This Too Shall Pass

EmmaLou trying to figure out how to put on my Liberty Univ cap

EmmaLou wondering if my Liberty Univ cap is edible

Do you miss me?

I said I’d be gone for the remainder of the week.  I lied.  Oh, not intentionally; I would never do that (dripping sarcasm).  In this case, though I merely underestimated what was going on at school and the amount of time I would going to need to devote to my studies until the end of this class.  I waaaaaaaaay underestimated the amount of time.

So, there’s good new and bad.  The good news is one of these days I’ll actually have a real blog posting on this site.  The bad news is don’t get your hopes up for the next couple of weeks.  What??  How can I do this to you,  you say.  Well kids it seems I have alot more reading to do than I imagined.  Not only is there textual reading but there is biblical reading.  Now I’ve read the bible; but I need to go back and re-read closely and ponder on all four Gospels, Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, 1, 2, & 3 John, Jude & Revelation and that’s alot of bible studying — add to this I still have about 400-500 more pages of textbook reading PLUS my research paper to finish, 2 more quizzes to prepare for, and 2 more Discussion Questions (of about 400 words each) to write and 2 more responses (of about 200 words each) to other students to complete.  All of this by 9 October!  Kids – I’m swamped and have no time to myself to ponder daily life so I can turn those little mind wanderings into humorous vignettes for your amusement.

While I slam on school for the next few weeks, please visit every once in awhile because you just never know when I might have a moment where I simply MUST post something silly just to keep myself from taking life too seriously.  It may only be a joke or a pic of Emma – but don’t give up on me totally just yet.

I plan on taking an extended rest during the Fall and that will give me time I need to post this blog on a regular basis once more – so be patient – I will be back, I promise.


11 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. if emmalou dines
    will celebrated learning
    seep into her brain?

    Thanks for the smile and Cheers!
    Were it only that easy, I’d have eaten the hat long ago myself! Thanks for visiting! P.S. LOVE the haiku!

  2. I always stop by now and again. Little Debbies make it easier to study
    Hi neighbor (well Lancaster isn’t THAT far from Dayton ya know) I always stop by ur house now and again too – hmmm Little Debbies, sounds good, but I think I’ll stick to my diet today. Textbooks and carrots – might as well dress up in sackcloth and ashes! LOL Cya

  3. I have to believe that blogging is much more entertaining than all the reading you are doing, but I wish you well in getting all your schoolwork done. Having lost my attention span a few years ago, I could never do it myself.
    LOL I never said I was much of a success at it, now did I? heheheheee

  4. That my dear is a heck-of-a lot of reading/studying to do and I will say that I am glad it is you and not me doing it since I don’t think I could manage it. I’m a bit ADD in my old age. :0)
    Hey you’re BACK! How was the trip??? Yeah, I’m ADD, too, that’s why I have to buckle down and get this done – I can’t play much in bloggyland right now. I’m whupped! 🙂

  5. You still can’t come out and play……I’ll send Billy Bob over he can work on that paper…..NOT….
    Got new Med’s from the Ortho-Doc…I’m not playing much this week-end….check the post!
    I can play just a tad — hence this posting and answering comments. I’m trying not to be so controlled in this school stuff – it is taking over my life and that’s not good because I don’t have balance — I’m just barely keeping my head above water and this shouldn’t have been such a difficult class for me — but the amount of reading and trying to understand some of the theories and hypotheses and the writing is really straining on me – I’m struggling with do I want to continue or not because it is proving so difficult and so far above my capabilities. That’s part of why I’m taking a rest this Fall – to really think long and hard on if I want to keep going with this — I know there are only 8 more courses, but they are brutal as far as coursework is concerned and at this late stage of my life, I’m not sure having this degree will actually culminate in anything such as a job — I went into this for knowledge and I’m just killing myself doing the work. Wow – guess I needed to get that out of my system, huh? I’m hoping your new meds have helped.

  6. Step away from the Little Debbies!! LOL! Honey you just do what you have to do. We’ll be here when you get back;-)
    Not to worry…I’m not a fan of Little Debbies truthfully. LOL Besides I’m too busy typing to snack!

  7. I send you lots of prayers in the hope that you will get through this with a sane mind and a sense of humor.

    You can do this. You can get through this. You have the capabilities. Oh just grab the dang hat away from her, you know if she eats it that she will have to pass it through her system and it might end up on your bed or the family room floor.

    As to your getting through the rest of your class work, well you can do that too. Just step away from the laptop, just put the lid down and step away.

    But seriously, I think you should just concentrate on what you need to do and we will be here when you are done.

    God bless.

    PS…I love that website, now I can take a bath and watch TV in there. Thanks for sharing it with me.
    I know I can do it – it’s just the last few weeks are the most stressful and I’m kinda driving myself nutz ya know? I love that website – I’m glad I found it 2 – now I can catch up on all the shows I miss. Cya soon – promise. Take care of that shoulder now – Hugs!

  8. Have no fear you’ll get through this. Just as I will get through the complete rewrite of my book. Have confidence!
    Thank you for the encouragement — the two are similar, huh – we are both under deadline!! LOL Cheers!

  9. EmmyLou’s face is so adorable! 🙂
    Yes it is – in fact that little face is looking up at me right now as I devour my peanut butter sandwich — those little brown eyes are trying to convey to me the idea that EmmaLou is the one who should be eating the peanut butter sandwich, not me. Nice try pup. LOL

  10. I sooooooooo love EmmaLou! Reminds me of my golden!
    Goldens are just the sweetest (when they aren’t into mischief!) I love time w/EmmaLou – she just always makes me smile and remember what’s important in life — the simple things. 🙂

  11. Hi Cronie,
    It’s a good thing I can catch you on Twitter every now and then…
    I don’t know how folks can blog each day. I work full time and my free time is limited.
    It doesn’t help I have three blogs…

    Focus on the school work.
    We’re not going anywhere.
    I know – it seems my only communication right now is DM to you and commenting here. I’m dying with this paper – what on earth ever possessed me to think I could reasonably and intelligently discuss and defend a hypothesis of who wrote which Gospel, who borrowed what material from whom among the three (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) and was there an extra source known as Q? This stuff is so far over my head and gets so confusing and convoluted that my eyes are bleeding. I’m at 13 pages and I haven’t finished explaining the various hypotheses let alone pick one to defend, and then sum up a conclusion. Yikes. And people wonder why I need some time off…it’s that or start picking out my eyelashes one by one…gah…

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