Pieces of Stuff From My Head to Yours

from despair.com

from despair.com

I’m not up to full speed right now due to some type of bug that has me in its grip, but I wanted to post something to get my mind off that horrid dental visit the other day.  So here’s some little bits and pieces of stuff I’ve noticed the past week or three.

Did you know that the 6 food choices to boost your brain power are:

  1. Spinach and leafy greens
  2. Eggs
  3. Salmon
  4. Berries
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Broccoli

And did you ALSO know that of the 6 listed above, only ONE is not likely to cause an illness like Salmonella or eColi?  Yup the only good candidate that won’t make you sick on the list above is   ?  Which do you think?

Here’s another one for you:  There’s a study going around that claims to have proved that people who are spanked during childhood have lower IQs than those who weren’t.  Spanking as adults was not mentioned.  “Experts” claim there is a link between corporal punishment and later post-traumatic stress symptoms.  I think it’s crap coz I got spankings regularly; in fact there were a few rather hefty whoopin’s I got as a young thing and my IQ is pretty good and I don’t suffer from post-traumatic stress.  Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t following me.  And the voices haven’t told me to actually do anything yet.  So I think we can rule this one is a myth.

My horoscope the other day said, “If it weren’t for all the changes, you’d do just fine.  Try to take the new stuff in stride.”  Are you crazy?  That has kept me awake for the past 3 nights worrying about any more changes than I’ve had in the last 10 months.  I’ve met my quota of change, thank you Universe.

Did you know with the right tools you can pare your primping to 10 minutes or less?  It’s true according to my local paper.  I’m living proof – duct tape, spackle, a trowel, a hairbrush, and a toothbrush/toothpaste and I’m ready to greet the day easily in under 10 minutes.  Crap what a waste of money this newspaper is.

Here’s my favorite tidbit:  there is a company out there that is actually selling a product called Collagen Marshmallows.  Uh-huh – these are little grapefruit-flavored puffs that are filled with collagen and supposedly eating them reduces wrinkles and inflammation in arthritis sufferers.  They come from the U.K. – sorry can’t get them in the states yet.  Maybe our Brit bloggers will send us some – the company is called Eat Yourself Beautiful.  I just don’t like the idea that they taste like grapefruit – coz I usually use marshmallows in my hot chocolate and grapefruit and hot chocolate doesn’t seem like a good combination whether I have arthritis or not.  Blechhhh.

And finally, did anyone watch Letterman Monday night as he apologized to his staff and sort of roundabout apologized to his wife?  I was not impressed and I don’t usually watch him anyway but I think I’m going to boycott his program totally as I think he’s set a terrible example and has behaved abominably plus I am of the opinion he should be canned and thrown out on the street, but the network will never do that because he’s a celebrity.  I would call him a scumbag but I understand saying things like that in a blog about a particular person can now get one in trouble – ya gotta love the freedom of speech thing going on.  So I won’t call him a scumbag.

That’s it.  I’m gonna keep taking my antibiotics and hope I get better soon.  Cya l8r.


8 thoughts on “Pieces of Stuff From My Head to Yours

  1. It’s about time you got well, girl!!!
    It just takes time to get over whatever this stuff is. Hasn’t been a week yet – I’ll get there. Wed is last day of antibiotics and then it works for 5 more days so I hope in 5 days I’m feeling back to normal again!

  2. Somehow I can’t help but feel that writing about things you’ve read that annoy you isn’t helping your body to heal. Perhaps it’s time to look for something funny, and/or relaxing?

    Do be good to yourself.

    Elena my friend sometimes I think you misunderstand my sense of humor. But that’s okay – I appreciate that you are looking out for me. 🙂

  3. Oatmeal, is it the oatmeal? I think I have heard that, at least once, and probably many more times, that the others have caused salmonella or the eColi, dang crappy food. But I do love steamed broccoli and creamed spinach. And the only way I will eat oatmeal is if it is in a cookie or bread. I will not eat a bowl of oatmeal, oh I cannot stand it. Actually I freaking hate it.

    I think that we got spanked almost every day when we were young and then for sure once a week until I think I was almost 16. They just stopped when we reached that age. I am not sure why, but yes I think it affected us some way because if my mom even goes near a belt, we cringe. And those voices keep telling me to back away, and keep backing way out of the room.

    Then again they told me to not really spank my kids unless they totally and I mean TOTALLY needed it. I just used the threat of a spanking and that always seemed to work. The same thing with the grandkids, just the threat is enough and then they behave. I always keep those bamboo back scratchers handy for the threats and then they hide them and then I buy more and they hide them and I buy more. I think I keep those bamboo backscratching companies in business and I just use them to scratch my back and the kids and grandkids know this. I would never ever spank my kids or grandkids with a belt, I really think that is very close to abuse, at least the voices keep telling me that. The few times I did spank any of them I have used my hand because then if my hand hurts then I know that I spanked too hard. And I do think there are a few times that kids need to be spanked and so I do think it is okay to spank, just not beat them.

    And the voices tell me they agree too. Wait, I have to take a break cause they are now arguing with each other………okay, they finally agreed with me…….stop talking, I am trying to write something else here…..whew, I thought they were never going to shut up.

    And as to that scumbag that we cannot call a scumbag, due to the fact that he did scumbagging things….wait it is those voices talking again…..they are arguing about why we should be able to call a scumbag a scumbag…..whew I thought I was gonna get in trouble again if I listened to them and called the scumbag a scumbag…..okay who were we talking about again. Oh yeah, the guy who had a foldout bed in his office and we all know that those women slept with him so they could keep their jobs…..well the voices are telling me that would be the only way any female would sleep with him….yes I agree with them and I hope that some of them come forward with the truth…..the voices are now praying for them. I will pray too. And I quit watching that show years ago and I will join in the boycott that I have already been doing, so I am not sure if it helps, but I am a joiner.

    Did you also hear that if we blogging people endorse any product and then some idiot purchases that product, because you know how important our opinions are worth, and it does not do what we say it did, then we can get in trouble. So if we are writing about a product I think we now need to put a disclaimer clause in there also. Something like; “That we do not guarantee that this product will provide the same results for you if you buy this product and use it. These are just the results that me, the smart blogging person got when I used it.”

    Wow, we need to remember this so as to not get sued by the idiot who trusted what we said. What happens if we give them a recipe and it does not turn out like the picture. Well that means they cannot follow some simple instructions as well as us smart blogging people can.

    Honestly I did not know that we carried so much power, but I guess the FTC….well the voices are telling me those initials….is trying to control everything we say. So I will now lean to the left and then lean to the right, then stand up and sit down and then I will fight, fight, fight. Gee those voices know everything.

    How come those voices can say what they want and I cannot? Even they think there is something wrong going on with our……okay I will not say who cause then I might really get in trouble and those voices are now warning me to not put that “g” word in there. But I think everyone knows which word should go in there.

    Okay, the voices tell me I better shut up cause now they are getting worried, and that I have said too much as usual.


    God bless.

    PS…sorry again for the book, but we (me and the voices) could not help ourselves.

    PSS…..anything said here that is not allowed was said by the “voices” and not by me. I felt I had to put this disclaimer in, so they (you know who) would know that the “voices” said all those bad things, not me. And I have no control over what they say since they take over my brain and body when these bad things are said.

    God, please pray for me and for those voices to stop.

    Bless God and everyone else.
    Yes my dear you are correct, it is oatmeal. I don’t like it either as I was once coming down with a horrible case of flu and the last thing I ate before becoming violently ill was oatmeal. Never ate it again. Can’t stand the smell of it cooking. Love it in cookies and breads, etc., but not as a hot cereal. We are so alike. I’m so glad you understand me. Sometimes I think I’m too caustic or sarcastic (see Elena’s comment above) and people don’t understand my sense of humor – so I should stop blogging, but then I realize not everyone likes me or understands how I write and that’s okay. I should not worry about it but keep on blogging my useless bits of worthless information.
    I think spanking has its place if it is used judiciously and doesn’t HURT the child but gets his attention as that is what you are truly trying to do – get his attention. But I was walloped several times including being slapped across the face and I think that’s wrong. I know it was done out of anger and I think that’s where it becomes dangerous.
    As to disclaimers and reviewing or recommending things it has also been recently decreed that if any of we bloggers review something; a product or whatever; and we are paid for it, we must disclose that fact in our review of said product. In other words being remunerated may make one’s review biased — at least I think that’s what they’re getting at. Rules, regulations, blah, blah, blah. I like to couch everything as my personal opinion even though I know if I say something that is totally unfounded and harmful to another I may be held accountable for it. I stand by everything I say and in the spirit of how I say it, if that makes sense. I won’t be frightened and I won’t be silenced. That nonsense happened many years ago and women have much more freedom now and I will not take one step backward.
    I love our voices and I hope you listen to yours as often as I listen to mine. You can write books as comments as long as you like sweetie – I just love the stuffin’ outta you and you know it. 🙂 Hugs!

  4. PSSS…..I hope you understand my humor or lack of humor as the case may be.

    God bless you for letting me write things here.
    Oh dahlink – we are so cut from the same cloth – who better to understand your humor than me and vice versa. You can write to your hearts content here. I’d love to have you “guest” blog as you become healthier and more in the mood to write, should you like. You so graciously added me so I could “Crap” at your site; I’d like to return the favor and have you write some here. We’ll talk when you’re up to it. Hugs!

  5. Well, on the 6 brain foods……perhaps I should eat them or at least try 5 of them. The UK can keep the marshmellows unless there is a Hersey bar involved.
    I eat all of them except for oatmeal and I don’t consider myself exceptionally brainy so there you go. I like the idea of the Hershey bar in the marshmallows – now let’s add some graham crackers and yummy yummy I’m so happy!! 🙂

  6. Oatmeal is the ONLY cereal I will eat. I absolutely hate, hate, hate cold cereals.
    (If I shoot a box of cereal does this mean I’m a cereal killer?)

    Studies can prove anything is right or wrong so I always take any ‘results’ with a large grain of salt.

    As for Letterman…he’s an a**, he has always been an a** and frankly, I refuse to watch any of the late night talk shows because I no longer enjoy the humor I find there. The same goes for many of the comedy shows.
    I love cold cereal, especial Fruit Loops or Cap’n Crunch but they don’t give me enough energy in the morning – I mean they’re just carbs and sugar, so I usually eat proteins like cottage cheese or eggs to get me going and skip the empty calories of cereal. I used to dearly love Irish oats but I can’t get near the smell since I got sick – funny how you associate the last thing you ate with the same time that you became ill and it can take years to get rid of that association. So I’ll skip the oatmeal thank you. Yes L is an a** and I’m not a fan – I rarely watch any late night shows. The only type of show like that I like is Jon Stewart coz I think he’s funny and smart at the same time. But I watch re-runs earlier in the evening not his later night show. I’m fickle with tv – I like comedies but I get tired quickly of the same old jokes. I’m always disappointed in the childish humor – I like a more sophisticated humor and I love wittiness and double entendre.

  7. The marshmallows sound completely atrocious and a total waste of money but then, people will buy just about anything.

    I really hope that you get over this crud soon. It sucks to be sick or hurt all the time.

    Mr. Scumbag or whatever you want to call him and Jon should get together and be scumbaggy buddies.
    I am getting better it just takes some time apparently to get over this stuff – in the meantime I have developed some type of allergic reaction to the antibiotics – Ive broken out into a painful rash on my neck – dammitall enough is enough. I never got into the Jon & Kate +8 phenom at all – I found it cloying in its cuteness and so unbelievable and exploitative. Blechhh. I really object to having camera crews around small children because at that age they can’t possibly fully understand what is going on and that this is not normal family life. Yeah, he’s another waste of air as far as I can see. How’s ur injury doing? Are u able to knit yet? Hope u have completely recovered! Hugs!

  8. I am better but the wrist bones are still sore though the swelling/bruising is pretty much gone. Yep, knitting away!

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