…they found her dessicated body still hunched over her keyboard…

Emma Thompson plays a writer suffering from writer's block who gets a little help from Queen Latifah in "Stranger than Fiction." But if she really wants to cure it, she needs to find a higher ledge. Courtesy Columbia Pictures

Emma Thompson plays a writer suffering from writer's block who gets a little help from Queen Latifah in "Stranger than Fiction." But if she really wants to cure it, she needs to find a higher ledge. Courtesy Columbia Pictures

Crone and Bear It, the struggling seminary student, is madly at work on her latest symphony trashy love novel Crazy-glued dog booties research paper, research paper, concentrate…research paper.  She is 8 pages into what needs to be at the very least 12 pages and preferably 20 pages and she is subsisting on diet cookies Weight Watchers ice cream sandwiches the peanut butter that got smeared on her tee shirt from the dog’s chew bone.   Her brain is weak  tired bleeding fried and she cannot think of a single funny thing to write because every thing she is doing is centered around the “at least 6 scholarly sources needed” and she is at this time up to 10 scholarly sources and still writing, writing, writing, and there is no doubt a slight chance the distinct possibility a foregone conclusion that she is going to simply throw up suffer an epileptic seizure have an aneurysm if she doesn’t finish this paper so she can go on to finish the required course work and the remaining 2 Quizes from Hades in these next 3 weeks.

Crone and Bear it regrets to inform you announces really doesn’t give a hoot whether you realize it or not will be taking the rest of this week off in the hopes anticipation chances of slim to none profound knowledge that she will finish this task at hand and return to you kind people.

You need only look at my table to know I’m not making this up.  Why would anyone voluntarily surround themselves with this much scholarly crap if not in the throes of research-paperitis.

they found Linda...

they found Linda...

Yes there is even more research crapola on the floor around me and the file box has old school stuff crammed into it.  Acckkkkk.  Don’t weep for me Argentina…don’t expect me on Twitterville…please just scatter my mortal remains over the nearest cliff or just dump me off in front of the ice cream store which would make a wonderful final resting place.

C’ya l8r…hi ho, hi ho, oh shut up and get back to work…


10 thoughts on “…they found her dessicated body still hunched over her keyboard…

  1. Study hard Sweetie. We are all behind you! You’ll be terrific!
    I just want to pass and then have rest time. I’m feeling better and better since I had the hands-on healing at church, but I think God has a little more “fixin-up” in mind and I need to de-stress and relax so I can let Him heal me fully and let me get on with His business for me! 🙂 I’m up to 12 pages by the way and still have alot to cover; this paper will be the 20 page one I’m afraid, darnitall – I hoped I could do it in about 15 and just be done with it. I no longer care about A’s; I only care about getting through this without my head or any other part of my torso exploding. LOL Cya’ l8r swee’pea!

  2. I’ll think of you while I…well…write. Then again, I write all the time. Sometimes I even write well.

    Research, ah yes, I do that on a daily basis.

    If my computer was confiscated by law enforcement they’d raise a few eyebrows over some of the sites I use. Crime scene evidence, crime scene investigations, forensic science resources–they’d certainly wonder…and then there are all those books in my bookcases. Book of Poisons, Deadly Doses, Cause of Death, Body Trauma…to name just a few. 🙂
    Well at least I collect religious tomes for my research-I doubt the FBI is watching me with any interest. LOL

  3. Thinking of you–know you can do it!!! Hang in there…Don’t give up—uh, what else can I type–that will make you want to throw the laptop at me…Love U Bunches though…..
    Oh sweetie, thank you so much for your love and encouragement. There are days my bloggy friends are the only reason I make it through, my strength just gets so zapped. I want to throw this laptop out the window – but never at u I promise! You I just want to hug. Take care & love to the fam!

  4. Nice to see that I am not the only one who checked to see if the flip flops were on correctly….snorting too….but I could only see one foot. So I figure you got them both on correctly.

    You look about as tired as I have been feeling for the past few months due to lack of sleeping well. So I hope you take it easy and just concentrate on your homework and get that paper done so you can relax. It’s not like we are all going anywhere.

    And my microwave was so shiny today I almost was afraid to touch it. Plus new towels in the bathroom and kitchen and I am thinking of a set schedule to change them. Now I just gotta dust, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, wash the sheets and conforter, scrub the kitchen floor, wash the windows, scrub the inside of the car with those wipees, and finish organizing all of my crap and then maybe I can get back into the back bedroom and if I get started on that garage when it cools down and then work on that back yard so I can grow something other than weeds then maybe I can take a break. Oh hell, none of that crap is gonna get done and I am just gonna sit here and watch the new season on TV.

    Have you seen the new show Vampire Diaries, it is pretty good. And Drop Dead Diva is really funny and a great show too. Then the new Stargate Universe starts in a few weeks and Monk is on it’s last season, which makes me cry each time I think of that. Monk is one of my all time favorite shows. I am so mad that they are ending that show. And the new Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance (I can’t dance worth a crap.), and then Desperate Housewives. Man is my DVR going to be working hard. Then I will delete half of them cause I will be too busy watching that News station that I watch everyday with that guy that I just love to watch and see what crazy thing he will do next. That is my do not miss daily show. What can I say, I am a news fanatic. And then I will be multi-tasking with reading blogs at the same time. Okay, I am making myself tired, and you are truly the one doing all the work, while I am just an innocent bystander.

    Now that I have hopefully worn you out even more, go take that break, well I mean go get your paper done. We will see you when you are done.

    Lots of prayers are being sent your way.

    God bless.
    I thank you for the prayers; I need all I can get to push myself through this. I am feeling much better though thanks to some amazing Divine intervention Sunday – oh I’m still not 100%; my back is tight and my leg muscles really scream as I walk, but there has been a very definite distinct difference in pain level, emotional and spiritual health since last Sunday. We have an awesome God who is definitely working on me. It is I who am impatient and petulant that I’m not 100% my old normal running all over the place all the time self, and I think that’s where the Stop, Rest, part of the Divine message I received plays in. And that is why I am not attending school after this class and will return only in January and ONLY if I feel truly up to it. It’s not about attaining this degree anymore – it’s about finding my place and going where and doing what God wants me to do. So I’m going to be quiet and listen for Him and do my best to obey. Whew – that got a little heavy for this blog, huh? I may start a spiritual journey blog one of these days.
    Now as to all those activities – don’t even try and convince me you will get all that done -you need rest and recuperation you silly thing – get that shoulder to heal, then worry about the floor; shoot, the dirt just comes right back the very next day anyway. TV – oh jinkies…thanks for reminding me all of the fun shows that are starting back up – last night it was Big Bang Theory (my favorite). Tonight it’s NCIS and then the new NCIS w/that cutie who played Robin in one of the Batman movies. I think his name is Chris O’Donnell or something to that effect. My worst tv night is Thurs because I have 4 shows I like and they’re ALL on at the same time – I can watch one and DVR two, and that leave the 4th one open. This network is killing me. I have to watch Survivor, I have to watch Bones, I have to watch Vampire Diaries and I have to watch the new show coming up this week about all the people who blank out and then see their future or something like that (it’s classic sci-fi and sounds like it could have the potential to be as good as Lost.) What to do? I’ll probably skip Bones or Vampire Diaries = Bones will come out in DVD after the series is over and I can always catch it in re-runs and I read the 4 Vampire Diaries books so I know how it ends. But the guy who plays Damon is just so cute. Decisions, decisions….I’d just like to throw out the tv entirely so I would find better uses of my time. Talk about an addiction.
    Well, here I am taking valuable study time to ramble – but I wanted to comment, and I’m using this to put off the inevitable — more writing and scholarly research and my eyes just want to bleed. LOL I”ll email you soon I promise. Hugs and blessings! P.S. Stargate Universe??? Really and truly? Oh crap on a crutch. I’ll never get this work done at this rate. Maybe I need to replace the digital cable box in the master bedroom with a DVR digital cable box and then I could DVR four shows instead of two. Oh that’s just wrong…I need psychological help…soon…it’s gonna be hard typing while in a strait jacket though…Oh and btw yes my other foot was in the flip flop correctly. And what no one knows but will now – that tee shirt and that pair of shorts I have worn for the past three days (because I have them on today) – that’s what constant study and work do to you – you may bathe but keep wearing the same peanut butter stained shirt. It’s just pitiful. I’m a drooling, flipping mess and I’m really going back to work on my studies now…really…not going to Twitterville….work,work,work. I feel like one of those flippin’ seven (were there 7?) dwarves and their marching off to work. This comment has turned into its own blog posting – I’m outta here. Hugs.

  5. Yes, I too went right to the flip flops. Glad they were on correctly!

    Well…”Make it work!”

    and….then you can come out and play.

    I gotta change my footwear before Devoted Spouse snaps pics. I’m on it, “Tim”. 🙂

  6. Judging from your response to Mrsupole, I’m guessing that you’re dying for a diversion over there…
    That is soooooo putting it mildly. I need diversion, yes. No school. No texts…no scholarly issues to solve or resolve. Ackkk I need peace and quiet and mindless tv watching.

  7. Can you come out and play?
    Nope – busy working on research paper. I may be able to come out and play next week. Ackkk!

  8. I don’t think I could even begin a research paper anymore. I am way impressed! I’ll send over a fresh jar of peanut butter. Hugs, girlfriend~
    Yum – right back atcha! How ya feelin these days sweetie? Doing well I hope? You’ve been in prayers!

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