Sure They’re Just Havin’ Girl Chats


Is it just me or does anyone else think the Old Navy commercials with the girl mannequins are bizarre if not downright wrong??  Especially the one where the “girls” are at the airport and the one mannequin’s legs are arriving on the baggage conveyor belt?  Ewwww it’s just wrong.  Wrong.  Stop it Old Navy.  Stop it now please.  Don’t dismember mannequins and have them still talking.  This is entirely too disturbing.  It’s enough to keep me from shopping there.  Truly.


10 thoughts on “Sure They’re Just Havin’ Girl Chats

  1. My 5 year and I went into Old Navy and they had the Modelquins set up with a display and she asked why they were not talking . I was just at loss for words
    I wasn’t kidding – there are so many commercials that get on your nerves; that’s why we have the mute button on our remotes; but this mannequin thing is just creepy.

  2. Hi Cronie,
    To be honest, that commercial doesn’t faze me one bit. You know why? It’s NOT because I like it. It’s because I am so jaded by the trashy media we see on TV. Women are degraded into mere body parts. Just look at the hip-hop music videos. Women are valued for shaking their rumps, and not for anything else.
    It’s a shame that I’ve grown so jaded by this crap.
    Thanks for the observation.
    Now let’s get back to our (school) projects!
    I agree we have become jaded – the trash is all around us and I wonder the effect it has on our children and grandchildren who must be numb to the fact that women are actually people – at least they’re numb if they watch the trashy videos or play the crap video games. And we wonder why there is so much violence in our world. Hmmm…okay back to the research paper! Good luck w/your project – xoxo

  3. I am with you in that I cannot stand most of the commercials today. And I do despise the ones that degrade women, but what upsets me even more is that these women let theirselves be degraded. That is why I DVR just about everything I watch and I just FF through the commercials. Life is so much easier when you do not have to watch commercials. And if I am actually watching something not on the DVR then I change the channel during the commercials. Either way I watch as few of them as possible. Just send a letter and complain to Old Navy about their commercials and see if you can get others to do it and then just never shop there until they change it.

    It might be worth a try.

    Okay, back to studying.

    God bless.
    I like the idea of complaining to Old Navy in a letter and will probably do so as soon as I finish my research paper – I’m on the Conclusion, praise the Lord! And I WON’T shop there as I think their commercials are degrading to women – why wasn’t it a man mannequin without legs in the airport – they were just advertising clothing and could just as well have used a male figure. But noooo it has to be women with their legs up in the air – what a disgusting display on tv. Gah….okay back to my schoolwork — Devoted Spouse just went to pharmacy for a Rx for me for antibiotics – this earache throat thing is getting worse and my toothache has turned into a major problem – and of course its Saturday – no dentist. I figure if I have some type of infection going on in this tooth antibiotics won’t hurt – so there you are – a frustrated, stressed out student trying to finish her paper with a bad throat, sore ears, and a throbbing toothache that has her eating nothing but tepid, soft foods. At least my back doesn’t hurt. LOL I’m a mess.

  4. I am one of those people who mutes the commercials and spend that time looking at a magazine or talking to the hubby. Old Navy commercials are the worse!!!
    I do most of the time if I get to the remote in time.

  5. I’m with steppingthru. If I didn’t tivo something (where I can skip the commercials), I use commercial time to read the paper. Or fold laundry. Or do whatever. The only commercial I love is with the two babies talking like they’re adults.
    I try to either mute or do something else but Old Navy grates on my nerves if I don’t get to the mute fast enough. I like the two babies too. I also like the PC vs Mac commercials – at least they’re original and amusing.

  6. I will pray for you and I hope you are soon feeling better.

    God bless.
    thanks sweetie – between not being able to swallow w/this whatever infection I have + the toothache I’m a mess. I have a call into dentist and hopefully they’ll get me right in Mon. I would have called emerg but I can’t imagine what he charges to come in after hours w/staff and I can’t afford it so I’m just sucking it up and taking Percocet for the pain, it’s that bad. Gah…at least I finished my paper and only have to edit it. Coz I’ll prob end up having a root canal or God forbid he’ll pull a tooth and oh I can’t even think of that possibility. I need a nap now I’m too stressed. Hugs.

  7. This has not been your year sweetie, every time you turn around something is broke or hurt. Sorry you are in pain with those and of course it happens on the weekend, doesn’t it always?

    I like the PC vs Mac and the baby commercials too. Seems like most commercials suck any more when there used to be fun ones on more often.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    No this hasn’t been a banner year for me, but it will get better. I dread the dentist, but it’s like there’s nothing he can do that could possibly hurt worse than what I’ve gone thru the past couple of days – so I just wanna get it over with, whatever it is…2010 is gonna be MY year, uh huh!

  8. I like the Armstrong floor commercial with the Bulldog on the skateboard. 🙂

    The year is almost over with and may the new one bring you good health, good appliances, and plenty of relaxation.
    I have never seen that one, but it sounds cute. Yeah, I’m thinking adio and farewell to 2009 can’t come soon enough. I’m thinking positive that 2010 will be a good year!! 🙂

  9. I totally agree! I usually don’t even “get” the commercials. The mannequins are all laughing and I’m still thinking, “Did that mannequin’s head just spin?” Or I’m wondering what in the heck the mannequins are doing outside on the street and why people are walking by without noticing them. I know in New York people are distracted, but wouldn’t a mannequin talking throw you off a bit?

    It truly is the stupidest marketing campaign I’ve ever watched, but like a lot of commercials I chalk it up to crack useage in brainstorming sessions. Of course, perhaps these are Nancy Pelosi’s children taking after their mother and we shouldn’t judge!
    Snort, snort Nancy Pelosi’s children — no wonder they looked so familiar!!! snort snort. You crack me up girl.

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