It’s Nice to Have a Friend When You’re Sick

While I’m recuperating from this nasty virus, here are a few pics of EmmaLou.  She’s been keeping me company throughout my illness and rarely wanders very far from me.  She’s a good little doggie nurse!

maybe Mom will feel better if I bring her a toy!

maybe Mom will feel better if I bring her a toy!I brought you my best toy, can I have a cupcake? cupcakes and I even brought my best toy! cupcakes and I even brought my best toy!

I'm so sad coz Mom doesn't feel good

I'm so sad coz Mom doesn't feel good

I get depressed when Mom is sick...sigh

I get depressed when Mom is sick...sigh

I don't fit well under the kitchen table, but I'd like that cupcake now

I don't fit well under the kitchen table, but I'd like that cupcake now

I’ll be back before too long I hope.  A few more days.  This virus is whippin’ my butt good!  Ya’ll take care.

8 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Have a Friend When You’re Sick

  1. You have got to learn to stop being so nice so that the bugs will leave you alone! Be mean and ornery so they want to leave you alone soon.
    And to think the true cold and flu season hasn’t really hit this area yet — can’t wait to see what else is in store for me! Grrrr – is that mean enuf – all I can muster today sorry. ROFL – ow, ouch…

  2. Oh….how sweet…..She knows Mom is not feeling good. Love the toy shot!

    “Boy, things are just not the same when Mom’s sick!”
    yup when I mope around, she mopes around with me. She brings me toys. She comes over and puts her head in my lap. Last night I was laying in bed and she walked up to me, plopped down, and layed her head down between my shoulder and my head even though she was dangerously close to where my rash is and it hurt, I let her lay there and stare at me with those big brown eyes as I stroked her head and told her Mom will feel better soon I promise. The slightest little change just rocks her world so much. Because of course, it IS all about her…sigh…

  3. You know when you’re feeling better when EmmaLou decides to roll in something nasty. Isn’t it a nice feeling knowing that she’s got your back.
    Truer words never spoken. She’s a sweetie pie when I’m sick and when I am well and able to tolerate her shenanigans, that’s when she’s out rolling in moose poop! LOL I guarantee you, too, she will know the instant I get better – it must be a chemical thing between us. Dogs are so amazing. Now if she’d just pay the bills, take my final exam, and cook something…

  4. I love this dog. I love her carrying that toy.
    Me too! She can be so cute and then she does something really bad. No sooner had Michele left her message above and I commented on it, than EmmaLou found some nasty dead thing out back and rolled in it. Her “dad” found her sitting next to his comfy chair waiting to be discovered with her icky black oily grease stain all down the front of her neck (oh she was so proud of herself!) – out to the kitchen she went and he held her while I scrubbed the ick off her, silly dog. Obviously she senses Mom is feeling a little better – enuf to scrub her down! Still love her, icky smell and all!

  5. She is one of the most beautiful dogs and attached to you at the hip. The joy she brings is incomparable. They say that dogs can tell so many things about us that we do not even know. So when she is getting into things that she should not, then you will surely know you are getting better. I sure do hope she gets into something really soon.

    Rest and get well soon.

    My crown fell out of the tooth that had the root canal and now on Wed they are going to put a post screw inside and then make a new crown. More pain meds and more pain. Then time for a good teeth cleaning. I do not want to go to the dentist. And they are charging me enough to make at least an expensive car payment. Just my share, double it with what insurance pays. It sucks. See I am a joiner.

    I will pray some more for you to get well and start feeling better. I have faith that you will be well soon.

    God bless.
    I must be getting better as yesterday EmmaLou rolled in something dead which left a huge black grease stain all over her neck – blechhh – it was awful and she stunk to high heaven – she was so proud she couldnt wait to come inside and sit next to daddy and show off her new beauty mark. So she’s up to her old tricks and life goes on. Sorry about the dental issues – understand that well – my tooth is still sensitive but I think its because the virus isn’t done with me quite yet. I have a teeth cleaning coming up in a couple of weeks and I dread it. I think the dentist should pay me to go there. Okay – back to studying for me – I’ve decided to wrap this up today, finish reviewing and just take the final exam – why wait to fail something on Friday that I can just as easily fail today? LOL Cheers.

  6. So sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon. So good to have a friend around! Sending some virtual cupcakes your way!
    EmmaLou says to tell you she appreciate the effort but she would prefer real cupcakes. She’s a little mouthy today. LOL Hugs!

  7. The bug has not hit our house yet but I figure he’ll be knocking at our door soon so I have lots of juice on hand. Take care and get well soon!

    Thanks! I’m getting lots of rest and fluids and sooner or later this has to go away. 🙂

  8. Nothing more loyal than a golden. Hope you’re better soon. Sounds awful.
    She is that. I am better, thanks sweetie. 🙂

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