Wordless Wednesday

Will you bring me a cookie when you come back upstairs?

Will you bring me a cookie when you come back upstairs?


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. aww she looks as though she is so sad. I will give her a cookie .. Love this picture of Emma Lou
    This was taken from the stairway looking up to the 2nd floor landing – she wasn’t happy that she had just gotten comfy and I was going downstairs. LOL

  2. LOL! She doesn’t look as though she’s asking as politely as you would have us believe. Say please, Emma Lou. Great Picture.
    She was not the least bit happy with me for leaving her upstairs as I wandered down the steps to the kitchen — nor did she feel up to posing at that particular moment — she kept turning her head and I was lucky I got this shot. Then she walked over to the top of the stairs with one of her toys and flopped down as if to say, alright, I’ll guard the upstairs until you return. LOL Gotta love ’em!

  3. Bring me a cookie too! Emma doesn’t share well.
    Sorry, no cookies allowed in the house! Mom’s lost 10 pounds and is serious about NO TREATS for dog nor woman (Devoted Spouse gets to sneak chocolate as long as he keeps it hidden!) LOL

  4. So…did you bring her a cookie? Because really, how can you resist that face?
    She got a piece of her doggie kibble coz that’s a treat to her (okay, she probably knows it’s not much of a treat, but it’s food and the vet has her on a NO Milkbone regimen for awhile due to allergies).

  5. Goodness, I’ll have to remember that one. I had a Scotch house guest who’s been sharpening up my manipulation skills, but even he’d have to admit that’s irresistable! As usual your posts are always good!
    Hi Sandy – EmmaLou can really turn on the charm – I bet you do the same thing you little rascal you! Hugs to you, EmmaLou’s mom. P.S. EmmaLou says life around here while Mom’s dieting is Rrrrrufff! 🙂

  6. That Emma Lou looks like she could be evil…ok not really.
    Evil doesn’t begin to describe the mischief she’s capable of…oye

  7. Looks like she is locked in jail and does not seem worry dause she knows she will get out anytime she wants.

    She is so cute, good thing you do not spoil her too much.

    God bless.

    Now get back to those papers. HeHe!!
    No, she’s not spoiled one bit!!! Oh, alright, I’ll go back to studying in a minute – got a quiz soon – Yikes!

  8. Just keep telling her a thin dog is a healthy dog who will live longer. Resist the sad brown eyes! Yeah, like that’s easy to do and I have double the beggers.
    I tell her, EmmaLou – you don’t LIKE cottage cheese, or you don’t LIKE ice cream — then she gets a piece of dog kibble and I get a dirty look! She’s just like her mama – all she has to do is LOOK at ‘goodie’ food and she gains weight so we’ve both been working hard! Her dad on the other hand generally gives in to her.

  9. Poor EmmaLou! No cookie?!!?? How can you do that with that poor sweet face looking at you like that??

    We will have to sneak her a cookie…. :0)
    You’re feeling sorry for a dog who just recently counter-surfed her way through an entire loaf of bread…no cookies. LOL

  10. She is so sweet! Love that pic of her. 🙂 And I really love the one in your header. She’s adorable. It would be so hard to resist giving her those cookies!
    It is hard. What’s worse is when we’re eating something she will sit there and look at you longlingly with those big brown eyes and drool dripping off her mouth. Disgusting amounts of drool that dog can come up with. Yuk.

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