Oh No! He Bought the Farm!


I am a newbie to Facebook; I’ve been there for a couple of months now at best.  The other day I checked my FB account and was met with the news that a friend of mine had bought the farm.  What??  Oh no – he can’t be…he’s so young!  Then I realized the little blurb was accompanied by a picture of a farm – he had bought A farm, not THE farm.  Big difference.

It’s a game called FarmVille and it’s driving me insane.  Everytime I log onto FB I am inundated with the news of this person finding a lost cow or that person buying a harvester or someone else’s sunflowers coming up.  Good grief.  It’s just out of control.  There is corn everywhere and not an ear to eat.  Every time I turn around someone is inviting me to join them in FarmVille.  If I want a tractor, I’ll go buy one, thank you very much.  I’m a bad enough gardener; I don’t need to fail at FarmVille, too.

FB is full of these types of games; there’s one on Mafia Wars and a friend of mine has reached something like level 225 or some ridiculous number — how many hours did she have to play to get there?  And just what is the point?  Is she wiling away the hours whacking people?  No thanks.  I’ll re-read The Godfather if I want to learn of any people whacking.  The other day I checked into FB to announce how I had done on my quiz and what I thought my final grade was going to be and discovered that now there is treasure to be had in Island Paradise.  Oh no…another invite to another cheesy game.

I may deactivate my FB account — it bores me to tears to actually break down and tell people what I’m doing.  It bores them to tears, too, by the looks of the comments I receive.  My FB status is pitiful.  I think I put one pic of me up and two of EmmaLou and that’s it.

I’m just not a FB person — I’m more of a Twitterer.  Some of we bloggy folks get together occasionally on Twitter and play a rousing game of SmartAss (trivia) which I guess makes me no better than the FB people playing FarmVille or Mafia Wars, but there is no record kept for people to go through to see how I did at SmartAss.  Twitter doesn’t keep these games where you can view them over and over and over to see your progression.

Besides that…not just anyone can play SmartAss – it’s true…we’re a special group.  You have to ASK to play.  And you have to know WHO to ask.  Yeah…it’s like having a secret password in bloggyland.  Over on FB anyone will invite you to play at herding pink cows; now where’s the fun in that?


14 thoughts on “Oh No! He Bought the Farm!

  1. I totally agree! That part of facebook is simply awful! I check it every morning and someone or the other has played games and I have to weed out all that info to find meaningful posts. There is also the horoscope, open a fortune cookie, and endless quizzes. Ugh. I really don’t want to know how good a lover my niece is. Yuck. You can hide these posts but you have to do them individually. Annoying. I prefer twitter too!

    See I am keeping it short:)
    Glad someone agrees with me. What I hate on Twitter is everyone’s horoscopes. I could care less. But we can’t have everything perfect can we? I’m glad I have time now for some Twitter fun. It’s good to have no classes looming over me for awhile. Or maybe forever? Hmmm… Hugs!

  2. I agree w/ Scriber, that part of FB is fine for others but not me. I do like the photos my friends & family post. I like getting a little peek into their lives. For me a little peek is good.
    Okay we’ll agree a little peek is good. But no games, no ribbons, enough with the hearts and poking – what the heck is that all about anyway…lol

  3. I’m in total agreement. I feel like I am weeding through *hey that sounds like something you might do in Farmville, lol* all the stupid app stuff just to find meaningful posts from the friends I do have on FB. I like FB, and I’ll keep it, but I don’t do the apps, and I did note that in my profile on the left side.

    Somehow I still manage to get invites, and hearts, and hugs, and drinks… grrrr.
    Yeah, me too I get notifications all the time on stupid stuff. I just want to find friends I know and I’m not doing well with that so I’m prob going to deactivate my account soon. I’d rather talk to my bloggy friends here and on Twitter. Hey let’s have a cookie…lol

  4. *light bulb* FB needs a stickie for us ‘non ap’ people! So others (& FB) knows to keep they’re noses out of our Friends.
    I like that idea coz I am very tired of being invited even tho I try not to hurt anyone’s feelings over it – I just don’t have that kind of time to waste. I have other things to waste my time on…lol

  5. Spend enough time on all of those completely mind numbing games and you’ll feel like you bought THE farm.
    And that’s why I don’t play – I can find mind-numbing without my laptop.

  6. All those FB games and apps annoy the crap out of me as well. I just Don’t Get It. I don’t want to join your farmville, yoville, whoville, your sorority, your “Family,” snowball fights, pillow fights etc. I don’t want to receive charms, gag-balls, blue roses, cyber-cocktails or anything that requires downloading an app and demands you forward said app to 10 of your FB friends.

    What I DO want is to know how my friends are doing; not WHAT they’re doing on FB.
    Hmmm methinks I’ve hit a nerve with this posting. lol I hate all the extraneous garbage on FB. Hate it. I know people mean well with their hugs and roses and kisses and what-have-you, but it’s simply annoying to me. Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

  7. Glad I never went on FB, MS, or Twitter. I don’t need any more black holes of time destruction in my life. I have enough problems with time management.

    If y’all want me to get these books finished, please don’t invite into any time sucking voids.

    Don’t send me chain letter E-mails, and if you do want to send me some jokes, please, one a day is plenty. I hate when I get 20 all at one time from a person. I don’t have time for that. Especially when they come with attachments, which I’ll add I do not open. Don’t send me jokes with online pictures I’m on dial up and it seems as though it takes six weeks to download them.
    I feel the same way you do — I don’t mind an occasional joke and have been known to send one but I don’t like being on someone’s daily list of silly stories. I never open attachments either – that’s how viruses get into our computers. Now YOU – get back to work; I need more to read!!! LOL

  8. Don’t have FB. Never have. Won’t now!
    Sorry, I could not make it for Friday’s game! Thanks for the invite! Will try next week. Tooth gone……feeling better, I think. (Will let you know in a few days)
    Hang in there sweetie and feel better. Talk to you soon. Hugs!

  9. OMG I thought I was the only one who feels lukewarm about FB.
    Besides, I need to get back to blogging. Blogging and tweeting provides me a nice “balance” of depth and speed. I hesitate to use the word “balance” here because it’s hard for me to balance real life with virtual life.
    Talk to you later, Cronieeeeeee.
    Thanks for stoppin by Sis – lemme know when you find that balance; I could use some myself…

  10. You can block out all of the game crap applications…it is pretty easy to do. I like FB to keep me laughing during the day with some witty and surprising banter when I am traveling from job site to job site. And it is a place I get to bounce material off of people.
    Yes, your inputs are some of the best – I like it when you try out new material on us – always gives me a giggle and this world needs all the giggles it can get.

  11. I need to check out that block out thing MTAE wrote about. I just ignore those and hate to say but never got into Twitter. FB was good for me during my recovery process but now I find it just a time drain. It was a good place to post my photos and it got a lot of people to checking for skin cancers. Guess between FB and blogging I hope I got my message across. I let my friends know that I won’t participate in those applications. If they get hurt feelings then that is their problem. I warned them. Loved the cartoon! 🙂
    I think your posting the photos on your blog did alot to show people what can happen and maybe woke up a few that we all have to be on the lookout for any changes in our skin – and what a brave thing you did by posting them and allowing us to see you as you recovered from that nightmare. I’m so proud of you sweetie and so happy you’re doing better! Big hugs!

  12. Before starting my blog(s) I spent a whole lot more time on FB than I do now. I do check in regularly but that’s about it. But I am stunned by the numbers of people who put so much effort into this Farmville thingy. Seems like a gigantic time-sucker to me. Just saying.
    I’d rather sit quietly with a crossword puzzle than play FarmVille – I simply don’t get the ‘fun’ of it — maybe it’s a generational thing, I dunno. But I’ll skip it anyway.

  13. I had a facebook account. I got tired of everyone wanting to know what I was doing. It was obvious, I was sitting at the computer…dud?? I also got tired of people sending me ornaments, season crap and other things that I could care less about. Once I recieved them, I could never locate the tree or the rest of the stuff to put them on. I suspose I am a real “hum bug” kind of Facebook person.

    I was invited to do something with a FB farm. I replied that I had a farm, the real kind, and I was already busy picking corn and harvesting bounty. Why would I want to spend hours doing it electroniclly? It is all work and I don’t have the time to do this kind of thing on the computer…Tomatoes will really rot if you don’t get them harvested and they lay on the ground while you pick them on the computer. What a mess.

    Where do these “city folk” come up with farming? Why not rent a small plot of land and do the back breaking work for real. At least, that way you can eat what you spend hours doing…

    Enough of showing my IT ignorance…I suppose, I live in the wrong part of the county to appreciate Farmville. I live in Cornfield County, Indiana for Pete’s Sake!!!
    I’m a bit surprised at the number of comments this has generated — apparently I’m not alone in this – FB has gotten out of control with its silly applications. I like to play games but not this kind – I’d rather sit down at the table and play Trivial Pursuit with Devoted Spouse than acquire pink farm animals online. I can’t be too judgmental though since I do spend time on blogging and I am on Twitter sometimes – but not nearly as much as I used to. There are just too many other things to do these days. Nice to hear from you sweetie and hope you are doing well. Hugs.

  14. MySpace and Facebook just don’t interest me so it sounds like that is a good thing since all those invites would drive me crazier than I already am so – Thanks, but no thanks!
    We’re on the same page kiddo.

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