My Dell is a Dell-inquent

Dell XPS M1330 laptop

Dell XPS M1330 laptop

The above picture is my Dell laptop complete with missing quotation key.  Notice that the keys are a silver color and the color ON the key denoting its function is a somewhat darker grey; they are not lit in any way and so at night I need to have an overhead light shining down on the keyboard or I have to move the monitor part of the laptop such that its light shines on the keys so I can hunt down a particular key — fortunately I’m a touch typist so I don’t have to do this often, but nonetheless, to see the keys at night takes some work.  Further, what you can’t see in this picture is that the print on the E, R, N, and M key has worn off – again, it’s a good thing I’m a touch typist.  Now to add insult to injury, the power cord works intermittently and when this particular laptop goes into battery mode, the screen lighting fades to where you can hardly see the screen at all.  Add to this the issues with the Vista operating system and you may understand where I am today.  In computer Hades.

In simpler terms, I hate this laptop with every fiber of my being.  This is my third Dell; my second Dell laptop.  This one was recommended by my IT guru and I don’t blame him for the fact that this particular machine is a gigantic piece of computer crap — maybe in his capable hands it would have worked like a charm.  All I know is I paid a tremendous amount of money 2 years ago for this; the warranty has run out,  and I’m ready to chuck it out the window.

Now I use my computer every day, especially in the pursuit of my degree and also when writing this and my other blog.   The keyboard gets quite a workout so it has to be functioning well to suit my needs.   I can always order a new power cord; it’s not cheap.  There is absolutely nothing I can do about the broken quotation key except to pound my finger on the spot where the key once was which results in a series of quotation marks and I simply backspace until I have what I want.  Oh, I can replace this keyboard for about $250 but that doesn’t include installation/labor.  Pitiful, isn’t it?

So I have decided I need to find the money to buy a new laptop in the next 6 months.  The one nice feature of this laptop is it’s small and very lightweight – it’s only 12 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches deep and it weighs hardly anything at all so I can easily take it with me and I’m not lugging around 10 lbs of computer stuff on my shoulder.  That is its one saving grace – the portability.  It also has good memory and it only crashes once every week or so now.

I don’t think I’m asking too much to buy a computer that isn’t going to crash at all – ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to complete an online timed school quiz.  Gah….talk about frustrating — I’m on question 18 of a 20 question test with 15 minutes left and the computer crashes.

So…do I completely change my focus and try out a Mac?  Or should I stick with a PC and simply ditch Dell in favor of maybe HP?  I need some input from readers please.  I really want to know — what do you use and what would you all recommend I buy?   I really don’t need alot of bells and whistles; I’m not into gaming – I basically want this for school and to surf and play on Twitter and on my blogs, and to collect my pictures of EmmaLou and Devoted Spouse.

Help me please – send comments on what you like and don’t like about what you use and if I have any Mac laptop users out there please give me comments on what laptop is best for students?  I’ve heard bad stuff about the new Mac Air.  It’s getting to the point I don’t know which reviews to believe anymore and I’m just not a techhead at all!  So give me your valuable recommendations please!!


15 thoughts on “My Dell is a Dell-inquent

  1. 1st – love the cartoon! That will be my grandbaby :0)

    I used to use Gateways but the last one (spent $1200) was a useless lemon piece of crap so no more of them. Hubby has been using a Toshiba for the last year and I just got one and so far we are loving them.

    My daughter’s best friend has used a Mac for years and won’t go back so I think it is more of a case of what you can afford. I didn’t want to pay the $$$ for what I got on a Mac compared to my Toshiba.

    Sorry about it crapping out on you during a test – sucks big time.
    Hmmm, Toshiba huh? When I was shopping for my Dell, the Toshiba laptop didn’t rate very high – but I will have to put it on my list of things to check out. Thanks sweetie. 🙂

  2. Love my HP…..but also like my Dell studio laptop!
    Devoted Spouse has HP and he really likes it – but it crashes too. I think it’s just a function of Vista that they all crash sometimes, but my Dell is constantly crashing right in the middle of something. Thx. 🙂

  3. I’m ditching my 6 year old Acer laptop (my second Acer) for a MacBook. Mostly I’m making the change for the photo/graphic abilities of Mac. The ELPH uses Acer also and they’ve been really good for us but I recently had to get a new (after market) battery for mine and it’s good for nothing more than a doorstop. ELPH is not a big fan of Dell.
    Interesting…since I’m looking to get more into photography, Mac has a good rep that’s for sure. A MacBook? Have to look at it and see. Never had Acer but I’ve heard they’re no better nor no worse than any other PC. That’s what makes this so hard – I don’t want average – I want something that’s going to work and I can keep it for at least the next 3 years and it doesn’t fail me like these Dells keep failing me. Thx. Hugs!

  4. I got a Mac about a year ago and I have been absolutely thrilled. I got so tired of my Dell and then my HP crashing, etc. I will never go back to a pc if I can help it.
    Okay – Mac will work w/my school but I need to use the Microsoft Office or Word for Mac because all my papers have to be done in Word – do you have any experience with that? Does it work okay? My Twitter bud Tony over in the UK gave it a thumbs-up, but (no offense Tony) I’d like to hear a review from this side of the ocean. Thx sweetie!

  5. I don’t have a PC but my husband and daughter both have Macs. My husband has been a Mac fan from the beginning of time. He said they don’t get viruses, they are easy to use and have a more stable operating system.
    That seems to be the prevailing attitude among those I have spoken with. I’m leaning toward a Mac but they’re so expensive. Of course, then so was my Dell so I should not be too worried about the $$. 🙂

  6. We have an old Gateway that still runs cause we have had work done on it. And we have a desktop HP and my laptop HP. We love them and when I was looking to buy my laptop I went online and studied and studied at so many electronic stores and then the different websites of the computer makers. I read hundreds of comments written from the people who had bought those computers and I finally settled on HP Pavilion for my laptop. So far it has been great, but because I have a 19 inch laptop, it can be a little heavy, so I would tell you to buy the 16 inch or the 14 1/2 inch one. And just get what you are going to use. I always get more things and then I do not use them, but this time I have used most of it. Although I haven’t used the TV part yet. Yes, I can hook it up to my cable and watch TV and it even has a little TV remote that slides out which can also be used for the Blu-ray and DVD’s. I am too lazy to figure out how to hook up the TV part, but maybe someday I will.

    Oh and my brother who researches even more than I do has bought HP’s too. And I never knew that was what he had. I have a friend who always swears by Dell’s, but she buys a new one every other year, and now hates her Mac, which she rarely used, because it crashed and she says it is a piece of crap, but one of my sister’s loves the Mac’s. So I guess I am not really being much help, but I say step away from the Dell and step closer to the HP. Oh and I have heard that Sony makes a good laptop but they cost a lot more and I mean a lot more. Yup, total confusion for you. But keep stepping to the HP, come on just a little closer.

    But truly, just try to read the comments on those places I already wrote about and then step to the one you want.

    God bless.
    I’m leaning toward a Mac or an HP – Devoted Spouse LOVES his HP but it has crashed on him a few times – it’s that danged Vista and I don’t know that Windows 7 is going to be any better. I’ve been doing online research and frankly, my head is starting to hurt – who the heck can you believe these days? I trusted my IT guru friend (who always sets up my computers and comes and fixes them, too and he’s the one who set up Crap on a Crutch as my domain site for me coz I had such a horror story working with the people at GoDaddy) but it’s not his fault that he likes Dell. At the time all the PC magazines were touting the Dells, too, so go figure. For the money’s worth, I may go w/HP, crap I dunno. Mac has always fascinated me and I know they have excellent graphics stuff and I want to get into photography more, oh I give up. I’ll keep thinking about it and keep reading about it and then collapse in a heap of nervousness over whatever decision I make. LOL Hugs!

  7. I have been using a MAC desktop for three years, and I love it. I have also owned an Asus, and Toshiba laptops in the past few years.

    I kept my Sony laptop as I appreciate its solid build and excellent components. it is not the best looking laptop of the three by any stretch though.

    Mac is simple and carefree for a desktop, no virus issues, no defragging, and no maintenance to speak of. Use it and use it some more. Everything works. When it’s quiet in the house and I turn on my Mac, it is still quiet.

    How that translates to a Mac laptop I am not sure. Perhaps some Mac laptop owners will chip in.

    I know older (four years ago) Mac laptops had funky keyboards and over heating problems. I am sure those have been fixed by now.

    Of the Laptops I would buy again Sony, Asus, then Toshiba are the order I would buy them in. Sony is solid as a rock, Asus gives great bang for the buck, and Toshiba makes a good laptop.

    I would list the Dell and Gateway laptops I have played with recently somewhere around crayon and paper – jmo. To me they have flimsy construction and cheaper components at a premium price.

    I buy base models as a year earlier they were flagship laptops; your mileage may vary. Good Luck with your purchase.
    Thanks for chiming in Michael – I appreciate it. I agree with your crayons and paper analogy of Dell. I kick myself every day for spending a fortune on this laptop when I knew it wasn’t the one for me. Grrr. Oh well. I’ll look into Sony laptops – I’ve heard they are good but pricey.

  8. I am a die hard HP user only because it’s what I’m used to and can afford. Kahuna is a die hard Dell fan. We both got new laptops a couple of years ago at the same time. My HP has had some problems but his Dell has been a hunk of junk. His battery doesn’t work at all, his power cord looks like a mouse and not the roller ball kind got to it and it crashes every other day. My laptop is prone to viruses even though I have spybot, avg, and an external firewall. I had one IT guy tell me it might have been born with CVD (computer virus disease). I have had zero Mac experience because they have always been priced $1000 out of my price range.
    Hmmm…that reinforces my feelings about Dell although why Kahuna still swears by them is beyond my understanding. This Dell laptop has been an expensive piece of crap – for what I paid for this one I could have had a Mac to begin with…sigh.

  9. whatever you do stay away from the stupid vista crap! I HATE IT! 🙂
    I’m thinking if I buy an HP I’ll wait until they are factory loaded w/Windows 7 vs. Vista coz I too HATE Vista – it’s the reason behind my constant crashes. But I’m sort of leaning toward a Mac – need more research and more inputs. 🙂

  10. Yikes, not you, too! I just journeyed through Dell hell myself, and was way too chicken to try to repair it, so I hauled it off to a repair shop. A couple hundred dollars (and way too much time) later, I have a new screen. I won’t do that again, though, because you can practically purchase a whole new PC for a few hundred more dollars these days.
    I don’t think I can offer better advice than the folks up above already have, except to say I wouldn’t, either, spend “big” bucks on replacing parts in your current laptop. I really favor AMD, so if I get another PC or laptop, it’s probably going to be an Acer or something with an AMD processor..
    Thanks for the input – I refuse to put any money into this piece of crap to “fix” it. This is my 2nd Dell and I should have learned my lesson with the first one, but I didn’t. So far, I am now leaning toward Mac strongly except for the money issue. Frankly, I’m sick of Microsoft. 🙂

  11. Whoa…and I always thought that Dell was good. Mine is quite a low-end nearing end-of-life, but I must say I am very happy with the keyboard. My daughter has spilled milk on it and even dropped the laptop a couple of times, and it still works fine :). I’ve never contacted Dell support, but yes, I have heard it is hell!
    We all seem to have different experiences with these various computers. Yes, Dell support is shall we say difficult at best. To give you a clue, I couldn’t “understand” the tech guy and I would be willing to bet money he was sitting somewhere in India when I phoned him. I don’t care its farmed out, but make sure the tech person is speaking English without a very thick accent and is not reading down a list of “troubleshooting” responses. 🙂

  12. Also, want to add that my experiences with HP laptops have been anything but pleasant 😦
    Awww Nish why’d ya hafta go and tell me that when I was seriously considering an HP laptop? Now I’m back to Mac again. LOL

  13. Oye this is going to be long….

    I used to work at Dell and still own dell stock. Used to buy only Dell. However, not anymore.

    Currently I use a vaio Sony laptop and it works well. It is long lasting. I pound on the keyboard all the time and everything is intact. I do not use vista.

    First of all, vista totally sucks. So most of your problems come from vista and not dell. Trust me. Vista was just a huge mistake that Microsoft made. It is going to take them a long time to recover from that. Not sure about Windows 7. I have to ask my IT guys about it. No one I know has tested it but people have lost their trust in microsoft due to vista. No one is optimistic about it.

    The problem with windows is that it is very very susceptible to viruses. I’ve had a virus twice and it cost me 200 dollars each time to get it removed. I was actually banned from the internet by my service provider because of it. I suspect Alphainventions to be the one that gave my computer the viruses and no longer go to that site. Since then, it has been all fine.

    Avoid panasonic. My son had it and it died on him in 2 years.

    I am planning on buying a mac soon. Acer is ok but it is really intended for graphic artists. It is too much. I would not buy an acer because ultimately it will have the same problems as dell due to the operating system.

    I am looking into getting a Mac Pro (pricy). My son has a regular mac laptop and it is simply fabulous.

    So my recommendation is that you look into a mac. You can get inexpensive ones for about a grand. And they last at least 5 years. I used to be very anti-mac due to my loyalty to dell but no more. I would not buy HP either because it will have same problems as dell. Dell/HP do not make computers. They assemble them. They get the cheapest components and glue them together. They are very profit driven so ultimately, you will be the one to lose out.

    Macs are much heavier. But somewhere along the line, you will have to pay the price. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy a mac pro and a cheap light weight laptop. And install linux on it. But a mac is the way to go.

    My 2 cents….
    Oye – I started reading this in the a.m. and now it’s p.m. — just kidding. I really value the time you took to put all this down and I appreciate and value your input. I agree that the biggest problem lies not in the computers but w/Microsoft and its crappy OS – and I’m not convinced that Windows 7 will be of any value at all in fixing the problem. I used to use XP and never had a problem but then Vista came along and screwed everything up royally. You are correct in your view of computers simply being assembled these days – that’s how I feel and that bothers me because I simply cannot continue to shell out $1-2K every 2 years for a decent laptop. I’m really leaning toward Mac strongly at this point — it’s now just a question of which laptop to get and how much I want to invest in it. I have a trojan virus that was caught the other day by my virus software and I’m also convinced it comes from Alphainventions – that place caused me no end of problems when some strange Middle Eastern person got ahold of my blog and copied it and I had a heckuva time – they even stole pictures from my Flickr account which I had to close down. And I know them to be a source of viruses also. Fortunately I have good virus protection but I’m starting to think my subscription to Alpha may not be the bargain I once thought it was – oh it gets you readers, but not true readers who want to stick around and form a relationship. But I’m starting to drift off topic here. I realize most of my problems are associated with Vista but Dell has put together a pretty cheap piece of pricey equipment that I’m using – the keys should not come off the keyboard after a year, nor should the print rub off and come on a power cord should last longer. I’m just not impressed anymore – and Dell tech service also leaves alot to be desired. The last time I called I couldnt even understand the guy I was talking to, plus the fact that it was so patronizing to me as I could tell he was working off a troubleshooting script and that just pissed me off royally. Oye indeed. Appreciate your comments sweetie – Hugs!

  14. Oye. You crack me up. Sorry the comment was so so long. But I had so much to say. You certainly hit a nerve. As loyal as I want to be to Dell, I simply cannot. I forgot to say that my son had a dell laptop and the keys also fell off within an year. Quality is simply not good. I would not get HP either.
    Anyways… Sorry! I quit my subscription from AlphaInventions also. It is a virus farm. Not really worth it. Don’t even get me started on that:)
    Hugs sweetie! Sorry I robbed you of hours. I owe you lunch!
    Aha! So, I’m NOT the only person this has happened to. I had the Dell people tell me I was “striking the keys too hard.” Unbelievable crock. You owe me nothing but your undying bloggy friendship – coz that’s what u have from me. Hugs! P.S. I want a MacPro but I’m still paying off the new furnace, air conditioner, stove, and refrigerator – plus soon I’ll be paying off the housepainter and we haven’t had anyone out to look at why the roof is leaking – in other words I’m broke! LOL

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