing problems — I’d make a good UFO hunter or at least I’d be good at the cataloging and writing up of the reports.  Photography holds a certain fascination for me but I don’t have very good camera equipment.  It would have to be nature photography and only in good weather of course.  I don’t enjoy being too cold, too hot, or standing in rain or snow.  And we ALL know how I feel about ice.  We’ll just cross that off the list.

Children seem to like me although I’ve never understood them; having none of my own to practice on.  Or is that practice with?  The most involvement I have with children is handing out candy on Halloween and Devoted Spouse does most of it because he enjoys the little spider and bee costumes.  When I open the door it’s always hulking teenagers who should know better and they always get a lecture from me and then I go ahead and give them some candy.  Jobs to do with children should probably also be crossed off the list.

I’ve gotten rid of most of my business wardrobe – first because the clothes are too big now that I’m down several sizes.  Secondly because I don’t like wearing suits – my new job will have to allow a more casual wardrobe.  I have some nice jackets, shirts, and slacks and that will have to do. Two things I detest are pantyhose and shoes with high heels.  So my new job cannot require that I wear either of those nasty items.  I can tell we’re narrowing this down somewhat.

I like dogs and cats and I like social interaction with people.  That opens up more options.  I thought about volunteering at the local animal shelter but I would cry and want to take them all home with me and Devoted Spouse would not like that one bit.  We have our hands full with just EmmaLou, the golden destroyer.  When we lived overseas I volunteered with the Red Cross and it, too, was such an emotional job that I don’t know if I can work with people shelters, or emergency things or the homeless or hospice — I cry too easily and, again, want to bring everyone home with me or at least buy them food and clothing.  Yikes I’m spinning my wheels here.

My ideal job would be to test things out – like going to hotels or restaurants and then writing up reviews and being paid for it.  I’d like to be paid to read and review books.  I would also be good at a bookstore doing research – I have plenty of research experience from writing all those papers for my education.  Maybe I should ghostwrite someone else’s blog or book.  Hmmm…

I don’t want to hand out french fries; nor greet anyone at the door of WalMart – I think I have more to offer.  I am good at assisting so I’d make a great personal assistant or executive assistant (again though there is that nasty business wardrobe) but I don’t want to have to travel by airplane anywhere on a regular basis.  I am good at managing offices and have experience there.

Maybe I need to start an online business.  I could be a virtual assistant.  Or maybe I should just stick to blogging and work on that novel in the background.

Should I be satisfied with being retired and doing some volunteer work?  Nah – I need a job.  There must be someone out there who needs the opinions, wit, and wisdom of a middle-aged an experienced, seasoned worker who wants to keep growing and learning and still has alot of kick in her.  Jeez now I sound like I’m writing an ad to sell a horse.

I’m going to go work on my resume now.  I’m not nearly depressed enough.


10 thoughts on “But I Can Type…

  1. writing for someone else IS a job, cronie! And you can do it in your pajamas.
    I’d love to do this – I need to figure out how to get started – it’s not like I have a portfolio or anything, just this silly blog…

  2. I always thought if I lost my job, I’d enjoy working as a librarian. But that would require another degree, and I don’t think I have it in me to do that.
    I know a few librarians – most have advanced degrees – sorry. I can’t get the one I’m already working on done let alone go in a different educational direction right now. Can’t afford it either. sigh…

  3. If you get a job will you please hire me as an assistant. I can’t type (without mistakes) but my intention are good. Does that count?


    PS I’ve been retired for 12 year but I did raise 3 children and have 10 going 11 grandchildren that know me all too well. Maybe that will help! Sigh!

    What I, personally, am really good at is commenting on blogs. Double Sigh!!!

    Have a great day.

    http://torristravels. blogspot.com (not a travel agent, just a retired teacher that loves to travel.)

    I think we need to find me something first; then I’ll hire you! LOL

  4. If you write a book, I will buy one. I know how you feel about wishing I had a job, but at the same time not really wanting to get back out there in the work force. I think that if I just worked two days a week then I would be happy. But I guess I would have to actually look for a job to do that.

    I do not even have a clue as to what kind of jobs are out there anymore. I really hope you find one that you like. I also hope that you are feeling better. The past few days have been pretty painful and I just wish that I could fall asleep like Sleeping Beauty and wake up a few months from now and my shoulder would be healed. I am sure that you probably feel the same way. I think I will pray for us all some more.

    God bless.
    I’m so glad you keep praying for us all – we need all the prayers we can get (and give)! I want your shoulder to finish healing and for you to feel well again. I soooo know how you feel sweetie. I have no great hopes of landing a job – not in this economy and not up against so many with better qualifications. I’m just dreaming out loud. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I should stick to writing. At least I would sell one book! Hugs!

  5. You know my idea on this….let’s make it work! LOL

    I’m feeling much better! Look out!
    Yes I do know your idea and I still think we should pursue it, but I also need to generate income – have we thought about that aspect of our little collaboration, or are we going freebie? Yikes. I hate to be so focused on money, but you know how the economy is…lol

  6. I think you should post this post on Craigslist and see what turns up.
    Great – isn’t that where the hookers hang out these days?

  7. Have your considered becoming a Grant Writer? You can take a couple of courses and then start free lancing. You have excellent writing skills.

    As far as being an artist, you can become one with no talent (trust me) but it is expensive and does not provide any money.

    I am a talentless artist and support my hobbies by doing technical writing (full time job).

    You could become a writer for some paying web sites but it is a hard market to break into and may not be worth it.

    Good luck sweetie and feel free to email me if you want to. I think it is fun that you are looking into these things. Like Madonna, you must reinvent yourself:) I am stuck in an office:)
    I don’t know about grant writing – same as proposal writing and I don’t have any experience – also technical writing might work, but I have never done that before either; not that I couldn’t learn but I’m sure they are usually looking for experience in those fields. I’ve looked into a few of the paying web sites and the pay is horrible and you really have to produce. I need to find my niche. And I need to figure out how to break into something. This is so frustrating.

  8. If you get it figured out let me know. What I like to do is travel and write about it which is what I do on my blog. Haven’t made any money doing it but is fun. Also,like taking pictures pretty easy with the digital cameras etc. Have a great week
    Sounds like we’re in the same boat, Joe! If I find the answer I’ll let you know. I have a sneaking feeling I’m going to end up permanently retired.

  9. I so would not want to be out in the job market because I don’t have a degree and the only thing I have under my belt is being a pharmacy technician and basically a Medical Clerk. I am sick of working in health care fields so I would probably be flippin’ burgers. Hubby’s job better stay solvent that’s all I gotta say.
    I just want something to do and some social interaction. It would be nice to bring in some extra spending money. There has to be a way of turning my love of writing into a paid job – I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

  10. Hmm…my mom is facing the same problem right now. She retired out of the work force to raise us kids. But now, she would like to get back into some kind of work.

    She has been investigating some kinds of transcription work, which you can do from home. But, really, it does not sound very interesting at all 😦
    Hi sweetie – it’s tough out there – please send my best wishes to your mom in her job hunt. I would love to work from home but I don’t want to do customer service or coding as it doesn’t pay enough – my that sounds rather snotty, don’t mean it to be – I know so many are just willing to take anything they can find because things are so bad. I wish your mom the best of luck and hope she finds something real soon.

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