I Went the Full 12 Rounds…and it’s a Draw

pic courtesy of uptill1.com/2009/08/05/are-dentists-real-doctors

pic courtesy of uptill1.com/2009/08/05/are-dentists-real-doctors

So this morning I met with my dentist, the illustrious and esteemed Dr. Torquemada, a recent graduate summa cum laude of the Matchbook Cover School of Dentition and Inquisition.   His lovely assistant, Demento, took x-rays of my extremely aching tooth and the Doc gave me this diagnosis.  “There’s alot going on here.”

Now I have been going to Dr. Torquemada for a few years now…in fact I believe his new boat , Bite Me, was in fact paid by yours truly.  This is a nice man, as dental specialists go — he’s a rabid, I mean avid, fan of Ohio State and that’s good enough for me.  But today I expected a little more of a definitive answer to my horrid toothache than, “There’s alot going on here.”  Crap on a crutch; I could have told him that and saved us both the time.

Did he fix it?  Not really.  His assistant, Demento, shot me up with four needles full of whatever it is they’re using these days — and just as an aside if you haven’t had a shot through the roof of your mouth lately, I highly recommend you DON’T.  She then proceeded to do a deep cleaning around this tooth (which is actually a crown but you don’t need too many details).  Can you say “Ouch?”  She didn’t even wait for the anesthetic to fully deaden my mouth, she just jumped right in there with her pointy little instruments and began to engage in what felt like a boxing match with my tooth.

Then they took another x-ray.  The diagnosis then was, “Well, I don’t see any infection – it may hurt because your sinus cavity is full on that side and since you’re already taking antibiotics for the sinus infection, let’s give it a few days and see how it does.  If it still hurts on Thursday, call me and we may have to do a root canal then.”

Life would be much easier had he just done the dang root canal today and sent me on my way.  My tooth still hurts, and now I have to wait another miserable three days in which I know and you know my tooth is not miraculously going to stop hurting because that’s not how things work in the life of Linda.

I anticipate more shots and further pain Thursday or Friday.  Just call it a hunch.  At least today I made it out of the ring with just a few bruises and a sore mouth.  But let me catch that witch, Demento, behind the building when she’s not looking, and we’ll see how she likes ME using those little pointy instruments on her.


8 thoughts on “I Went the Full 12 Rounds…and it’s a Draw

  1. GAAAAAA!!!!!! Sorry can’t read your post today after seeing the photo. Nope, Sorry, can’t read it. Won’t do it, can’t make me. Sorry.

  2. I had such a poorly done root canal years ago that when my new dentist decided that a molar needed one I told him nope, just yank it.

    After arguing with me for a while he finally agreed. He wasn’t happy but could see my reluctance to have another one done since he was the one who had to yank the other tooth after my former dentist royally screwed up the root canal.

    Not only was it cheaper to have to tooth removed but it proved to be less painful. Just sayin’….
    Ewww, ickk I didn’t need to hear that since I might have to have a root canal done. Although I must admit it hurt soooo bad 2 days ago I wanted Devoted Spouse to pick out any old pair of pliers and yank the thing out. Ugh. Dear Tooth: Puhleeze get better! 🙂

  3. Dentists and dental assistants are not high up on my “favorite people to visit” list. Hate shots and REALLY hate shots in my mouth. I had a deep cleaning of my whole mouth done and I will never, ever do that again. Pain? Heck yeah, even with multiple (supposedly) numbing shots. Most pain I ever felt at the dentist yet. I thought she was mining for gold or something equally as valuable. Didn’t think my gums would ever stop hurting afterward.

    I hope that you feel better and don’t have to go back for any further torture.
    I had an old (+previous) dentist tell me I needed to go get a “deep periodontal” cleaning about 10 years ago and I wouldnt do it. Saw Devoted Spouse go through it; I refused coz it seemed to me that all they were doing was opening up more places where bacteria could get in. I have never regretted that decision. Yes, this lady was definitely mining for something and I could have sworn at several times she had broken the crown, but she didn’t. Hate them, just hate them. But think how bad it was 100 years or so ago without all our technology? Yuk I probably would have died from just my sinus infection alone!

  4. Poor Linda! I truly believe there is NOTHING WORSE THEN DENTAL PAIN. As for the boat, well we started to see our current dentist a few years ago. All 4 of us had some kind of issue, so after our first visit, we all had to come back. I said “I’m here so much I feel like I should pay rent” and he said “well, you are.” He meant paying his rent. Glad to be of service to someone.
    LOL – I once suggested (after about my 4th crown) that he name his new yacht the LindaKay and he just smiled, b*stard. There is no reason anyone in their right mind would go into the field of dentistry except the ridiculous amounts of money to be made.

  5. Been there…still dealing with it….HATE Dentist!
    Ya know, when this silly tooth started acting up last week, your face did pop into my mind…I hope your dental issue is getting better – that’s one advantage to being Christian; you don’t need dentists in Heaven. LOL Hugs!

  6. There’s not too many places worse than the dentist’s office. I’ve had that deep cleaning twice now. At this point in time, I brush religiously every single day, and I try to floss several times a week. I know I should floss every single day, but hey, I should eat right and exercise every single day too. Um-hmm.

    My last visit at the dentist a few weeks ago, and he decided that I need another crown — be proactive he said, because there’s a crack there. I said NOPE. Not going to be proactive… had my first crown in January, and I am not anxious to relive THAT experience anytime soon! Let it crack, let it crack, let it crack!
    NO! Don’t let it crack – that’s how I got into trouble with this tooth to begin with, I let it go, and the crack turned into a big decay which turned into a big filling which went south and had to be crowned and now the whole thing hurts like bloody hell. Get that crown NOW – this is one time I’m on the side of the dentist. Ugh.

  7. I sure do hope your tooth starts to feel better and that it is just your sinus infection causing it to hurt. I will pray that is the only cause.

    I had a root canal once and I hope that will be my last time. It took almost two months of going to the dentist every two weeks for it to get done. There was something wrong with the tooth in that it’s root was somehow in their crooked and the dentist had to keep stretching the area, then he would drill or whatever it is they do and then put the stretching thingy back in and then back again in two weeks and the process would start all over again. It truly was not that bad and I have had no problems with it since it was done. I also pray that if I ever have to get another one that the root will be okay. But the thing is that I survived it and if you have one done so will you.

    I think it is better than getting the tooth pulled out. Once a tooth is pulled out, the other teeth start to shift to fill in that spot and then the real problems start. But if your teeth are real close together then it is usually okay if only one or two is pulled. I just know that they say it is best if they can save the tooth and root, and that is why they put crowns on.

    But I can say that I would not want to be a dentist because it seems that everyone hates to go see one.

    When my oldest daughter got braces her regular dentist asked me if I would be willing to let her put this protective coating on her teeth before the orthodontist put the braces on. The coating was not covered by the insurance and I had to pay over $20 per tooth. I try not to think about how much I paid, but anyway we had it done and she is now in her 30’s and still to this day has never had a cavity. My younger daughter who did not need braces did not get her teeth coated, and I now wish I had done that for her, has had cavities.

    I truly think that all children should be required to get their adult teeth coated and that insurance should cover it. Then maybe when they become our age they would not have as many problems as we seem to have. You would also think that the insurance companies would realize how much money they would save by doing this. But I think that the dentist’s do not want people to know about this because then they would not be able to afford all those boats and large houses. We lucked out in getting a great dentist who specialized in children dentistry and put their welfare before making money. I wish she had not moved out of this state because maybe she would have convinced me to pay for my other daughter.

    Okay, I guess I better stop cause I am writing a book here again. So I will just keep wishing you feel better.

    God bless.
    I have a friend in his forties and he doesn’t have one filling; I hate him so. My tooth feels better but it still is very sensitive; the sinus infection is not getting better; it’s taking a different turn and I truly don’t feel well at all, but I’m letting the antibiotics do their thing in the hopes of feeling better. I don’t have a fever so I guess that’s good – it’s bizarre to me but my temp is actually below normal. That’s a first for me. I think I’m just so run down that any little germ or whatever is having its way with me. Let me get through these last 2 weeks @ school and get some true quiet relaxation time and I’m sure I’ll feel better. Thanks for the prayers sweetie! I can always use them. Hugs!

  8. You’ve caused me to be more thankful than ever that, should so much as one tooth in my mouth need dental care, I can take the plate into which it is embedded out of my mouth and hand it over. However, I do feel a bit of your pain. I have, in spite of my age, a good memory.
    You do make me smile, Mary! 🙂

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